Is Richard Simmons Still Alive? What Happened To Him and Where Is He Now?

Richard Simmons is alive and well. He lives in the Hollywood Hills away from the public. Richard Simmons, born on July 12, 1948, is a 75-year-old fitness instructor, actor, and video producer known for his energetic personality, flamboyant outfits, and enthusiastic approach to promoting health and fitness. He rose to fame in the 1980s and 1990s with his exercise videos and studio called “Slimmons” in Beverly Hills, California, and was one of the first people to explore the exercise and fitness world.

In this article, we delve into the enigmatic life of Richard Simmons, the energetic fitness guru who stole the hearts of millions with his infectious enthusiasm and flamboyant personality. Many have wondered about Simmons’ whereabouts in recent years, as he seemed to vanish from the public eye.

Join us as we explore whether Richard Simmons is still alive, the events that led to his disappearance from the limelight, and where he may be now. We’ll separate fact from fiction and attempt to piece together the puzzle that surrounds this once-iconic figure.

Is Richard Simmons Still Alive?

Richard Simmons is very much alive. His most recent social media post, made on Facebook on August 24, 2022, following the release of the TMZ documentary, stated that he was doing ok. He shared an image of a smiley face holding a Thank You with the caption: “Thank you, everyone, for your kindness and love! Love, Richard.”

He spent decades promoting exercise and good health through fitness before suddenly taking a step back in 2014. He closed his famous workout studio and withdrew entirely from the public eye.

This led to speculation about his well-being and whether he was actually still alive. Various documentaries, podcasts, and media reports have told different stories on the reason he chose to abandon his lifelong work, thus forcing Simmons to come out and reassure the public that he is alive and well.

Richard Simmons Got Into Fitness After Moving to Los Angeles in the 1970s

Richard Simmons was an obese child. He spoke about how he began overeating at around the age of 4 and weighed about 83 kg (182 lbs) when he was a teenager. As a young adult, he weighed as much as 122 kg (268 lbs) before realizing that something had to be done about his weight.

In the 1970s, when he was in his twenties, Simmons moved to Los Angeles, California, and it was there that he developed an interest in fitness. He would go on to lose about 56 kg (123 lbs) as he turned his interest in fitness into a business by establishing gyms.

Richard Simmons noticed that the exercise studios that existed at the time only accepted customers that were fit. They were not willing to take on people who wanted to lose weight or gain fitness, so he focused on those that needed to lose weight. The young entrepreneur achieved great success with this move.

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His exercise studio was called The Anatomy Asylum, and it focused on enjoyable exercise routines in a supportive atmosphere. It also promoted healthy eating habits by featuring a salad bar restaurant.

Simmons’ exercise studio was later renamed Slimmons, a pun on his last name. The studio operated in Hollywood, where he also taught exercise classes in shopping malls and so was able to garner media attention.

He would go on to feature in many TV shows and series, including Battlestars, CHiPs, Price Is Right, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Saturday Night Live, Hollywood Squares, etc. He also had a four-year recurring role as himself in General Hospital and hosted the Emmy Award-winning talk show, The Richard Simmons Show.

Richard Simmons has also been featured in numerous commercials for brands like ESPN, Sprint, Yoplait, and Herbal Essence Shampoos, among others. He was seemingly everywhere until 2014 when he disappeared.

What Happened To Richard Simmons?

Richard Simmons abruptly stopped appearing in public in February 2014. There were many speculations about what exactly prompted him to choose to live a secluded life, with some saying he had been kept as a hostage by his housekeeper. He refuted these claims in 2016 via a phone conversation on the Today Show.

Things later got serious in 2017 when the Slimmons fitness gym closed without any public announcement from the man behind the business. A podcast on him missing out in action was launched, and the LAPD conducted a welfare check on him at his home. They subsequently issued a statement revealing that Simmons was “perfectly fine” and was “doing what he wants to do, and it is his business.”

Many years later, in 2022, a TMZ documentary revealed that Richard Simmons was having problems with his knees, and this was the reason he disappeared. Years of working out and helping people lose weight appeared to have taken a toll on his knees. He also reportedly has a birth defect whereby he was born without a full set of bones in his foot, complicating the issues he had with his knees.

Simmons was required to get surgery. He was said to have gotten replacement surgery on his right knee, which left him in considerable pain. Doctors further recommended that he get replacement surgery on his left knee, but he opted not to due to the trauma of the first operation. He subsequently opted to retire, confining himself to his home.

Where is Richard Simmons Today?

Richard Simmons, who, according to various reports, has always been an introvert, continues to live away from the limelight in his home in the Hollywood Hills. From time to time, he makes public comments about his well-being but has largely withdrawn from public life.

He is able to live comfortably without working a day more in his life thanks to his decades-long career as a fitness personality through which he amassed an estimated net worth of $20 million.

Key Takeaways About Richard Simmons

  1. Who is Richard Simmons? Richard Simmons is an American fitness instructor, actor, and video producer known for his energetic personality, flamboyant outfits, and enthusiastic approach to promoting health and fitness.
  2. When was Richard Simmons born? Richard Simmons was born on July 12, 1948 and is currently 75 years old
  3. Where was Richard Simmons born? He was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.
  4. What is Richard Simmons famous for? Richard Simmons is famous for his exercise videos, especially the “Sweatin’ to the Oldies” series, and his former fitness studio called “Slimmons” in Beverly Hills, California.
  5. How did Richard Simmons become a fitness instructor? Richard Simmons struggled with weight issues in his early life. After losing weight and getting in shape, he decided to help others do the same by becoming a fitness instructor and creating his unique workout programs.
  6. What is Richard Simmons’ workout philosophy? Richard Simmons’ workout philosophy revolves around making exercise fun, accessible, and inclusive for people of all fitness levels and ages, with an emphasis on dance and aerobics.
  7. Has Richard Simmons written any books? Richard Simmons has authored several books, including “Never-Say-Diet,” “The Richard Simmons Farewell to Fat Cookbook,” and “Still Hungry After All These Years.”
  8. What happened to Richard Simmons’ fitness studio? Richard Simmons closed his fitness studio “Slimmons” in Beverly Hills, California, in 2014. His fitness studio was called “Slimmons” and was located in Beverly Hills, California.
  9. What was Richard Simmons’ most popular exercise program? His most popular exercise program was the “Sweatin’ to the Oldies” series, which featured workout routines set to popular music from the 1950s and 1960s.
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