What Is Chrisean Rock’s Age, Where Is She From and What is Her Ethnicity?

Chrisean Rock is 24 years old and was born on March 14, 2000. She is an American citizen from Baltimore, Maryland, and of African American ethnicity. 

Chrisean is a YouTuber, Instagram star, reality television personality, and upcoming rapper best known for her on-and-off relationship with American rapper, Blueface. Chrisean and Blueface have kept the social media community ‘entertained’ with their numerous relationship problems for months now. They have spent many hours arguing about their split, and their unstable relationship has resulted in many controversies. What do we know about Chrisean?

What Is Chrisean Rock’s Real Name?

For those who do not know, Chrisean Rock is not the actual name of the subject; it’s only her stage name, however, her real name is not far from it. She was born Chrisean Malone on March 14, 2000, in Baltimore, Maryland, but she is better known by her stage name. Unfortunately, the story about how the name came about and at what point in her life she started using it is not known.

When Is Chrisean Rock Birthday, and How Old Is She Now?

Chrisean Rock is currently 24 years old. She celebrates her birthday on the 14th of March, as she was born on that day in 2000. As young as she is, she has gained a lot of popularity in America thanks to her relationship with rapper Blueface which brought her into the limelight. She has also leveraged this relationship to start her journey in the entertainment industry.

Where Is Chrisean Rock From, and What is Her Nationality?

Chrisean is a full-fledged citizen of the United States of America. She is from Baltimore, Maryland, where she was born. Growing up, she lived in different neighborhoods throughout the city, however, she currently lives in Los Angeles, California, United States. Nevertheless, Baltimore will always have an extra special place in her heart.

Chrisean Rock’s Ethnicity

Several sources have reported that Chrisean Rock is of African American ethnicity, and even though she has never really talked about it, we know it’s true, considering the fact that both of her parents are Blacks. However, details about their cultural origins are not known.

What Is Chrisean Rock’s Zodiac Sign?

Going by Chrisean’s date of birth, which is March 14, 2000, her zodiac sign is Pisces. Among the personality traits of Pisces, women are being highly romantic, helplessly emotional, and creative in taste, among many others. Although we are yet to have any personal encounter with Chrisean to confirm these traits, a lot of things we’ve seen her do on the internet prove they are correct.

Chrisean Rock Endured A Tough Childhood 

Chrisean Rock was born Chrisean Malone on March 14, 2000, in Baltimore, Maryland. She comes from a large family made up of her parents, Eugene and Charla Malone, and 12 children, and she is the 11th child. Sadly, things were very difficult in her family, and growing up was far from pleasant for her.

She became homeless at the age of nine and had to stay with relatives and friends for days before finding another place to stay. However, with the support of family members, friends, and her school, she remained on the right path.

Also, Chrisean’s father was imprisoned for the most part of her early life, and she only got to meet him for the first time when she was seven years old. Her mother, on the other hand, struggled with addiction making it hard for her to keep a home and to always be present in Chrisean’s life. Consequently, Chrisean’s childhood was rough and full of stress, but notwithstanding, she still loves her parents. Thankfully, some of her siblings were there for her during those rough times.

Meanwhile, in addition to other difficulties she had to face at a younger age, Chrisean was also a victim of abuse. Speaking during an interview with a local Fox News station in Baltimore in 2020, Chrisean Rock disclosed that she was “choked out” and “beat on” when she was a child. This probably explains why she grew up to be very aggressive and always involved in dangerous fights. 

Despite the fact that things were rough for Chrisean when she was younger, she found comfort in the track always, and she was a natural at it. Her coaches turned out to be among the most important influences in causing her to stay in line, and thanks to her track skills, she got admitted to Santa Monica College, California, from where she graduated with an associate’s degree in kinesiology and exercise science in 2020.

Chrisean seemed to be focused on building her athletic career and staying positive until she got involved with rapper Blueface. 

She is Now Building a Career in the Music Industry

As we stated earlier, most people know Chrisean Rock through her affiliation with rapper Blueface. However, she is doing her best to set herself up as an individual. She is a YouTuber, Instagram personality, and upcoming rapper. She created her YouTube channel called ChriseanRock on Feb 4, 2018, and it has amassed over 260K subscribers and more than 29k views.

Also a star on Instagram, where she has over 33.2k followers, Chrisean is known for uploading pictures of her modeling for swimwear and streetwear brands, in addition to posting lifestyle content. Additionally, her professional music career, which started around 2020, is slowly getting off the ground. She has released a good number of songs, including Time (2023), Lit (2023), Pain (2023), Rainy Days (2022), Word to my brother (2021), and Vibe (2021), among others.

Christean has also moved into reality TV and is now a cast member on Baddies West and Blueface and Chrisean: Crazy In Love.

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