Is Wendy Williams Transgender and How Many Husbands Has She Had?

Wendy Williams is not transgender. Rumors have been circulating that she is transgender or was born a man but there is no evidence to back up such claims. The popular talk show host and TV personality best known for The Wendy Williams Show has dismissed such rumors, maintaining that she is a complete woman.

A fact to back this up is that she has been married twice to two different men. Her first marriage was to Bertrand “Bert” Girigorie while her second marriage was to Kevin Hunter. Both unions ended in divorce.

Rumours About Wendy Williams’ Gender Have Always Been a Subject of Conversation

The gender of the TV personality has been an ongoing debate in the media. Over the years, there have been claims that Wendy was once a man. While the TV star was in high school, she was involved in a lot of extracurricular activities. She was a Girls Scout wherein she played clarinet in marching band and was part of the school’s swimming team. Also, right from her childhood, she always had a loud voice and talks too much. This is where the rumor of her being transgender started breeding.

Following the beginning of her career as a talk show host, the rumors began to spread more. At a time, Hip-hop Morning Exclusive suggested that Wendy Williams’ real name was actually Wendell Williams. Additionally, according to a source close to her plastic surgeon, Wendy was born with both gender parts. That’s not all, people went as far as suggesting that her son was adopted.

What Wendy Has To Say Over Rumors That Question Her Gender

Wendy has spoken out after a long silence over the rumors about her gender. When asked by a journalist about her opinion on Laverne Cox as the first transgender person to be nominated for an Emmy Award, Wendy seized the opportunity to address rumors about her gender. With a quirky smile, she said she perfectly understands why people would think she is transgender. According to her, it’s because of her height, long face, and the kind of wigs she usually wears. However, Wendy Williams specified that she is a woman while noting that there is no insult worse than telling a woman she looks like a man.

Read her words:  “There’s no worse way to insult a woman than by saying she looks like a man, but once a woman gets over that, there is no stronger woman. It rolls off her back when you say it. There’s nothing you can call me at this particular point. I’ve been dealing with this for decades. That is absolutely not [true] I get it. I’ve got a strong face, a strong body, I’m 5’11. I wear wigs. I get it. Do I get upset with it? No.” 

Apart from the above claims, there is no evidence to prove that Wendy Williams is transgender or was born a man. Hence, the rumors seemed to have died down, since Wendy no longer gives her attention to it but puts all her energy into her career and love life.

Wendy Williams Met Her First Husband in 1994

Wendy Williams’s first marriage was to a man known as Bert Girigorie. The two met in 1994 and dated for two years before they walked down the aisle. The marriage lasted for only five months and they went their separate ways. The actress in her book Wendy Got The Heat referred to her first husband as a salesperson. She said that she divorced the man in the year 1997 and the marriage did not produce any child.

Wendy and her first husband, Bert Girigorie
Wendy and her first husband, Bert Girigorie

Williams did not so much talk about her first marriage but said it’s not interesting enough to talk about. Meanwhile, Girigorie, when asked what led to the end of their marriage, said Wendy was doing drugs while they were together. He claimed that she suddenly turned into a different person as he no longer understood a lot of the things she did. Apart from, these, there are no facts revealed to be the cause of the failed marriage. Albeit, following the end of the marriage, she found love again which led to her second marriage.

She Married Her Second Husband in 1997

In early 1997, she met Kevin Hunter in New York City at a kid’s skating party and they started dating. During this time, she got pregnant for Kevin but suffered a miscarriage after a few months. The couple dated for barely three years and officially tied the knot on 30th November 1997. They welcomed their only son, Kevin Hunter Jr. on the 18th of August, 2000. A few years after they had their son, rife rumors started circulating about her husband cheating, but Wendy was maintaining that the claims aren’t truthful. However, trouble became so obvious in paradise that she couldn’t handle it anymore.

Wendy, her second husband, and their son
Wendy, her second husband, and their son image source

Wendy and Kevin Got Divorced After 20 Years of Marriage

In an interview she had with Billy Bush, Wendy revealed her discovery about her husband’s cheating. In her words, she said, “…Kevin is a serial cheater, he has different mistresses depending on the part of his life…” The last straw that broke the camel’s back was when The Daily Mail reported that Kevin Hunter is not only having an affair with Sharina Hudson, a massage therapist but she was also carrying his child.

Following this news, Wendy hired a private investigator who let her know everything about his infidelity and his mistress welcoming a child. After she got a satisfactory report, their relationship came to an abrupt end. She filed for divorce against him in 2019 and after a protracted period of negotiation, they came to terms and finalized the divorce in January 2020.

A Look At Wendy Williams’ Love Life Before Her First Marriage

When it comes to love and relationship life, Wendy Williams has not had it all rosy, especially since she hit the spotlight. Although she has been part of two actual marriages, Wendy has quite had a remarkable dating history. Here is a breakdown of all the men the famed Radio and TV host has been linked with.

