Who is Bol Bol’s Girlfriend Mulan Hernandez and Are They Still Together?

Mulan Hernandez is the former girlfriend of Bol Bol, the popular basketball player for the Phoenix Suns of the NBA. She is a famous American Instagram fashion model, entrepreneur, and social media personality.

Mulan and Bol Bol’s relationship has been a topic of interest amongst fans as the duo has had an admirable relationship that appears to have fallen apart in light of certain events. Since neither party has made an official statement confirming their current relationship status, many fans are wondering if they are still together. Continue reading to learn all the juicy specifics of their romance.

Mulan Hernandez and Bol Bol Began Dating In August 2021

Mulan Hernandez, as earlier mentioned, was in a relationship with Bol Bol, a well-known American professional basketball player. As we already know, fans are so much interested in the personal life of their favorite celebrity, which was the case of Mulan and Bol Bol, as their relationship was one thing that caught the attention of many fans and the media.

The pair has not been generous with some details about their relationship, like when they met each other. Their relationship came to the open in August 2021, which was when they reportedly started their relationship, as Mulan was spotted during the 2020-2021 NBA Season sitting with the audience and cheering her man (Bol Bol).

Bol and Mulan had a good relationship and were frequently seen together. They also shared photos of each other on social media. Although they had their fair share of fights, as in every relationship, their fans adored how they cared for each other.

The rumors that Bol Bol had cheated on Mulan while she was grieving the loss of her brother was one of their disputes that made headlines in 2022. The internet sensation also admitted that Bol had cheated on her several times during one of her live sessions. However, according to some sources, Bol Bol and Mulan broke up after she uploaded a TikTok video to the song Gold Digger for Life. The basketball player could not tolerate her actions.

Is Mulan Hernandez Still Bol Bol’s Girlfriend?

Based on all the events that have occurred, it wouldn’t be out of place to say that the couple has broken up. Currently, Mulan and Bol seem to have moved on but are not dating anyone new.

Who is Bol Bol's Girlfriend Mulan Hernandez and Are They Still Together?
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They both appear to be concentrating on their respective careers. Bol has not released a statement to refute or confirm the rumors of their relationship and the said cause of their breakup.

Bol Bol’s Ex-girlfriend Is An Instagram Model And Social Media Influencer

As we’ve already mentioned, Mulan Hernandez is an Instagram model and social media influencer. She became well-known on Instagram for sharing her stunning fashion pictures, lively videos, and intriguing content. She is also popular on TikTok as a result of her content.

The social media model had always had a passion for makeup and entertainment since she was a child. When her parents noticed this passion, they supported her by buying her some makeup items, which she used for her practice sessions until she became a professional.

Mulan continued to pursue her aspirations of working in the fashion industry and becoming a makeup artist by establishing her presence on Instagram under the username @mulanhernandez, where she currently has over 1 million followers. She started by sharing interesting videos, appealing pictures of herself modeling, and also details about her daily life, which attracted attention and helped her gain a large following on her page.

On the platform, Mulan also posts dancing videos, lip-syncing videos, and videos with fashion advice, all of which helped her to gradually gain popularity. And as her Instagram followers grew daily, she was able to secure deals with different companies, both large and small. Some of these deals saw her work as a model and others as both a model and a partner.

Among the brands that have offered Mulanthe social media influencer endorsement contracts are Sosorella, CDK Kreative Kreations, Stats Charlotte, Fashion Nova, and many others.

Mulan has accounts on some well-known social media platforms, in addition to Instagram, where she is best known. She can be found on TikTok under the username @mulanhernandezx and on Twitter, where she has over 25k followers, under the username @mulanhernandezz.

Mulan Hernandez Is Also An Entrepreneur And Businesswoman

Mulan Hernandez is a versatile lady as she is not only a social media influencer but also an entrepreneur and a businesswoman. She owns a rental space under Airbnb Vacation Rental Company. She also takes time out to advertise and promote her business online via her social media pages.

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