Who is Kat Stickler’s Boyfriend Cam Winter?

Cam Winter is an American engineer best known as the boyfriend of Kat Stickler, the TikTok star. 

Kat Stickler and her now-ex-husband, Mike Stickler, rose to fame on social media during the covid-19 pandemic. Sadly, they called it quits on their marriage less than a year after they began their climb to social media fame. Not long after, Kat got involved with another man and fans have been curious to know who this new lover is.

The TikTok star began flaunting her new beau on her social media in 2021 but chose to keep his name away from the public. Unfortunately, her efforts at keeping his identity a secret is already futile as fans have dug it up. In addition to unraveling his name, here are more details about Cameron Winter that’ll definitely interest you.

Cam Winter’s Bio

  • BIRTHDAY: September 16
  • BIRTHPLACE: Tampa, Florida, United States
  • BIRTH SIGN: Virgo
  • ETHNICITY: White
  • FATHER: Lee Winter
  • MOTHER: Misty Winter 
  • SIBLINGS: Taylor Winter (Sister)

Who is Cam Winter and Where was He Born?

Cam Winter was born in Tampa, Florida, on the 16th of September in an unknown year. He has a sister named Taylor Winter and according to her Instagram bio, their parents are Lee Winter and Misty Winter.

Winter attended Southern Methodist University in University Park in Dallas County, Texas, and during his time there, he played football for the SMU Mustangs. However, he didn’t carry on to the NFL for reasons that are yet to be discovered.

A lot people may never have been interested in knowing details about Cam Winter if he were not associated with a popular figure like Kat Stickler.

Although his relationship with the TikTok celebrity has drawn the attention of almost all her fans to him, with every one of them craving to know all about him, it is quite sad to note that it might take a while to have their curiosity satisfied as information about him, including his childhood, early education, and family background among others is currently unavailable.

How Did Cam Winter and Kat Strickler Meet?

It’s known that Kat Stickler and Cam Winter started dating sometime in 2021, but the story of how they met has not yet been revealed. However, it is likely that they met through Cam’s sister, Taylor, and here’s why we think so. Both Cam and Kat are regulars on Taylor’s social media, especially her Instagram.

Taylor and Kat appear to be best of friends, judging by the many Instagram and TikTok posts that show them together, including one Taylor captioned “Thankful for friendship. You’re beautiful inside and out”.

That notwithstanding, our assumption may not be right owing to the fact that neither Kat nor Taylor has posted a picture of all three of them (Cam inclusive) together.

Kat Stickler’s Boyfriend is an Engineer

Reports have it that Kat’s boyfriend is an engineer by profession. His Linkedin profile, which has not been updated in a long while, suggests that he works or worked in the position of Project Superintendent/ Business Development at Prodigy Contracting Group, Inc. in the Greater Tampa Bay Area, Florida. However, there is no information as to when Cam started working for the company and whether or not he still works there.

Meanwhile, it is written on his Instagram bio that he works for one of America’s premiere engineering and environmental consulting companies known as Barr & Barr. But his job position and description is not known.

Though an engineer, Cam is very much interested in fishing and as such, he’s taking it very seriously. He is part of the Big Storm Fishing team in Texas and Florida. The team began 2022 by competing in a tournament in Steinhatchee, Florida, with 66 other teams and finishing 10th. The team, which comprises Cameron Winter and Kyle Groh, went home with some money and also qualified for the championship in Louisiana.

Kat Took Her Time Before Revealing Cam Winter as Her Boyfriend

Although we are not certain of when Kat and Cam’s love story began, it was easy to notice that she had found love again when she started making posts that subtly alluded to a potential new lover at the start of September 2021.

For instance, on the 2nd of September 2021, she made a video with the song, “sometimes all I think about is you” as the audio and captioned it “No it’s not like that… he just helps me out when I don’t even ask him.” On the 7th of the same month, she made another post telling her followers about a man that sent her and her daughter dinner after she had to cancel their date because there was no one to watch her child.

Kat subsequently showed her followers her mystery man’s hand in one of her videos on September 16. In the video, we could see her inside a car smiling at the camera before a man’s hand grabs her face and she bends off-camera to give him a kiss.

Nine days later, she posted a TikTok video in which she is seen sleeping in her bed, and then suddenly, she wakes up screaming. On the background of the video is written, “when you forgot he spent the night”. Kat Continued with her “soft launch” strategy, in the months that followed as can be seen here and here. However, she got tired of hiding her man before the year ended.

As a result, after months of keeping her followers in suspense, she decided it was time to unveil her lover to them. Thus, she debuted her new lover on Instagram on December 18 2021, sharing their first public picture as a couple with the caption, “All I want for Christmas…is you”

The post received a lot of congratulatory messages from Kat’s friends and followers, including Taylor Winter who simply wrote, “Ohhhhhhhhh.”

Did Cam Winter and Kat Strickler Really Break up?

Earlier in 2022, Kat’s followers were shaken when rumors that she and Cam had broken up began to make the rounds on TikTok. However, the stories had very little to do with the couple’s new relationship directly and more to do with the closest person to both of them – Taylor.

The speculations about the duo’s breakup began on Instagram after fans noticed that Kat and her best friend/boyfriend’s sister, Taylor, had unfollowed each other on the social media platform in late January 2022. According to reports, it was Taylor who first set the rumors in motion as she unfollowed both Kat and her brother, Cam.

However, a TickToker who goes by @amanda christine_1 made a video about the incident and Talyor responded to it in the comment section. Taylor denied unfollowing Kat and Cam, describing the news as false. On another occasion, she took to the comment section on her video to write, “It’s sad to be honest”, referring to how obsessed people were with her life.

Nevertheless, even though Taylor claimed she didn’t unfollow her brother and Kat, some screenshots shared by Amanda revealed that she wasn’t following any of them. As a result, in order not to offend anyone, especially Kat, Amanda took down her initial video.

As of the time of this writing, former best friends Kat and Taylor are still not following each other on Instagram. This quarrel between the ladies is the major reason people began to wonder if Kat had broken up with Cam.

Meanwhile, on the 26th of January, 2022, Kat posted a video expressing her displeasure at people who gossip a lot. Believing that the video had something to do with whatever was going on between her and Taylor, people took to the comment section to express their concerns.

On the same day, Amanda also uploaded a screen recording of a video Kat posted on her TikTok in which she confirmed that they were still together and had not parted ways. However, things took a different turn as Kat later took down the video, further intensifying the break up suspicions.

Are Kat Stickler and Cam Winter Still Together?

In the midst of the rumors flying around, fans were sincerely worried about Kat, who added to the already burning fire with a sad-themed video she posted on the 2nd of February, 2022. In the video, which was about her life and experiences, she disclosed that she hadn’t been feeling well for a few days. While her fans were already imagining the worst, Cam stepped in.

The engineer laid all the speculations to rest on February 10, 2022, when he uploaded a picture of him and Kat in a rooftop bar in St. Petersburg, Florida, and captioned it, “Can I kiss you at a rooftop bar tonight?” and in response, Kat commented with a heart emoji.

At this point, fans of the duo heaved a sigh of relief, expressing their joy in the comment section. While we can safely say that Kat and Cam are still a pair, details about what happened between her and Taylor are still in the dark as neither of them has addressed it publicly.

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