Happy Birthday Text Messages You Can Send To Anyone

Sending birthday text messages to people we know and love is one of the very important things we can do for them. The reason is simple; birthdays are very special to everyone and this is not an overstatement in any way. Everyone looks forward to their birthday because it symbolizes different things to them. Birthdays are a reminder that one is growing older and compels people to take stock of what has been going on in their lives.

Birthdays also give causes for celebration. This is because no matter how terrible the year has been, when your birthday arrives, you get a cause to celebrate and be joyously thankful that you’re still alive. So, when you send out birthday messages to friends and loved ones, you’re not just celebrating an additional year to their lives, you’re also celebrating their growth and appreciating how far they’ve come.

Happy Birthday Text for Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Having someone you can genuinely call a lover is one of the best things in life. You get connected through your hearts and you feel butterflies in your stomach when you see them. They become your best companions whom you cannot do without. Of course, celebrating milestones in their lives such as birthdays is not negotiable at all.

When you send them birthday text messages, make sure you make their heart leap with joy by expressing just how much you love them and what they mean to you.

1. The more I think of you, the more I realize that I could never have dreamed of having someone like you. Your charm overwhelms me and I am completely head over heels in love with you, baby. You are every fantasy I’ve ever had. May your birthday bring forth extraordinary blessings. Happy birthday to you my darling, I love you with all my heart.

2. Sweetie Pie. You’re an incredible human. You add new dimensions to my life that I didn’t imagine possible. My life is on a whole new level of amazement because of you. I thank God every day for your existence. Happy Birthday, my baby. I love you so much.

3. My heartbeat. Today, I want to let you know that my day doesn’t start with the sunrise and end with sunset. Instead, it starts and ends with you. You’re all that matters to me. I am completely in awe of you. I pray that this marks the beginning of the greatest things you have ever desired. Happy birthday, baby.

4. This time every year, I’m reminded of how incredibly lucky I am to have you in my life. Each year make me love you even more than ever. I want you to know that your best years are still ahead of you and I’ll be there for every up down and in-between. Happy birthday, my love!

5. My sugar. The love of my life. I started off by falling in love with you and now you’re not just my lover; you’re also my best friend! Day after day, you have shown me what a blessing you are and how thankful for you I am. Happy birthday, my love! God bless you!

6. I am in love! I’m in love with you and every passing day makes me realize just how helplessly in love I am with you. I adore everything about you, those sparkling eyes that complement your charming smile, as well as your tender, loving heart. Today, I am wishing you the best from my heart. I love you so much. Happy birthday, sweetheart!

7. My baby. Words fail me and you know that does not normally happen. But today, I’m just overwhelmed by the realization of what your presence in my life has done to me. You changed me! With you, falling in love has never been better! Each time I look into your eyes, I remember all the reasons I want to spend everyday of my life with you. Happy birthday, my darling!

8. I’m going to start off by reminding you that I’m just wild about you and I don’t think I can say it quite enough. Everyday, it gives me goosebumps just to think about it. I’m in love with you and today I am wishing you all the best life has to offer. Wish you a wonderful time on your birthday today.

9. Today reminds me of the promise I have made to myself to love you forever. As you grow older, my love for you grows. I am sure that tomorrow, I will love you even more. Sweetie, you can count on me to be with you every day of my life, with even more love in my heart. Happy birthday, my love!

Happy Birthday Text for a Friend

Friends give our lives a whole new meaning, especially when they are good buddies who tell you the truth to your face and correct you when you falter. We aspire and gain new grounds mainly because of the kind of friends we have and this makes friendship a very special thing for everyone.

It is expected that when our friends celebrate milestones in their lives, we join them in celebrating as well. This is part of what friendship demands from people. It is what makes the bond even stronger between people. Occasions like birthdays are great opportunities to show friends that we care about them by sending them great birthday text messages. Below are some messages you can send them.

1. I have always known that being able to find a great and true friend is like looking for a pin in a haystack. That’s why I don’t take you for granted because I feel so lucky to have been able to find someone as sincere and true as you in this crazy world of deceit. I pray that beauty and happiness surround you today and beyond. Happy birthday my friend.

Birthday text messages

2. When you are best friends with someone, sharing everything with each other becomes second nature. That’s why I am celebrating and sharing your birthday with you today like it’s my own. The friendship we share is so beautiful and I pray our bond gets stronger because you’re special. Happy Birthday, buddy!

3. There is no day better than today to remind you of just how wonderful a friend you have been to me. You’re a rare gem and I treasure your companionship. Happy Birthday! Here is me wishing you all the best today and all the days of the coming year!

