When Is It Appropriate To Say Thank You for Listening?

Communication is a multifaceted endeavor that requires a number of skills. Having all the necessary skills for good communication is what determines if you are a good communicator. One of such skills is listening as it requires much more than people like to think it does. Concentration, trying to understand and interpret whatever is being said by the speaker is a key factor here. This is why it is important that after a talk has been given, the speaker should thank the listener(s) for listening.

This show of gratitude is an acknowledgment of the work that went into listening to you speak and the time you have taken from the listener. There are hereby various situations that call for gratitude and not knowing how to thank people after listening is something that can be worked on because showing gratitude after you have been listened to can be done in a number of ways. It is also important to know the appropriate time to extend your gratitude.

Should You Really Thank People for Listening To You?

Listening is one of the components of good communication and without it, communication is not complete. It is also a skill that requires a lot of concentration and focus. Being an effective listener also means that time has been spent listening and comprehending what the speaker had said. According to a study conducted by Dr. Paul Ranklin at the Ohio State University, he discovered that 9% of the time during a formal communication is given to writing, 16% is spent on reading, 30% on speaking, and 45% of the time is allotted to listening. This is why it is important that speakers thank whomever it is they spoke to because a lot of effort goes into effective listening.

More so, while thanking people for listening to you, it does not matter if it was at a seminar or a private conversation between friends, a simple “thank you for listening to me” would be a thoughtful thing to do. By sowing that gesture, you acknowledge the time the listener has spent listening to you and the energy they have expended in the process.

Different Occasions You Should Thank People For Listening

Communication in its various forms happens at every given time, even when we do not think it is happening. Someone is always saying something to another person, whether it is with their bodies or mouths. It will however be impossible to thank people for listening to you each time you communicate with them. The reason for this is that unlike the languages we speak, body language is not codified or follows universal rules.

Expressing gratitude for listening is more likely to happen when actual words have been exchanged, but this does not apply to all forms of word exchange. Here are two instances when you can thank people for listening.

After a Speech/Presentation

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A formal speech or presentation given by one person in a room full of people is not an uncommon event. Listening to this kind of speech is time-consuming and energy exerting. It also happens to be one of the most important times to thank people for listening and this should be one of the final things you say.

However, it is not compulsory that it is only at the end of the speech or presentation, that you can thank your listeners. This can also be done before you commence your speech or presentation. Nonetheless, irrespective of when you decide to thank your audience, it is important to note that starting and ending with thanks is necessary as it communicates to your listeners that you value them.

After Placing a Compliant

We all might have experienced dissatisfaction with the services of a company for various reasons. Some might even go a step further to lodge a complaint with the customer service representative or any person who is available to listen to them. In spite of the circumstances surrounding your complaint, it is necessary to thank the person who listened to your complaint for their time and effort to help you through the unpleasant situation.

After Sharing Your Thoughts, Opinions, or Worries

According to some studies, people have a high chance to feel relieved after talking to someone – be it a friend, psychologist, or even stranger about their worries. Many people who have slipped into different forms of depression and suffer stress are usually those who probably have no one to listen to them. This form of emotional support is very crucial to one’s mental health, so, always thank those individuals who take out time to listen to you irrespective of what you are complaining about.

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More so, with the popular use of the internet to share ideas and opinions, it will be very thoughtful every now and then to thank those who take out time to listen to what you have to say whether written or via video. They could have given their attention to several other online users but they chose you.

Various Ways of Saying Thank You For Listening

The phrase “thank you for listening” has been used so many times. Therefore, for you not to come off as repetitive and redundant, mixing up the ways you express your gratefulness for being listened to is important and will make the recipient of your gratitude feel special while you come off as thoughtful.

Here are some other ways to say “thank you for listening”:
  1. I appreciate the time you have taken out to listen to me.
  2. Thank you for the attention you have given to me.
  3. I am very grateful that you tuned in.
  4. The time you have taken to listen to me is highly appreciated.
  5. Many thanks for your time.
  6. I am immensely grateful for giving me your time and ears.
  7. I want to thank you for taking out the time to lend me your ears.
  8. I truly appreciate you for listening to me.
  9. Many thanks for all your attention.
  10. Your attention means a lot to me, I am very grateful that you have listened to me today.
  11. My presentation was a success because of your presence and undivided attention as I spoke.
  12. I appreciate the fact that you paid keen attention to all I had to say.
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