Who Is Malika Andrews’ Husband? Her Relationship History Explored

Malika Andrews does not have a husband and neither is she in any known relationship, however, she has been romantically linked to a few men in the past.

Malika Andrews is an American sports journalist and reporter from Oakland, California, United States. She currently serves as the host of NBA Today, the sports talk program that airs on ESPN. Her career journey on ESPN started in October 2018 when she was employed as an online NBA writer. In 2020, became the channel’s youngest sideline reporter after she debuted for a broadcast during that year’s NBA Bubble.

Thanks to her popularity in the media industry, fans have been wanting to know more about her, especially her love life. Here’s all we know about it.

Who is the Husband of Malika Andrews?

Malika Andrews is not and has never gotten married to anyone. Thus, she does not have a husband. However, she was recently seen wearing a ring on her finger and this resulted in questions as to whether she had gotten engaged. In a bid to find answers, fans went digging and they came up with some information that is yet to be confirmed.

Even though the ESPN reporter is not yet married, probably because she is more focused on getting to the peak of her career, it is very likely that she will eventually settle down sometime in the future when the right man comes along.

Who Is Malika Andrews Dating Now?

Malika Andrews is one public figure who loves to keep her personal life away from the limelight. It is believed that she is not dating anyone presently, as she has never shared details of her love life, past or present, with the public. However, she has been rumored to have gotten involved with a handful of men in the media industry as you would learn below.

Malika Andrews and Dave McMenamin

Dave McMenamin is an American sports journalist, writer, reporter, entrepreneur, and social media influencer from Rosemont, Pennsylvania, United States. He and Malika Andrews are two of the most most famous reporters in the NBA circles.

Malika Andrews
Malika Andrews and Dave McMenamin image source

The speculations about them started making the rounds in May 2022 when they were pictured attending an event together. The photo was captured by Getty Image in 2021 at the premier of the Netflix drama series titled Colin In Black And White. The photo went viral in no time, leaving fans amazed.

The news about the possible relationship between the sports journalists became more intense after Malika was seen wearing a ring on her finger. Fans assumed that she and Dave may have gotten engaged and kept the news to themselves. However, they never stopped to think that the ring may have nothing to do with being engaged.

Despite the speculations flying up and down, neither Dave nor Malaika bothered confirm or deny it. Nevertheless, their silence has not stopped fans from digging for information about their purported romance.

Richard Jefferson and Malika Andrews

Richard Allen Jefferson Jr. is a 43-year-old American former professional basketball player who retired from the NBA in 2018 after playing for 17 seasons. He is currently a basketball analyst on the Pac-12 Network, FS1, and ESPN.

Malika Andrews and Richard Jefferson image source

It was reported in 2020 that Malika and Richard were in a romantic relationship and this was easily believed by a lot of people particularly because they were both single at the time. However, this remains nothing but a rumor, as it has not been confirmed by both parties.

Meanwhile, during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Malika shared that she was living with her boyfriend in New York City, but she carefully left out his name.

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