Who is Alexa Demie’s Mother Rose Mendez?

Rose Mendez is a Mexican make-up artist and the mother of renowned American actress Alexa Demie. The description on her Twitter handle says she is a writer, producer, celebrity makeup artist, and beauty & fashion expert.

It is easy to recognize Alexa Demie for her roles in several movies and TV shows, especially her depiction of Maddy Perez in the HBO teen drama TV show Euphoria and a lot of music videos that featured her but her mom, Rose Mendez is not anywhere close to the spotlight. Mendez became a mother at a very young age when she had Demie and for many years, there was no man in the picture to help her raise her child. Nevertheless, she did a good job in bringing up a spectacular woman against all odds.

Rose Mendez’s Bio

Where is Alexa Demie’s Mother From and What is Her Ethnicity?

Alexa Demia’s mother, Rose Mendez is originally from Michoacan, Mexico, and Latina by ethnicity. Rose Mendez was born in Mexico on an undisclosed date but speculations suggest she is in her late 40s.

Mendez spent her early days in her home country and later immigrated to the United States with her family as an infant. She grew up there and settled down into family life in Los Angeles, California, where she had her daughter Demie.

Unlike her daughter who is a Hollywood star, the information available about the early life of Rose Mendez is scanty. There is nothing known about her educational background but she made sure her daughter had the best support system while growing up.

Rose Mendez is a Celebrity Makeup Artist

Mendez is a Mexican makeup artist who works with big makeup brands like MAC. Not much has been revealed about her work as a professional makeup artist but she earns a living through it and was able to raise her daughters with her earnings. According to her bio on Twitter, she is a writer, producer, celebrity makeup artist, as well as beauty & fashion expert.

Despite how successful she is as a makeup artist and in other career endeavors, Alexa Demie’s mother is only popular as a result of her relationship with her actress daughter. Alexa Demie is her only claim to fame. Alexa is an American actress known for her role as Maddy Perez on Euphoria, an HBO teen drama television series.

Rose Mendez Had Alexa Demie at a Young Age

Alexa Demie was born on December 11, 1990, to Scott Wilson Vanerstrom (Father) and Rose Mendez (Mother). While her age is not known, there are reports that Mendez was very young when she had her first daughter and by the time Demie turned eight, her parents separated and left her in the custody of her mother.

Consequently, Rose Mendez had to raise her daughter without a father figure in their lives. However, she had help from family members. Mendez’s mother and sisters played a huge role in raising the actress. The family is very supportive of their own and made the burden of being a single mother in a toxic environment less for Rose Mendez.

Is Rose Mendez Still Married?

There is currently no information available to the public about Rose Mendez’s love life. We can’t confirm if she got married again after her failed marriage with Scot Wilson Vanerstrom, Alexa’s father.

Mendez and Vanerstrom’s marriage lasted less than a decade. The former couple separated when their first child, Alexa was 8 years old, but the reason behind it has been kept private. Subsequently, Rose Mendez focused on raising her kids and has not surfaced on the dating scene to the best of public knowledge.

Rose Mendez Has Three Daughters

Aide from her popular daughter Alexa Demie, Rose Mendez has two other daughters. Her second daughter is named Falize Rome and she has followed her mother’s career path. Falize is a model and fashion designer who is also an Instagram sensation. She designs and sells bikinis which her mom often shares on her Instagram. However, there is no confirmation on who her father is but she probably shares the same father with Demie.

The last child of Rose Mendez is a girl whose name has been revealed to be Tally. She is however still very young as seen in the pictures and videos of her that Mendez often posts on Instagram. Tally’s age suggests she might have a different father from her older sisters since Rose separated from her former husband around 1998 when Alexa Demie was 8 years old.


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