What To Say When Someone Is Down With Sickness to Comfort Them

Having the right words to say when someone is sick goes a long way in helping their recovery process. Words of comfort and consolation, especially when those words come from family and friends, are almost as therapeutic as medicine itself and they keep us going, looking forward to making a full recovery.

If someone we know is facing a health emergency or terminal illness, it can be difficult to know the right things to say to them. Do you tell them everything will be fine or do you just wish them well with a smile? Of course, some people are not orators and are very reserved so they find it difficult to express themselves when it comes to these matters; as such, they need a little guidance on what to say to a loved one who is not feeling well.

Encouraging Words To Say To A Friend Who Is Sick

Friends are our backbones on whom we rely a lot during our walk through life. So it is very important to be there for them when they fall sick. As a matter of fact, being there for them is one of the duties of friendship we must fulfill.

But what exactly do we say to our buddies when they are battling with ill health? Let’s take a look at some suggestions below. Of course, these suggestions are just a mere guide for you.

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What To Say To A Sick Person When You Are Not Face To Face With Them

When you are not right there with them in the hospital or beside their sickbeds and want to send them a text message, you can send them the following words of comfort or come up with yours in the line of these:

1. Hello (their name), I just heard that you are not doing too well and are in the hospital. I really hope they release you soon because I need you more than they do! Everything will be okay with you.

2. I’m thinking of you right now as I have been doing since you fell ill and I’m sending you healing thoughts and a little sunshine to brighten your day today. Get well soon.

3. I’ve been out here missing your charm and waiting eagerly for you to recover soon and make my days lively again. Get well real quick.

4. I am sending positive, healing thoughts to you, my dear friend. This is hoping that you get well very soon and return again to your normal life.

5. You’ve always loved life and adventure. Feel better soon and I promise, we will discover the world and have more adventures.

6. My dear friend, I want you to know that from dawn to dusk, I pray for your quick recovery and good health. Get well soon.

7. You’re a very strong person and I am confident you will beat this soon. I am excitedly waiting for you to get well soon and make my days better again. Get well quick.

What To Say To A Sick Person When You Are Right There With Them

When you’re with the person who is sick and are talking to them face to face, it’s a different ball game. You’re no more texting from far away but right there with them and you will need to hold their gaze and speak reassuringly to them as they recover.

1. (Hold their hands) Hey. I’m here for you. You’re going to fine. Get well soon because I need you back.

2. Cheer up my friend. This is just a passing phase. Just keep being strong.

3. Hi, how are you feeling today? Listen, if there’s anything you need help with, just let me know. Don’t stress yourself. You should focus on getting better.

4. I really long to see you again. I mean, not like this on your sickbed, but more like your more authentic self. I’m here for you. Get well soon.

5. Get well soon my friend because I have lots of fun things to do, but without you, they cannot give me the kind of joy I want. You make things come alive and I can’t wait to have you back.

6. I really wish I was a magician so I could make you whole and healthy again with just the wave of a wand.

7. Hey, being sick really does not suit you at all. Get well soon my friend.


What To Say To A Sick Family Member

There is nothing more important than your family. The bond you share with family members and the warmth that they provide can never be exchanged for anything. In the end, family is what matters most. It has even been reported that keeping in touch with family members is a great way to stay healthy.

This is why it is important to be able to provide relief and be a source of consolation for them when sickness comes calling because they will all rally round you too when you get sick.

What To Say A Family Member Who Is Sick When You’re Not Physically Present

1. I just heard you’re not feeling very well and it hurts I’m not there right now. I’m going to keep praying for you. Get well very soon, (their name). I love you.

2. I just want to let you know you’re one of the best people I’ve ever known. I hope this get well wish brings a smile to your face because you are too beautiful to be feeling down.

3. I know that recovery is hard work, but just know that you’re not alone. I want to let you know that not a day goes by that you aren’t thought of and wished well.

4. I’m sending you a bit of sunshine to cheer your day! You’re always on my mind and I hope you feel better soon.

5. I need you back on your feet. I’m praying for you and I’ll be there to see you soon. Can I stop by with anything? Love you.

What To Say A Sick Family Member When You’re With Them

1. What can I do to make you feel better right now? I’ll do anything for you! I want you to be well.

2. (If you want to be funny) Hey, what do you think the neighbors will think if they see you lying like this. You better get well soon before that happens.

3. I had to rush here to see you. You’re my favorite human. I’m confident you’ll be better soon.

4. (If you’re feeling funny) I guess I can finally beat you in a fight! Get well soon before I throw you off this bed.

5. It sucks watching you lie here. I really can’t wait to hang out again with you. I need you to get well soon.

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Loving Words To Say To A Sick Partner

Being in love is one of the most beautiful things that can happen to anyone. Your heart gets intertwined with that of another human being with whom you’re so connected in and out. For lovers, it will appear as if they just cannot do without each other. And so when someone’s partner falls ill, a part of them also falls ill.

Coping with a sick partner is very challenging because as you watch them sick, lying on their beds, you feel torn apart. It is very important that you know exactly what to say to them at this point.

What To Say To A Sick Partner When You’re With Them

Because they’re your partner, the conversation naturally flows between you and your partner so you should know what to say to them. But these are some ideas to help you flow better.

