Meet Nick Sylvester, Mina Kimes’ Husband

Nick Sylvester is the husband of Mina Kimes, the famous ESPN writer, podcaster, radio and TV personality. Nick and Mina have been married since 2015, and their union continues to flourish to this day. The couple loves to keep their love life out of the public eye, but the achievements that they have recorded in their individual fields of endeavors mean that people want to know more about their union.

Sylvester, who celebrates his birthday on the 6th of July every year, is unlike his wife, not a big fan of sports but rather of music. He is a music producer, composer, writer, and record label owner.

Summary of Nick Sylvester’s Biography

  • Full name: Nick Sylvester
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: 6th July
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Cancer
  • Sexual Orientation: straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Nick Sylvester’s Husband: Mina Kimes
  • Nick Sylvester’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 8 inches
  • Nick Sylvester’s Height in Centimeters: 170 cm
  • Nick Sylvester’s Weight: 62 kg
  • Nick Sylvester’s Net Worth: $500k
  • Famous for: Mina Kimes’ husband
  • Nick Sylvester’s Instagram: @nickgodmode

Where is Nick Sylvester From?

Mina Kimes’ husband, Nick Sylvester, celebrates his birthday on the 6th of July each year, but his exact date of birth has not been revealed. This makes it hard to tell his age, but Nick could be between 41 to 40 years old, given the time that he left high school.

Nick Sylvester is a native of Montgomery, Philadelphia, and spent his formative years there. He was raised in the catholic faith and attended St Joseph’s Preparatory School, a private Catholic school run by the Jesuits in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. While in school, Nick was quite active and partook in numerous activities.

He edited the school’s newspaper, wrote poems for the literary magazine, and directed photography for the yearbook. He also represented the school in a science competition. When it came to music, Nick Sylvester played trumpet in the school band. He also played in various other bands, including a wedding band and a jazz band.

Nick Sylvester’s Education was At Harvard

While rounding up his high school studies, Nick Sylvester initially wanted to study music, specifically trumpet, at the Curtis Institute of Music located in Pennsylvania. That dream was, however, shattered after a medical procedure that he underwent caused rare nerve damage that affected his embouchure. He was at a loss for what to do and eventually decided to head out to Harvard for college.

At Harvard, Nick Sylvester tried his hands at multiple majors before eventually settling for something in the arts. The specific degree he studied for is not immediately known, but it is likely English or creative writing. Upon leaving school, Nick Sylvester worked several different jobs for different companies, such as restaurants, ad agencies, and tech startups.

He also wrote for several news publications and is one of the original writers for Pitchfork, an online music publication that extensively covers indie rock.

Nick Sylvester and Mina Kimes Began Dating in 2012 and Wed in 2015

Nick Sylvester and Mina Kimes were introduced to each other by mutual friends in 2012. At that time, they were both living in Los Angeles and had busy lives courtesy of their careers, but they nevertheless felt an initial spark towards each other and decided to explore it further. They began dating, and with the passage of time, they were inseparable.

They moved in together and adopted a dog. They also got engaged. Nick Sylvester and Mina Kimes tied the knot in September 2015. For their wedding, they went back to Sylvester’s hometown and got married at Material Culture, a famed art auction house in Philadelphia. Their family members and friends, and other loved ones were on hand to watch them exchange vows. Their beloved dog named Lenny, was also a prominent part of their big day.

Nick Sylvester
Nick Sylvester and Mina Kimes on their wedding day image source

The Couple is Expecting Their First Child Together

Nick Sylvester and Mina Kimes have been married for 8 years now, and their union is one that is proceeding smoothly without any scandals or nasty rumors. The couple prefers keeping a low profile, and as such, they rarely make joint public appearances. They also hardly post about each other on social media. They prefer to spend their time together on quiet date nights or just hanging out in their house, sharing dinner, and having meaningful conversations.

Nick Sylvester and Mina Kimes do not have any kids yet, but all that is set to change in 2023. In July 2023, Kimes attended the ESPY award ceremony wearing a fitted outfit that showed off a very visible baby bump. She later took to social media to indeed confirm that she and Nick were expecting their first child together. The post led to an outpouring of positive comments and good wishes from several quarters.

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Mina Kimes’ Husband is a Music Producer and Composer

Mina Kimes’ husband is a music producer, composer, and songwriter. He began his professional music career in New York. Having discovered that none of the several jobs that he worked after college brought him happiness, Nick decided to go back to his first love, which is music, and has seen tremendous success in that regard.

From recording and mixing records for people for free, he has worked with established chart-topping artists in the industry. He also helps upcoming artists find their way. They include the likes of Channel Tres, Yaeji, Isola, etc.

Nick Sylvester helped Isola produce nine of the tracks on her debut album, LP1, which dropped in April 2023. Each song explores the giddy side of falling in love, set to the sumptuous microhouse sound that Isola has become synonymous with. The album also features the influence of the likes of Wolfgang Voigt, Steve Standard, and Suzanne Ciani.

He is also the Founder of SmartDumb Record Label

Mina Kimes’ husband, Nick Sylvester, is also a record label owner and tech entrepreneur. In 2017, he joined hands with a good pal of his named Talya Elitzer to found a record label and artist development company named Godmode. The duo worked hard to create a genre-bending label and, as such, was able to bring the public eclectic music from diverse artists such as Aaron Childs, Channel Tres, Sainvil, Yaeji, Shamir, and Zalma Bour. They also created an app called Bounce that would help artists organize their catalog for better access in future

In mid-2022, Nick Sylvester decided to strike out on his own and open Smartdumb. Smartdumb is a record label that is determined to take risks and not just do that, which is proven. According to Sylvester, he is interested in music that starts with a question mark (say what?) and ends with an exclamation point (wow!).

Nick Sylvester has been interviewed by several news organizations. He is obviously quite accomplished in his area of expertise. However, he is still not as famous as his wife, Mina Kimes, who is one of the most popular personalities at ESPN, a worldwide leader in sports coverage.


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