Who is SZA’s Boyfriend? Her Current Dating History Explored

SZA’s boyfriend is rumored to be Travis Scott, an American entertainer. However, neither of them has confirmed whether they are dating. Before Travis, SZA dated a number of famous entertainers, including Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Scott Sasso, and Kehlani Parish.

SZA’s dating history has been the subject of various online rumors because it is difficult to keep track of all her hookups, flings, and breakups. This is because she loves to keep her private life private, especially regarding her relationships, which makes it challenging to learn the specifics of her current and past relationships. This is typical of many celebrities and famous people around the world. This article goes into more detail about SZA’s dating history.

Are SZA and Travis Scott Together?

Rumors of a possible romantic connection between SZA and Travis Scott have been making the rounds, and this is based on their interactions and joint performances. However, there is no official statement confirming their supposed romance. 

SZA's Boyfriend
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Meanwhile, Travis, whose real name is Jacques Berman Webster, is an American rapper, songwriter, singer, and record producer whose music style is best described as a fusion of traditional hip-hop, lo-fi and ambient. He recently released the music video for his single, “K-POP,” which shows him in a car with SZA as they enjoy each other’s company. 

As a result of the undeniable chemistry between them, rumors that they might be dating began to make the rounds. However, while the speculation cannot be confirmed with a single music video, their previous collaborations on songs such as “Open Arms” and “Love Galore” have fueled the rumors even further.

The dating rumors gained more traction in June 2023 after Travis Scott and SZA performed together at SZA’s concert held in Manchester, United Kingdom. The electrifying chemistry between them during the performance led many people to conclude that there was more between them than just a professional connection. Whatever the case, we believe they are not romantically involved until they say so. 

SZA’s Relationship Timeline

SZA is a beautiful singer, and it does not come as a surprise that fans are curious to know details of her personal life. From the information gathered, she has dated some popular American entertainers in the past. Find out all about them below.

SZA and Khelani Ashley Parish

SZA and Kehlani Parish dated in 2021. Kehlani is a widely recognized American singer, dancer, and songwriter who hails from Oakland, California. She became popular as a member of the teen group Poplyfe in 2011 and came out as a gay woman some years back.

 SZA and Kehlani have been friends for years. The rumor of their romance began when they were spotted together in Lizzo’s Instagram story (Lizzo is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, actress, and musician). However, both SZA and Kehlani never affirmed or debunked the rumor of their alleged affair, and SZA, regarding her sexual orientation, is said to be straight and not gay, which makes it untrue until proven otherwise.

SZA and Drake

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SZA and popular Canadian rapper and singer Drake, whose full name is Aubrey Drake Graham, were said to have dated briefly from September to December 2008. There are no available details of their relationship as SZA is a very private person, but SZA acknowledged dating Drake for a brief period of time when she was 20 years old. In one of her Tweets she posted in 2020, she confirmed their relationship, and to dispel any rumors that Drake had taken advantage of her because she was a minor, she went on to clarify that their relationship was entirely innocent. 

SZA and Scott Sasso

Another person SZA was said to have dated is Scott Sasso, a streetwear owner. There is no detail of their relationship like when they met, how long they dated and when they broke up, or the reason for their breakup.

SZA and Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar is a well-recognized American rapper and songwriter. He is renowned for his forward-thinking songwriting and musical trends.

Even though there is no information on their relationship, SZA was rumored to have dated him for a while. The two separated, and each moved on with their lives. Kendrick Lamar is now married to Whitney Alford, and they have two children.

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