44 Powerful Positive Affirmations for Women Who Want to Build Self Love

Sometimes, many women struggle with low self-esteem, neglect to shower praises on themselves, engage in negative self-talk, neglect to show themselves love, and pay no attention to positive affirmations. The modern woman is saddled with a plethora of responsibilities; family, work, domestic duties, kids, and a whole lot more. A majority of these women believe they can and should be able to do it all and do it to perfection.

In a bid to accomplish their multiple tasks. They tend to get overwhelmed from being overscheduled, leading to doubts about their personal abilities and inner beauty. To stay emotionally, physically, and mentally balanced and healthy, women should embrace the practice of self-care, and among the best self-care activities available is positive affirmations.

Positive Affirmations for Women

1. I love my body; I care for it through exercise and healthy eating. I have a lot of respect for my body and am grateful for all that it can do.
2. I carry out a daily exercise of my body with ease, and the ways it can move, bend, pose, and stretch amazes me.
3. I chose to release happiness, love, and gratitude into today’s world. Life is beautiful and precious, and my choice is to focus on positive things.
4. My gratitude goes to this wonderful day alongside the endless possibilities it has on offer. I know that the day has a great surprise in store for me.
5. It doesn’t matter what the day brings; the truth I know is that I am a powerful, radiant, and free woman.
6. I will embrace the best of me today and live my life in such a way that engenders peace and tranquility, pleasure and joy, both to me and others.
7. My being alive today is for a reason. Thus, I give honor to my purpose, inspiring those around me to replicate the same.
8. I don’t need to be completed with anything, neither do I need anyone to complete me. I am a complete human being just the way I am.
9. Because I am confident that the universe meets all my needs, I take action by pushing fear aside, despite perceived limitations.
10. I embrace today as a chance to better my yesterday self. I can only make the best decision and choices for my life today.
11. Despite the hurdles that may come my way, I must maintain a positive attitude. Whatever it takes for one to succeed is already in me.
12. I am at the exact spot that I need to be, and the opportunities and challenges that my status brings are all welcomed. My choice is to learn and grow.
13. In the world today, I plant only positive seeds, and not even a single precious moment will be wasted in anger, envy, or hatred.
14. I am empowered to keep growing by the success of others. I express joy for anybody that accomplished their set goals, and I must do my utmost to continue with my own accomplishments
15. Today, I am responsible for my own happiness, and no one else will be allowed to exercise power over my mood as I am in total control.
16. I feel and look radiant, knowing that the world has so much to gain from me.
17. I like and love myself, and I have decided to focus on all my positive qualities and leverage them to improve both myself and the world.
18. Each day, I overflow with renewed confidence and continue growing to become stronger for the people surrounding me and me.
19. When I set my mind on any goal, then I must accomplish it. I need to dream it to accomplish it. No goal is beyond my reach.
20. The Learning process will never cease in my life, and I see growth opportunities everywhere I go. I must make improvements all the days of my life.
21. I am a lot better than what I used to be at this point the previous year, and with each passing day, I am recording improvements.
22. I have come to accept that it takes time for positive change to be effected. Thus, I have learned to embrace patience as my best self continues to emerge with each passing day.
23. I detach myself from anything that doesn’t serve me and won’t let anybody or anything hold me back. Negativity is no more part of my life as I am finished with it.
24. I ask for things that I want for the sole reason that I deserve them, and my desires will be honored today and always.
25. Despite the situation confronting me, I am a blessed woman, blessed with all the lessons learned from the hardships that I faced. Even in the light of every negativity and positivity that I come across, I continue growing.

Affirmations for Black Women

Positive Affirmations make the difference image source.

1. I am a black and beautiful woman.
2. I feel very good and comfy in my black skin.
3. There is a reason I am built this way, and I will use it.
4. I am excited to show myself to the world, including all that I have to offer. Nothing and nobody can stop me from attaining my set goals.
5. I don’t fear the unknown since I am confident that I can overcome the challenges they emanate.
6. Even when my full potential makes others uncomfortable, I must embrace it. I don’t play small. I am made to strive for big things.
7. Even when I make some mistakes, I still attain my set goals since I know that no obstacles are preventing me from getting what I desire.
8. Constructive criticism is acceptable to me, and self-improvement is also welcome. To assist people around me, I offer them my own constructive criticism.
9. Since I have the right openings, success is a possibility for me. I take advantage whenever I see them. I know the right path to follow to be successful.
10. I won’t allow others to prevent me from attaining my set goals. I permit myself to chart my own course, walk my own path, and permit others to do the same.

Biblical Affirmations for Christian Women

1. I am a new creation.
2. I am the king’s daughter.
3. I am remarkably and wonderfully made.
4. My self-worth is much more than rubies.
5. God has me in mind always.
6. I am courageous and strong.
7. I have changed from whom I used to be; I am forgiven.
8. Wholeheartedly, I believe God hears my prayers.
9. I will shamelessly live for my God and not any man.

Creating your Morning Affirmations

According to New Age and New Thought terminology, affirmations primarily refer to the act and practice of positive thinking as well as self-empowerment; this fosters a belief that “having a positive mental attitude boosted by affirmations will achieve remarkable success in anything.”

A suitable definition of affirmations says that they are those positive statements that people should say to themselves in the morning (standing before a mirror) that can help them feel motivated, reshaping their limiting belief. Affirmation is one of the key factors that come to play whenever one is leveraging the Law of Attraction and manifesting their dream life! An affirmation can come in the form of a phrase or declaration that you continue repeating to proclaim to yourself your aim to make the optimistic affirmation statement true.

