Karen Backfisch-Olufsen – Meet Jim Cramer’s Ex-wife

Karen Backfisch Olufsen is the ex-wife of Jim Cramer, an American television personality, author, and former hedge fund manager better known for hosting Mad Money on CNBC and anchoring on Squawk on the Street. Jim Cramer’s ex-wife, who herself is an American television panelist and businesswoman, is 59 years old. She was born on February 25, 1965.

Karen Backfisch-Olufsen’s Bio Summary

  • Full Name: Karen Backfisch-Olufsen
  • Date of Birth: February 25, 1965
  • Karen Backfisch-Olufsen’s Age: 59 years old
  • Place of Birth: United States
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Religion: Christian
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Karen Backfisch-Olufsen’s Ex-Husband: Jim Cramer
  • Siblings: Wendy Finerman and Mark Finerman
  • Karen Backfisch-Olufsen’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 4 inches
  • Karen Backfisch-Olufsen’s Height in Centimeters: 162 cm
  • Famous For: Being Jim Cramer’s Ex-Wife

How Old Is Karen Backfisch-Olufsen? 

By virtue of her birth, Karen Backfisch-Olufsen is an American woman. She was born Karen Finerman in the North American country on February 25, 1965, which makes her 59 years old. With regard to her ethnicity, Karen is Caucasian.

Much about the childhood of Jim Cramer’s ex-wife is not known, including details of where she was born and her parents. It is also not known where she grew up and what schools she attended for her early education. We, however, know that she has two siblings – Wendy Finerman and Mark Finerman.

Wendy is an Academy Award-winning film producer, while Mark works at Greenwich Capital as a commercial mortgage securities specialist.

Karen Backfisch-Olufsen is a graduate of Stony Brook State University in New York. After completing the requirements for a degree from the institution, she reportedly enrolled at Wharton to study Economics, graduating in 1987.

Karen Backfisch-Olufsen Married Jim Cramer in 1988

Karen Backfisch-Olufsen
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In 1988, about a year after Karen Backfisch reportedly finished Wharton and gained employment at Michael Steinhardt’s hedge fund, she married Jim Cramer. He is a Harvard-educated TV personality better known for hosting Mad Money on CNBC and anchoring on Squawk on the Street.

Cramer is also an author and former hedge fund manager who worked for Goldman Sachs before founding and serving as a senior partner of Cramer Berkowitz. Some of the books he has written include Confessions of a Street Addict (2002), Jim Cramer’s Real Money: Sane Investing in an Insane World (2005), Jim Cramer’s Mad Money: Watch TV, Get Rich (2006), and Jim Cramer’s Get Rich Carefully (2013).

It is said that Jim and Karen dated for about five years before deciding to spend the rest of their lives together. Marital life was beautiful for Karen and Jim as they were almost inseparable throughout the 90s and early to mid-2000s. Things, however, turned sour in the late 2000s, and so after 21 years of marriage, they went their separate ways in 2009. The reason for their divorce is not public knowledge, as the pair have chosen not to speak about it.

While Jim has since moved on with his life, marrying real-estate broker Lisa Cadette Detwiler, Karen appears to have not found love again. If she has, she is making sure to keep everything about it quiet.

The Former Couple Have Two Kids Together

During their marriage, Karen Backfisch-Olufsen and Jim Cramer welcomed two children. They share two daughters, Cece and Emma Kramer. Details of their birth or what they are currently up to are not known as they live private lives.

What Does Jim Cramer’s Ex-wife Do For a Living?

Jim Cramer’s ex-wife started her career at Michael Steinhardt’s hedge fund, where she was with the man she would spend 21 years of her life with. After her time in Michael Steinhardt’s hedge fund, she would serve as an assistant vice president at Lehman, helping the portfolio manager, before becoming a panelist on CNBC’s Fast Money much later in her career. Her time on the financial stock trading show, as well as her marriage to Jim Cramer, brought her to fame.

In recent times, Karen Backfisch-Olufsena is known for being a trustee of the Montefiore Medical Center and a member of the board of GrafTech International and the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. She also serves as the vice president of Lehman and is the Co-founder of Metropolitan Capital Advisors, Inc.

Backfisch-Olufsena’s net worth is estimated between $500,000 and $1 million. Thanks to her work in the business world and also what she might have received from the settlement of her divorce from her ex-husband Jim Cramer.

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