Dan Greiner Biography: Facts About Lori Greiner’s Husband

People know Lori Greiner as a smart inventor, a self-made businesswoman with hundreds of patents, and a TV personality with massive wealth. She is famous across the globe, and people take great pleasure in learning from her business acumen. Lori is also known for her fantastic appearance in the sitcom New Girl. She was a guest speaker for the first United States Patent & Trademark Office Women’s Entrepreneurship Symposium. Yet, not many know that she’s been married for quite a long time or who her husband is, but that ends here. The following answers most of the questions you’ve been asking about Lori Greiner’s husband, Dan Greiner.

Dan Greiner’s Profile Summary

  • Full name: Daniel Greiner
  • Nickname: Dan
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: 1980
  • Ethnicity: Mixed
  • Nationality: American
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Profession: Businessman
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Dan Greiner’s Wife: Lori Greiner
  • Dan Greiner’s Height in Inches: 5ft 9inches
  • Dan Greiner’s Height in Centimetres: 175cm
  • Dan Greiner’s Weight: 75kg (165lbs)
  • Dan Greiner’s Net worth: $150 million
  • Famous for: Being Lori Greiner’s Husband
  • Dan Greiner’s Instagram: instagram.com/dangreiner1/?hl=en

Dan Greiner is a Low-Profile American Businessman

Lori’s husband, Dan Greiner, is a successful businessman in the United States of America, where he hails from. Unlike “the Queen of QVC,” who hails from Illinois in Chicago, Dan’s place of birth and exact date of birth is unknown. However, some online publications put his birth year as 1980, which means he is way younger than his wife Lori, who was born on December 9, 1969. Going by the date of birth given, Lori is 52-years old, and Dan would be eleven years younger than his wife.

Details of Dan Greiner’s parents and siblings are unknown basically because the businessman only came public following his marriage to the tv star Lori Greiner. His educational background is also unknown, but we know that he trained as an accountant somewhere in one of the universities in the United States of America.

Dan Worked with Bell + Howell before Settling at For Your Ease Only Inc.

Dan is now popular for his works at For Your Ease Only Inc, but before his exploit at the now-successful company, he worked with Bell + Howell – a U.S.-based services organization and a former manufacturer of cameras, lenses, and motion picture machinery. He worked there in the capacity of a division controller until he resigned to take up the position of the finance manager at For Your Ease Only Inc. There, he has successfully put to work his wealth of knowledge, transforming his wife’s ideas into an enviable business empire.

Before his work at Bell + Howell,  Dan was said to have worked at the Name Grant Thornton Film as a supervisor. He worked there for three years in the accounting, packaging, shipping, marketing, and inventory department. At the time, his wife Lori was working in the company’s sales, legal, and marketing departments. For Your Ease Only Inc. only was until 1997, an idea Dan’s wife hoped to see come true. It came through a few years later after the jewelry company gained the attention of J. C. Penney, a department store company, and she patented it and made a deal with the company.

Dan and his wife’s company’s products include jewelry organizers, home innovations, fragrances, and other uniquely designed home accessories. Their products also appear in retail stores and catalogs. Currently, Greiner holds over 52 US and international patents. When Lori’s business efforts attracted the attention of the QVC network in 1998, needing her to further expand her empire, Dan was there to give his wife all the support she needed. She began her job on the shopping channel as a host of the Clever and Unique Creations, thereby gaining the nickname, ‘The Queen of QVC.’

It was not long before her success in the show caught the attention of various networks of the same nature. She eventually settled with the producers of the US television series, The Shark Tank, which led her to become part of the show in 2012 as an investor. Dan joined Shark Tank as an investor in the Beyond the Tank spin-off series.

Dan Greiner’s Net Worth Runs in Millions of Dollars

Daniel Greiner may have garnered a fortune for himself while working at  Bell & Howell’s, but much of his now-garnered wealth is believed to have come from his joint businesses with his wife. Dan Greiner’s net worth, combined with his wife’s income, is estimated at $150 million, which is quite huge.

Aside from their product company, Dan and his wife also make huge income from the TV series, Shark Tank, which Lori joined in 2012. Their investment in Scrub Daddy, a company that produces a texture-changing household sponge, was also worth millions, with the year 2014 marking as one of their most successful years as they sold more than 2 million on QVC.

Dan and his wife Lori have an investment firm specializing in media and entertainment production, including their investment holdings, marketing consultation, and representation, where he doubles as not just co-founder but the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer. The couple’s other investments include Squatty Potty, Readerest, Paint Brush Cover, Hold Your Haunches, Drop-Stop, FiberFix, Simply Fit Board, and Screened.

Dan and Shark Tank Star Lori First Met In Chicago

Daniel Greiner first met Lori in Chicago at a place called Kincaid’s in the Lincoln Park area many years ago before she even became a millionaire. It is not certain how long they dated, but there are varying reports on the date the pair exchanged marital vows. Since the couple are yet to reveal much about their love life, we could settle that Dan and Lori’s marriage took place between 1996 and 2010

It has also been reported that six years into their romance, the smart accountant Dan, left his job to join Lori’s company, where he still works. As a matter of fact, he is the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the company. Lori, on her part, has seized to acknowledge Dan’s support and sacrifices in her life and career. She calls him her better half and her driving force.

The Couple Is Yet to Have Children

The lovers who have been running the business since 2009 appear not to have time for kids yet. They don’t have any children, but it doesn’t mean they won’t have them in the future. Sometime in 2012, Lori revealed her love for kids, hinting that she’d have hers when the time is right.

Dan and his wife enjoy their time between their two houses in Philadelphia and Chicago. Both homes are luxurious, expensive, and of course, very convenient. Their house in Philadelphia is close to the QVC studio, and her products are shipped from Chicago.


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