4. Hey, (your friend’s name), my (beautiful or handsome) friend. I want you to know you’re beautiful inside and out and I’m not telling you this because it’s your birthday. I’m telling you because it’s true! I really hope your birthday is a thrilling one because you deserve everything good and happy. Happy Birthday to you.

5. I wonder what I would have been doing if I’d not met you and developed this glorious friendship we share. I want you to know that life for me seems so much brighter having you for a friend. Today, I’m wishing you all the best for the year to come along with lots of happiness and love. Happy Birthday, my friend!

6. Since I met you, I have always known that I can always count on you, my best friend. You’ve always been a strong shoulder for me to lean on and I really appreciate that! I’m wishing you a wondrous year full of God’s blessings. Happy birthday to you.

7. This is saying a hearty ‘Happy birthday’ to my best friend. You’re so special in my life and I want you to know I will always be here for you. Enjoy!

8. In this crazy world, special friends are a very rare find and that is why I am so glad and lucky to have someone like you in my life. I am happy you’re my friend and I pray that God fills your heart with great blessings. Happy Birthday to a friend I’ll never forget!

9. You’ve been a blessing to me. I know that I am a better person today because I know you. I want to say thank you for sharing your wisdom with me and I hope that today brings you indescribable joy and bliss. Happy birthday to a wonderful person.

10. You’ve always been one of the kindest people I have ever known. Your generosity knows no bounds and I am thrilled that someone like you is my friend. You bring joy to other people and I pray that this day fills your cup to overflow with great joy and laughter. God bless you and happy birthday to you.

When Wishing A Family Member Happy Birthday, Send These Text Messages

It has been said that family is not just important, it is EVERYTHING and this is very correct. There is no love like the kind you get from your family. It is the beginning and the end. Wherever you go, you always come back to the family. This is why we must hold family members in high esteem.

Celebrating with family members when it’s time for celebration is not negotiable. This is why we must do well to remember their birthdays and wish them well with special birthday text messages and gifts.

Birthday text messages

Happy Birthday Text Messages for your Mother

Mothers are God’s special gifts to every human. The love of a mother is unquantifiable and unimaginable. It is divine! There is nothing we can give to pay for what a mother does for us all. But we must remember to always celebrate her as much as possible and with every opportunity we get. This is why remembering her birthday and sending messages is the least we can do.

Below are some of the birthday text messages you can send her.

1. Dear mum, there is no year that I don’t wait for this particular day with great enthusiasm. And this year is no exception. I wait all year long to celebrate today because it gave me my greatest gift; YOU! You are so special to me and I love you so much, mum. Happy birthday to you.

2. Dear mum, I want to let you know that not a single day goes by without me appreciating everything you have done for us. You’re the most beautiful, graceful, and wonderful woman in the world. There is no doubt about it; Daddy was blessed to have met you, and I owe you everything. Happy Birthday!

3. Sometimes I think about how I am going to repay you for all you have done for me and my siblings but I do know that no matter how hard I try, no matter what I do, I would never be able to show you how much I appreciate all you sacrificed for me. Mum, you are my hero and you’ve always been my strength. With so much love in my heart mum, I’m wishing you a very Happy Birthday!

4. You’ve always been an integral part of my life mum, and no one can ever take your place in my heart. I love you so much forever and ever. I don’t know what I would do without you. Happy birthday, sweet mother.

5. Your love and attention to detail have overwhelmed me every day, mum. You’re a superhero. The way you keep the family together is unbelievable and I love you so much for all your efforts. I want to tell you that you deserve all the good things that life has to offer. I’m wishing you a happy birthday, mom!

6. Dear mum, life without you is impossible for me. You are the best gift from God for me and I love you immeasurably. Today, I pray that God keeps you in very good health for me. I’ll always be here for you. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Text for Your Father

Without the shadow of any doubt, it is clear that fathers are among the most important people in our lives. We were mentored by them and we owe them the whole world. So, when it comes to dad’s birthday, it becomes imperative to celebrate them and one of the ways is by sending him birthday text messages.

In the birthday messages to fathers, it is important to let them know you appreciate the lengths they went to provide and raise you as a child. Below are some messages you can send them.

1. Dear dad, on this day I just want to thank you all over again for all the silent sacrifices you made to raise us up. All the hard work day and night to give us a better life. I know these things and I appreciate you immensely sir. You are one of the most important persons in my life and I love you so much. Happy birthday, dad!

2. Dear dad. It’s your special day and I never forget to celebrate it with you. I want to thank you for being the superman in my life since I knew left from right. You have always made me feel special with the attention and love you show me. God bless you, sir. Happy birthday to dad!

3. Every time I think of you, I feel a rush of gratitude in my heart for having you as a father. I am grateful, not only because you are an awesome dad, but also because you are a perfect human being. It’s a blessing to be a part of you. Happy birthday, father! God bless you.

