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There is always something new to be said about the Trump’s family- from politics to business and then to their social and personal lifestyles. One good story that remains intriguing to people is the one that is linked to “the forgotten Trump”, Tiffany Trump.

Although Tiffany has tried to keep information about her private, topics about her still dominate the social media, her almost busy lifestyle has helped her find her niche outside her father’s fame. Today, she is known as a socialite, model, and aspiring lawyer. As one of Trump’s most beautiful kids, Tiffany’s love life happens to catch people’s interest. Here is all you would like to know about Tiffany and her relationships.

Tiffany Trump’s Short Biography

Born as Tiffany Ariana Trump on October 13, 1993, Tiffany is the only offspring of actress Marla Maples and Donald Trump, a US business mogul and 45th President. She, however, has four half-siblings including Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric Trump from Trump’s first marriage with his first wife, Ivana, and Barron, the youngest of them all and son to Melania, Trump’s third wife.

Tiffany was born in West Palm Beach, Florida, but she was raised in Califonia where she attended Viewpoint School located in Calabasas before moving to the University of Pennsylvania, where she majored in sociology and urban studies and graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts. After that, she ended up at Georgetown Law in Washington, where she is studying to become a lawyer.

Raised by her single mother who is a popular icon in Hollywood, Tiffany has always had her mother as her best friend and supporter of her career pursuit. Aside from somewhat being a bookworm, Tiffany is also known as a model and a singer. In 2016, she modeled for Andrew Warren fashion show during New York Fashion Week and at the age of 17, she released her first music single, “Like a Bird. As an aspiring singer, the young public figure has a net worth of about $10 million. 

Her Boyfriends

Unlike most rich kids who find it difficult to build a long lasting relationship, Tiffany has had a love life that lasted for quite a period of time and it is with non-other than Ross Mechanic. Although there has not been any report of a relationship she shares with anyone aside from Mechanic, Tiffany’s love life with the democrat caught public attention maybe because her boyfriend happened to hail from a family that is registered Democrat while she, following her support for her father’s political ambition is a Republican.

Tiffany and Mechanic met in October 2015, while studying as undergraduates at the University of Pennsylvania. Ross Mechanic who is son to a real-estate attorney Jonathan Mechanic studied computer science at the Univerity of Pensylvania and interned as a data engineer at a real estate start-up Cadre partly owned by Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump’s husband. The pair dated since then and were occasionally seen holding hands and sharing quality time together until recently, she was reported to have called off their relationship for some undisclosed but obvious reasons.

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Why Did Tiffany Trump Break Up With Boyfriend – Ross Mechanic

Tiffany Trump boyfriend Ross Mechanic

Although Tiffany is yet to speak up about her private life, there are rumors that she broke up with Mechanic because she wanted to pay more attention to her studies at the Law school in Georgetown, Washington, D.C. According to sources close to Tiffany, their break up was cordial.

Another rumor also has it that the Tiffany-Mechanic breakup issue was sparked by the latter’s photographs of himself kissing his Valentine’s Day date in an elevator in New York City. On the political angle of the story, it’s been said that the pair’s decision to separate was caused by the political differences between their families. However, despite having different political ideologies, Mechanic is often seen with Tiffany at most of her father’s political events. One good example of such times is the Republican National Convention which he attended with Tiffany.

While the two are yet to say a thing about their breakup, they seem to be moving on with their lives. Ross Mechanic seems to have gotten for himself a new sweetheart. Her name is Carly Berns, a marketing professional in the New York-area. Tiffany, on the other hand, was spotted with Chris Allam, who is believed to be her new boyfriend.