She Dated Eric B For a While

Eric B is an American hip-hop star whose real name is Louis Eric Barrier. Wendy and Eric B became an item after she interviewed him in 1991. The two dated for a while before he reportedly ruined her credit. Wendy claimed that Eric B didn’t have a car so she rented him one. Then came rumors that a warrant was out for his arrest after he did not return the car, which turned out to be the reason they broke up and went their separate ways. The exact duration their relationship lasted is not known.

Wendy and Eric B
Wendy and Eric B image source

Speaking about their relationship in Wendy Williams: The Movie, Wendy also claimed that she got pregnant for him but immediately got an abortion as she never wished to have his baby. Eric on his own side had slammed the actress on Instagram, debunking the rumors of Wendy renting him a car. He shared a throwback photo of him beside an exotic ride wearing several costly chains with the caption: “Damn, I need a rental,…the truth is something different.”

Wendy Williams Had a Supposed Fling with Eric Sermon

Here’s another throwback of Wendy’s relationship even before she got married. Wendy had what was rumored to be a fling with the American rapper, Eric Sermon. Eric later shared details about their seeming relationship, explaining that he thought that the TV personality only pursued him as a ploy to get famous. This he made known in an interview he granted with Vlad TV in February 2021. He went on to say that there was never any romance in their relationship, claiming that she was just one of his fans.

Meanwhile, it was alleged that Wendy Williams was supposedly not happy about the way Sermon treated her after their supposed hookup. She was therefore accused to be the bearer of the widely spread rumor that Sermon was gay as a way to get back at him and drag his reputation to the mud. Wendy however seems to keep quiet about responding to the allegations.

Wendy Williams and Notorious B.I.G

Notorious BIG is an American legendary rapper who died in the year 1997. Before his death, records have it that Wendy, while she was a radio DJ, had a thing with him. This she opened up about in her 2021 Lifetime documentary, Wendy Williams: What a Mess!

She claimed that Biggie asked her out and she agreed but was never thinking about him in a romantic way because he wasn’t her type. She further admitted that B.I.G was a nice guy with a great sense of humor and that they had a cool relationship. They went their separate ways in 1994 before she met her first husband Bert Girigorie.

Wendy Williams Dating Timeline After Divorcing her Latest Husband Kevin Hunter

After divorcing her second husband, Kevin Hunter, Wendy Williams has moved on with her life and remains open to other relationships. Here are the men she has since been romantically linked to.

Wendy Williams and Marc Tomblin

It didn’t take Wendy time to move on after her divorce from Kevin Hunter. Just two months later, in June 2019, the news was all over that she had found a new man named Marc Tomblin. Wendy and Marc met through her friend, reality TV star and model Blac Chyna. The relationship however raised eyebrows, given the age difference between the two. While she was 54 as of then, Tomblin was 27 years old. They lasted just for a few months before she claimed to be seeing another man, an unnamed doctor.

Wendy-Williams-and-Marc-Tomblin-Photo-Page-Six image source

Wendy Williams Dated A Mystery Doctor

In one of her shows, when asked about her new man, she responded that she is in love with him already but needs some time to put things straight. Again, the supposed romance with the mystery doctor didn’t still last as she revealed in her interviews in 2020 that she is ready and serious about dating again. Nothing much is known about the doctor. In her words, she said  “You can never say never! As my marriage and relationships were crumbling, I want to get married again, I do, but I don’t know if it will happen again…” 

Blac Papi and Wendy Williams

In February 2020, Wendy was linked to American musician Blac Papi. She reportedly shared loved-up photos of them on her Instagram account suggesting that both of them were an item. The snaps showed them cuddling up and laughing alongside the caption “…another Friday night” However, none of them officially confirmed to be dating but if there was anything between them, it was all over by April the same year. During the time, she said that she is getting used to life as a single woman again.

Wendy and Blac Papi
Wendy and Blac Papi image source

Mike Esterman and Wendy Williams

In early 2021, Wendy used her platform The Wendy Williams Show to get herself a new man. She regularly opened up about her single status and encouraged men to send in their interests saying why they want to date her. From there, she chose one of the suitors Mike Esterman and they started dating. She shared how excited she was with Mike claiming that both of them are realistic about love and all its possibilities. Regardless of all the gushing over him to say he is so smart, cute, funny, and all, the relationship was over just as quickly as it began. Mike revealed that they were no longer seeing each other as he thought he would not be able to meet up to give her what she wants.

Who is Wendy Williams’ Current Boyfriend?

It will also interest you to know that Wendy Williams has found a new boyfriend who she currently gushes over. She never let her split from Esterman get her down but moved on just quickly with her current boyfriend. In August 2021, Wendy announced that she has found love again with pictures of them on her Instagram page. Though the photos were slightly blurry, they showed the two of them at the back of a car holding hands as he looked at her.

She didn’t reveal the identity of the man yet and from the look of things, it seems Wendy is determined to keep this one a little more secret. With keeping her fans guessing, both eyes and ears are bent to the ground to know more about her new man.

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