Who is Angela Baroni? All About Phil Baroni’s Wife

Angela Baroni is the wife of Phil Baroni, an American former mixed martial artist, kickboxer, boxer, and professional wrestler. Angela and Phil Baroni got married at a Lake in Las Vegas, Nevada, on October 21st, 2008, and the couple has remained married since then.

Summary of Angela Baroni’s Biography

  • Full name: Angela Baroni
  • Gender: Female
  • Ethnicity: Mixed
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Angela Baroni’s Husband: Phil Baroni
  • Famous for: Being the wife of Phil Baroni

Angela Baroni’s Background is Vague

As mentioned earlier, nothing is known about Angela Baroni except the fact that she is Phil Baroni’s wife. Prior to her marriage to Phil, she lived a very normal life away from the spotlight, and even after they tied the knot, she still chose to stay away from the limelight, probably because she is someone who loves to live a private life.

As a result of this, basic information about her, such as her country of origin, date of birth, parents, siblings, family background, where she spent her childhood, and education, among other things, are not known to the public.

When Did Angela Become Phil Baroni’s Wife?

Several reports have it that Phil and Angela Baroni got married in 2008, but there is a discrepancy in the exact date they wedded. While one source reported that they tied the knot on 21st August 2008, another said it was on October 21st, 2008, at a lake in Las Vegas, Nevada. One thing that is certain, however, is that there was a wedding, and it happened in 2008. Phil was already popular as a mixed martial artist at the time.

Phil and Angela Baroni
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Meanwhile, just like most other information about the couple, nothing is known about how, when, or where they met, But it was stated in a certain online source that they met in 2005 and dated for about three years before exchanging marital vows.

Owing to the fact that Phil decided to keep his wife and family away from the spotlight completely, no one was able to guess what was going on in their marriage. However, it was generally thought that the couple was still going strong until early January 2013 when reports that Phil Baroni was arrested in Mexico for allegedly murdering his girlfriend started circulating. This gave rise to questions as to whether he and his wife had parted ways and whether the said girlfriend was Angela.

What Led to Phil Baroni’s Arrest?

Phil Baroni was arrested in connection with the alleged murder of his girlfriend, Paola. Her body was discovered in a hotel room in San Pancho, Mexico on Sunday, and according to reports from Tribuna De La Bahia, Baroni was suspected of having beaten her to death. The alleged incident occurred after Baroni found out that his girlfriend had cheated on him.

Upon the police’s arrival, Baroni claimed that Paola’s injuries were the result of a slip in the bathroom, causing a head injury. However, Paola was found naked on the bed, and police reported multiple signs of physical assault on her body. As of this writing, Baroni is in custody for the murder, and an investigation is underway, being conducted in Valle de Banderas.

Are Phil and Angela Baroni Still Together?

As it stands now, we do not know whether Phil is still married to Angela, considering the murder case currently hanging on his neck. For context, the retired mixed martial artist was nabbed by the Mexican police in January 2023 over the allegation that he murdered his girlfriend.

Mexican news outlet Tribuna De La Bahia reported that Baroni, who was under the influence of drugs and alcohol at the time, got into an argument with his girlfriend, a Mexico City native after she told him she had cheated. In anger, he threw her into the shower with force, and she hit her head and passed away minutes later.

Afterward, Phil approached officers outside the hotel room where they lodged and told them that his girlfriend was unresponsive. Unfortunately, the said girlfriend was pronounced dead after she was found naked on the bed. It was discovered that she was also beaten, with bruises on her body and blood on the bed.

The question now is, who is Phil Baroni’s girlfriend? Is Angela Baroni the woman who was allegedly murdered by the UFC fighter? If she is not, which we hope she isn’t, then it would mean that Phil is either cheating on his wife or that they are no longer together.

Does Angela Baroni Have Children for Phil Baroni?

As we have already established, no information about Phil and Angela Baroni’s family is available in the public space, and this includes details about whether or not they share any children. However, it’s possible they’ve welcomed a child or more in the course of their marriage but decided to keep them away from the glaring eyes of the public. It’s also possible that they have no kids.

What Does Phil Baroni’s Wife Do For a Living?

While everything about Phil Baroni’s career is an open book, nothing is known about what his wife does for a living.

Fast Facts About Angela Baroni

  1. Who is Angela Baroni?
    • Angela Baroni is the wife of retired MMA fighter, professional wrestler, and former kickboxer Phil Baroni. She became known to the public after marrying Phil.
  2. When and where did Angela and Phil Baroni get married?
    • Angela and Phil Baroni got married on August 21st, 2008, at a lake in Las Vegas, United States.
  3. How did Angela and Phil Baroni meet?
    • Angela and Phil Baroni met in 2005 and dated for three years before deciding to move forward with their relationship and get married.
  4. What is known about Angela Baroni’s personal and professional life?
    • Angela Baroni is known to be a very private person and has not shared any information regarding her personal or professional life.
  5. Do Angela and Phil Baroni have any children?
    • As of the information provided, there is no news regarding the birth of children to Angela and Phil Baroni.
  6. Is Angela Baroni active on social media?
    • Angela Baroni has a low-key profile on social media and has not been active or shared much about her life there.
  7. What is Phil Baroni known for, and how does that relate to Angela Baroni?
    • Phil Baroni is known as a retired American MMA fighter, professional wrestler, and former kickboxer. Angela came into the limelight after marrying Phil, but her personal life remains largely private.
  8. Is Phil Baroni Married?

    Yes, Phil Baroni is a married man. He got married to Angela Baroni in 2008.

  9. Where is Phil Baroni now?

    Recently, Phil Baroni is believed to be under the custody of the police for the alleged murder of his girlfriend.

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