What Happened To Apple Watts of Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood?

Apple Watts was involved in a terrible car accident that almost claimed her life in March 2022. Thankfully, she is recovering quite well.  

Apple Watts (born Jontelle Lafaye Watts) started her career in the entertainment industry as an exotic dancer but eventually became popular as a video vixen, and not long after, she adopted the stage name “Ms. Apple Bottom.” Since she became a known figure in America’s entertainment world, she has been in the middle of several controversies.

During her time at LAHH, she discovered that the man she thought was her father was not after a DNA test was done, and as a result, she decided to cut ties with him. Following the show’s hiatus, she was heavily criticized for going live on Instagram while under the influence. Considering her history of alcohol abuse, her fans’ concern was quite understandable. But in March 2022, she made the headlines for a very different and horrifying reason. She was very badly injured in an accident. Here’s all about the unfortunate incident.

What Happened to Apple Watts?

On March 23, 2022, Apple Watts embarked on a journey from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in her black Mercedes, but sadly, she got involved in an accident with a Ford F250 pickup truck in Baker, California.

A report by The Shade Room had it that her car flipped many times, causing her to be thrown out of the window, and thankfully so, as her car burst into flames when it came to a stop. As a result of the collision, she broke her spine, fractured her skull, and shattered one of her arms.

What Happened To Apple Watts of Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood?
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Shortly after the accident, Apple was air-lifted to University Medical Center in Las Vegas, and because her condition was critical, she was placed in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). On March 30, a report by TMZ revealed that Apple Watts had undergone neck surgery, which was successful. Consequently, the report said, she was able to breathe unaided but was still unconscious and not opening her eyes.

Some weeks after the accident, precisely on April 11, 2022, Dominique Flournoy, Apple’s sister, took to Instagram to update her friends and family on her condition. She wrote that Apple was “unresponsive but stable” and would undergo surgery later that month on her right eye, which could not close completely.
Dominique went on to explain that Apple could develop serious vision complications or even become blind if she did not undergo the surgery. Meanwhile, Dominique set up a GoFundMe page for the LAHH star to raise funds for her medical and rehabilitation costs.

Apple Watt’s Road to Recovery Has Been Rough

A few months after the accident, precisely on June 7, 2022, Apple Watt’s sister, Dominique, shared an update on her progress on social media, revealing that she was now alert and able to speak. According to her, “My sister is up and alert she understands and follows commands right now.”

Dominique went on to explain that Apple was in speech therapy “so that her trachea can be removed,” and according to her, the therapy is aimed at helping her with speech and swallowing. She further shared that Apple was also in physical therapy and that she has been trying to balance herself by sitting on the edge of the bed with her feet on the floor. “It’s all a process and she is trying to get there,” she added.

Later in June 2022, Dominique Flournoy gave fans the first video update on the LAHH star during an Instagram live session. During the live session, Apple, who was bed-bound, could be seen struggling to talk with her sister at her bedside. She was initially unable to communicate, but the video update showed that she had not only regained consciousness but also her ability to speak. Following the heartbreaking Instagram Live, many sent their prayers to the TV star.

How is Apple Watts Doing Now? 

It’s been more than one year after the accident, and Apple Watts is still fighting her way back into full recovery. Although she is not fully healed, her condition has improved significantly, as she is now able to walk and talk, and she has promised everyone that she’ll be back on television soon.

As evidenced by her social media posts, Apple has continued to focus on her recovery. She has shared posts about undergoing physical therapy, and she has also posted videos of herself outside (in the company of a friend) as she attempts to walk. According to her, she falls sometimes, but she is determined to continue pushing.

The journey to full recovery is never an easy one, and Apple has been honest about how difficult it has been. In a post she made on Instagram in June 2023, she talked about how hard it was for her to stay indoors most of the time with nobody to talk to. She further advised people to be grateful for little things, such as being able to go out and about doing whatever they need to do, because “u will miss everything that may irritate u when u can’t do it anymore.”

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