4. (If you want to be funny) Dear Dad, I know a secret and mom would be so angry if I told her. Want to know what it is? Well, half of my friends have a crush on you. Haha. That’s because you look so young and handsome even at this age. You’re a superman, dad and I love you so much. Happy birthday to you!

5. Since I was old enough to know right from left, you have been the source of my courage and encouragement. Life can be tough sometimes, but I don’t ever feel hopeless in life and that is because I think of you and I just know you are always there to hold me up. God bless you, dad. Happy birthday!

Birthday text messages

Happy Birthday Text for Your Sister

Sisters are our treasures. If you’re a man, you grow up to love and be very protective of your sister and if you’re a lady, you grow up to become best friends with your sister. We bond with them and share our secrets with them and it is ultra-important to celebrate with our sisters on the right occasion.

When sending your sisters birthday text messages, be sure to include how growing up was fun for you both. Below are some of the messages you can send them.

1. My darling (your sister’s name) When mum and dad had us, they made us siblings but we have grown to become best friends on our own. You’re my cute little flower and I will ever love you. Happy Birthday, sis.

2. Growing up with you was the best thing ever. I have always cherished all our sweet and exciting childhood memories. For me, you will always be that adorable little sister. Happy birthday, sweetie!

3. It is such a joy and a great blessing to have you as my sister. You’re such a fun, smart, and caring woman and I can never trade you for anything. I love you so much. Have a joyful and unforgettable day. Happy birthday!

4. I know one thing and that is many friends may come and go in my lifetime, but family is forever. Today, I thought about you and I felt a rush of gratitude for having a sister as wonderful as you by my side. I want you to know that there is no one I would rather have as a sister than you. Happy birthday to you.

5. I think of you often and whenever I do I am always overwhelmed by all the love I have for you. There is no doubt that you have been such a comfort to me my whole life and I love you so much. Happy birthday to you.

Happy Birthday Text for Your Brother

Brothers, especially older brothers, are our heroes. The ones who stand up for us when we are threatened and the ones who provide solace when we need it. They become a lifetime companion to help guide us as we grow up together. Thus, it is absolutely important to send messages to them on their birthdays.

Like you did with your sister, you have to remind them of how much they mean to you and how you enjoyed their company growing up. Below are some birthday text messages you can send them.

1. You have always been a truly awesome role model for me and I want to use this opportunity to express my overwhelming admiration for you. You are so loving, caring, protective, and supportive and I love you so much. I am wishing you a very happy birthday.

2. I am blessed! And I mean every word of that statement. I am blessed to have someone like you as my brother. Having a brother like you is a blessing from the heavens and I will never take it for granted. Today, I am wishing you the sweetest things in life. Happy birthday to you.

3. Hey, (your brother’s name). It’s your big day and I’m so happy you’re seeing another birthday. Happy birthday to you bro. You’re an amazing person and I love you so much. I am wishing you all the best for your future. Cheers.

4. You’re not just my brother. You are also my best friend. I have grown to adore the way we have bonded over the years and I will always love you, my brother. I am proud to call you brother in my life. Happy birthday to you.

5. I want to use this grand opportunity to let you know that I could not have asked for a better brother than you. You have always been there for me through thick and thin and I will never take that for granted. I love you, man, Happy birthday.

Birthday Cards Or Text Messages, Which Do People Prefer?

This is one question many people have asked in the past and the answer to it is not a straightforward one. This is because people are different and your relationship with the person you want to send birthday greetings to also comes into play.

If the person is someone you’ve become very accustomed to, a birthday card accompanied by a text message will be very effective. However, if the person is still not quite an acquaintance, a simple text message will do the job.

However, it is important to know that in this age and time when everyone is in a hurry, the act of going out to buy a real physical birthday card will come across as a more significant gesture than just text messages. It will show that you truly care a lot and are willing to go out out of your way to make the person you’re celebrating feel special.

Finally, it is often thought that sending a person both a birthday card and a text message will do well to put a bigger smile on the face of the person you’re celebrating and pass a bigger message. So, if you’re up to it, do both. Send a card and a text.

Is It Okay To Send A Text Message As A Birthday Wish?

Text messages are very important in this age and time. Almost everyone has a phone and everyone uses their phones every single day. Besides, text messages are among the fastest ways you can reach anyone. So, it is important to use them.

Some people prefer to send birthday messages on Facebook or other social media platforms. However, text messages are considered more personal and show you actually have the phone number of the person you’re trying to celebrate.

So, yes, send out birthday text messages even if you want to send a card later or buy them gifts. Send them early texts on their birthdays to show you have been keeping them in mind and they will really appreciate it.

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