Is Rod Wave Dead? What Happened To Him?

Rod Wave is not dead. The 24 year-old American rapper and singer is very much still alive, even though there are reports that say he had passed away after getting shot. He is just the latest victim of the ongoing celebrity death hoax on social media.

While Rod’s death has been confirmed to be a hoax, it is not the first time that he has been reported to have died. Reports of his death have been circulating for many years now on social media. The artist doesn’t bother to comment on it, as it has become a norm for celebrities to be rumored to have died online while nothing has happened to them.

Rod Wave is Alive

Rod Wave is very much alive despite the many tweets and blogs saying that he passed away. The amount of tweets on the subject has made “Is Rod Wave Dead” trend on social media even though nothing happened to him.

Rumors of Rod Wave having passed away have circulated on multiple occasions. It appears to be happening every other full moon, so the artist doesn’t pay much attention to it anymore. You would expect him to come out and clarify that he is alive and nothing happened to him, but the “Heart on Ice” rapper doesn’t bother to do that. He instead goes about his business, posting show dates and new music to be released on his social media.

He was Alleged to Have Been Shot and Killed

Rod Wave was once said to have been shot and killed. He has, however, never been involved in any shooting incident that could have led to his death.

The closest Wave has been to a shooting incident was one that happened outside his concert in Glendale, Arizona. A 33-year-old man was shot outside of the Desert Diamond Arena after attending his show. According to reports, a fight started after the 33-year-old man left the concert and bumped into another man, causing an argument. The second man subsequently left to bring a gun and shoot the man, who suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

What Happened to Rod Wave?

Since launching his musical career in 2016, Rod Wave has been working overtime to attain the status of an A-list rapper. Things were going pretty well for him until he was arrested in 2022 over a domestic incident.

On April 24, 2022, Wave allegedly entered the home of his ex-girlfriend, whom he shares two kids with, and physically assaulted her. According to the police, he choked her while their kids were at home, although they were in another room. It is unclear if Wave’s former partner called the police on him immediately, but he fled. However, about a week after the incident happened, the 24 year-old was arrested in St. Petersburg, Florida, during a traffic stop.


Rod Wave, whose government name is Rodarius Marcell Green, was subsequently arrested on a felony charge of battery by strangulation, but those charges were later dropped, and he was let go.

The rapper’s attorney, Bradford M. Cohen, called the incident between Wave and his baby mama “a misunderstanding between a Girlfriend and Boyfriend.” He added that the misunderstanding resulted in the rapper’s arrest, but nothing came of it. “After review of the evidence and speaking with witnesses, the State entered a Nolle Pross/ No Info on the matter and will not be pursuing charges.” He added, “Sometimes misunderstandings can be misconstrued, and it isn’t until all the evidence and witnesses are reviewed that the right decision is made by the States Attorney.”

Following the incident, Rod Wave released his fourth studio album, Beautiful Mind, in August 2022 and embarked on a music tour to promote it. He has also released an extended play entitled Jupiter’s Diary: 7 Day Theory and has other projects lined up.

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