Before a positive affirmation can be deemed effective, you must first settle on the kind of transformation you are targeting to make; this can come in the form of a goal, an outcome, or perhaps a mindset you wish to develop.
Confirmations from scientific studies have proved that making use of affirmations is capable of “rewiring” someone’s brain and aid them in making positive changes in their life.

Some believe that you must repeat personal affirmations for several weeks before the results start coming. Thus, one needs to persist in uttering her positive affirmation on a daily basis for at least one month. At the onset, a conscious decision must be made towards repeating your positive affirmations. Still, as time rolls by, they will gradually replace all negative thoughts with a propensity to take over whenever you fail to monitor your thoughts.

Do Self-love Affirmations Work?

Of course, there are proofs that self-love affirmations do work. At all times, people tend to be affirming something, affirming insecurities that we are not adequate, anxieties that we have, our fears, and dearth around the accessibility of worthy people to date. In fact, we always use affirmations in our recurring discussions with friends; it is evident in the music we play, in the thoughts we opt for over and over – even when they happen to be disempowering. Besides, science has proven that thoughts and words have power in the life experiences of people.

Do you have to say Affirmations Out Loud?

Heated debates have been raised on the best way to say your words of affirmations; mutter them internally or say them aloud. The best way to use affirmations is not set on stone, so you must not say them out loud if you prefer to mutter them to yourself. However, when it comes to using these affirmations correctly or whether uttering them aloud is a better way to use affirmations, then the answer is a resounding YES.

Affirmations need to be said out loud since they are usually proclamations, declarations, or statements. Basically, going by the meaning, affirmation denotes a positive statement. This, however, doesn’t stop one from murmuring or musing over some positive words in her head.

A good example can occur when you find yourself within a conference room surrounded by colleagues, and that extra confidence boost is highly needed. In this situation, whispering the affirmations to yourself will be preferable to say it out loud.

How frequently should you utter your Affirmations?

Have you decided to start using affirmative words in your life, then whichever technique you have chosen must be given sufficient chance and time to impact your life? Also, endeavor to have the desired set frequency and the desired set time, but try sticking to a single affirmation per time for effectiveness. For instance, somebody focused on boosting her self-confidence should stick with affirmative words surrounding that particular goal, such as;

• I am super confident
• I can be victorious
• I can achieve whatever I set my mind on

This goal can be mixed with other affirmative words such as

• I am doing better at work
• I have become better a spouse to my wife

The best time to utter your words of affirmations is before starting your day each morning or while calling it a day at night; this way, you engender a better effect. We don’t have any standardized number of times to repeat affirmations; however, some think you can start by repeating them seven times in the morning before commencing your day and seven times before ending your day. When you are through with this preliminary stage and perhaps has recorded some positive impacts of the words in your life, then the stage is set to increase the frequency, and you may decide to move on to some other word of affirmation

10 tips for Improving your Self-esteem and Self Worth

1. Try Being Nicer to Yourself

Sometimes, you hear that little voice urging you on and telling you; you are killin’ it. This is not just a mere voice; it has enough potency to change your view of things. Make a conscious effort to be really nice to yourself and be quick to challenge any negative thought that comes whenever you slip up. Try addressing yourself in the same way you would address your mates; it might turn out to be hard at the onset, but as they say, practice makes perfect.

2. Never compare yourself with Others

One sure way to start feeling worthless is to compare yourself to others. Your personal goals and achievements should be your main focus, and you must desist from measuring them against another person’s accomplishments. That kind of pleasure is sure not needed!

3. Get movin’

According to the American Psychological Association (APA), a really great way of increasing mood and motivation is to exercise, practice setting personal goals, and in the process, build confidence. When you break a sweat, the body is prompted to release endorphins; these are the feel-good hormones.

4. Nobody’s Perfect

Always do your utmost to be the best you can; it is called being the best version of yourself. However, we must note that perfection is one unrealistic goal; accepting this is very important.

5. Remember that Nobody is above Mistake

To learn and grow, one must make mistakes. Thus, when the mistake starts rolling in, try to take them and not beat yourself up. It happens to the best of us.

6. Focus on the things you can Change

You may not achieve much by getting hung up on those things that are beyond your control. Rather, your energy should be focused on identifying those things that are actually within your reach; figure out what can be done about them once they are identified.

7. Do what brings you Happiness

Positive thoughts will surely come if you spend quality time doing those things that you enjoy. A little you-time scheduled into your daily routine will go a long way. It may be time spent cooking, reading, or just being a couch potato for a bit; If any of these things can make you happy, create time for it.

8. Celebrating the Small Stuff Helps

One great way to build self-confidence is to celebrate the small victories in life. Ordinarily, waking up on time is considered a mundane thing, but celebrating such little stuff is sure to make you feel better about yourself.

9. Be a Pal

Your mood can be boosted by simply being considerate as well as helpful to people around you; this will also make you feel good about yourself

10. Gather a Supportive and Encouraging Squad around You

jettison people that trigger your pessimistic and negative thinking. A supportive team that makes you feel good is preferable.

In conclusion, positive affirmations work, and women who lack self-love and self-esteem stand to benefit from uttering their words of affirmations before a mirror daily. Please do this before you start your day, and before you call it a day, the results are always overwhelming.

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