Who is Brittney Griner Married To and How Long Have They Been Married?

Brittney Griner’s wife is Cherelle Griner (born July 10, 1992), a fresh Law School graduate. They have been married for 4 years and are still going strong. Brittney and her wife, Cherelle Griner, met while in college before their romance began. Prior to this, Brittney Griner was married to Glory Johnson before she divorced in 2016

Before Cherelle got involved with Brittney, she (Brittney) was married to fellow WNBA player Glory Johnson. However, their marriage lasted only for a short while before they parted ways. A few years later, Cherelle came along, and according to the basketball player, she knew immediately that she was the one for her.

While much is known about Brittney because she is a popular figure, not much information is available on her wife. Nevertheless, we’ve gathered some information about her that will interest you.

Who is Brittney Griner’s Wife?

Brittney Griner’s wife was born Cherelle Watson. In 2020, she posted a video of her 28th birthday on her Instagram, and making some calculations based on that, we were able to work out that she was born on July 10, 1992, and as such, she is currently 31 years old. This means that she is two years and a few months younger than her wife, not that it matters anyway.

Meanwhile, there is no information about where she was born, and details about her parents, siblings (if any), childhood, and early education are also unavailable.

According to her LinkedIn page, Cherelle was once a teacher. She enrolled in

How Long Has Brittney Griner Been Married to Cherelle?

Brittney and Cherelle have been married for 4 years now. They first met during their undergraduate days at Baylor University in Texas while Brittney was making waves as one of the best college basketball players ever.

However, they did not become an item until years later, when they reconnected after the basketball player parted ways with her first wife, Glory Johnson. They met again in August 2018, and in an Instagram post made by the athlete in celebration of their second year as a couple on June 18, 2020, she revealed how that happened.

According to Brittney, “I will never forget the day I met you at Baylor in the sub area! You tapped me on my shoulder and told me I took your milkshake (still up for debate lol) and I was immediately blown away at your beauty!”

She disclosed that even though Cherelle had no idea, she instantly knew she was the one for her. The couple eventually started dating the same year, and in August 2018, Brittney proposed. Subsequently, they got married almost a year later, precisely on June 18, 2019.

Since then, the duo has remained inseparable. They have repeatedly raved about each other on their social media accounts, especially on Instagram, sharing photos from vacations and marking their relationship achievement.

Cherelle and Brittney Griner are Currently Going Through Difficult Times as a Couple

All was well in the Griner household until 2022, when Brittney became the subject of news internationally following her arrest and detention in Russia on drug charges. She traveled to the country during the Women’s National Basketball Association offseason to play with the EuroLeague team UMMC Ekaterinburg.

She was arrested in February after officials at an airport in Moscow allegedly found vape cartridges presumed to contain hash oil in her luggage. The Phoenix Mercury center has remained in custody since then. Considering the increasing tension between the U.S. and Russia following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, there’s a growing cloud of uncertainty regarding whether and when she will be let go and sent back to America.

Although she is miles apart from her wife, Cherelle Griner has shown nothing but love and support for her by sharing videos of her time on the court on social media. She is also doing everything within her powers to ensure that Brittney’s release is secured.

In March 2022, the athlete’s wife took to her Instagram to thank everyone who had reached out to her regarding her wife’s safe return from Russia. “Your prayers and support are greatly appreciated. I love my wife wholeheartedly, so this message comes during one of the weakest moments of my life,” she added.

Do the Couple Have Kids Together?

Although Cherelle and Brittney have been married since 2019, they are yet to have any children together. This probably has to do with the fact that Cherelle got into Law school the same year they tied the knot, while Brittney has been busy with her career, so they both have a full plate.

However, the WNBA player has two daughters from her previous marriage to fellow basketball player Glory Johnson. The girls, who were conceived with Glory’s egg through IVF, were born 16 weeks early on October 12, 2015, and following the dissolution of their marriage, the court ordered Griner to pay child support to her ex-wife.

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