1. My angel, listen, you are the most important person I have in the whole world and I will do whatever it takes to see you healthy and very happy. I love you so much!

2. I know I said your love was contagious, but this is something else. I feel the pain you’re going through and I really hope you recover soon because that’s only when I can feel okay again

3. Just know that I will stand beside you forevermore. You’re the love of my life and I’ll never leave your side.

4. My heartbeat, I really wish I could manage the pain for you. Get well for me, sweetie.

5. I really miss holding you in my arms, but I know that I will be able to do it soon enough. You’re so strong and you’ll get through this soon enough.

6. What would taste good right now? Name any food and I’ll go get it for you immediately.

What To Say To A Sick Partner When You’re Not With Them

Maybe you stepped out for a minute 0r maybe you were far away when they fell sick. Whatever the case may be, if you’re not together with your significant other, you can send them some messages to cheer them up.

1. Never think that you are alone, my darling, I am right there with you; even if we are not physically together, I will be inside your heart giving you my love and wishing you a speedy recovery.

2. You are the love of my life and I will accompany you in this recovery process. Cheer up, darling! I’ll see you soon.

3. It really hurts me that you are going through this situation and I wish I could be there with you. I love you so much, my baby. More than anyone! We’ll make it through this together.

4. I used to wonder what would happen if our relationship was tested this way. Now, I know and I can say that my love for you is only getting deeper. Get well soon, my baby.

5. (If you’re feeling funny) You’re the only person I know that can make a hospital gown look sexy. I love you baby. Get well soon.

What To Say To Your Boss When He Is Sick 

The relationship with your boss is not like any other kind of relationship. He is your employer, not someone you often joke around with. However, bosses are different; some are very jovial and others are not. Either way, when they fall sick, they still need comforting words from their friends and family as well as their staff.

These are some things you can say to your boss when he falls sick.

1. Dear (sir or madam), I just got to know you’re not doing too well today and I just want to say we miss your presence at work. You’ve been a mentor and a great leader and I hope you get well really soon.

2. My thoughts and prayers are with you (sir or madam). I wish you a complete and restful recovery.

3. I’m so sorry to learn that you’re under the weather (sir or madam). I wish you a quick recovery and hope to see you back at the office soon.

4. Dear (sir or madam), your absence in the office these past few days has really taught us to get better at doing our job with less supervision, but it has also made us realize how much we took your presence for granted. You’re an amazing mentor and leader and I wish you a speedy recovery.

5. Dear (sir or madam). I have always known you to be an awesome leader but these past days without you in the office made me see that I didn’t realize the importance of your leadership until you got sick. Hope you’re doing much better. Get well soon.

6. I’m so sorry to hear that you’re not too well. The whole office is praying for you and we are all hoping that you will get well soon. We miss you. Stay strong (sir or madam)

What To Say To Your Co-Worker Who Is Sick

Co-workers make the workplace very fun and enjoyable. It is true that not all your co-workers are your friends because we make friends and foes alike in the workplace. However, no matter what, when a co-worker falls sick, they need attention, care, and consolation.

These are some messages you can send to your co-worker when they fall sick.

1. Hi, (the person’s name), I got to know you have fallen ill today. So sorry about that. I wish you a quick recovery and hope to see you again soon in the office.

2. Your absence in the office is felt every day. We can’t wait for you to come back again, Get well soon.

3. Hello, sorry to hear you’re not doing too well. We’re all thinking of you during this time and we hope you’re back on your feet soon and back to the office.

4. Hi. I’m really sorry that you’ve been tackling some health issues. But don’t worry, we’ve got everything covered here, so please, take this time to focus on your recuperation and healing. I really hope you feel better soon. Take good care.

5. I just want you to know that we’ve missed you here at the office. Your presence is needed again and we are waiting for your triumphant return once you’ve regained your health. Hope you have a speedy recovery.

6. As you heal, know that you are not alone because we are all praying for you. Please, just ask if you need anything, as I will always be there for you. Get well soon.

What You Must Not Say To A Sick Person

So far, we’ve been discussing the things we should say to people who are sick; but then, there are certain things we should be careful not to say to people who have fallen ill. In the process of trying to calm sick people down, we might mess things up with our choice of words. This is preventable and should be avoided.

Below are some words we must be careful not to say to our family and friends when they are sick.

1. I feel so sorry for you
No matter how badly the sick person is, you must resist the temptation to tell them you feel sorry for them. Even if you really feel bad for them, telling them may only make them feel worse. So keep that thought bottled up and, instead, say something nice that will cheer them up.

2. You’re very lucky, you could have died
If, for instance, your friend or family member got into an accident and you come to see them, never say the words ‘you could have died’ to them. Their condition may look really terrible but resist the urge to remind them of their ugly situation by the usage of those words. Your duty is to cheer them up and guide them back to good health.

3. You’re looking terrible
This is another example of trying to remind the sick ones of their horrific situation. You must avoid using this line as much as possible. It is important that you take their minds off their situation by providing succour for them.

Key Takeaway:

It is important that you show a level of empathy when someone you know falls sick, it is part of what makes us human. While a sick person may not be aware of your empathy, a good way to share in his or her health setback is by sending them a comforting message.

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