Who is Eduin Caz’s Wife Daisy Anahy and Are They Still Together?

Daisy Anahy is the wife of Eduin Caz, the lead singer of the famous Mexican band Grupo Firme. Daisy and Eduin met when Eduin was just 16 years old, and they got married in 2015. They have two children together, named Gerardo and Geraldine. Born on 27th September 1993, the 30-year-old Eduin Caz’s wife is a now a Mexican Instagram personality.

Although Daisy Anahy and Eduin Caz appear to have a perfect marriage, that’s far from the case as their union has been through some rough patches, especially in 2021 through early 2022 when Eduin was involved in a series of infidelity scandals. In June 2022, news broke that they had separated, but it turned out to be untrue.

Find out more about Daisy Anahy and her marriage to the Mexican music star below.

Daisy Anahy and Eduin Caz Started Dating in High School

The Instagram personality and her singer husband met during high school days, precisely in 2009. However, they didn’t start dating until the following year, and at that time, Eduin was just 16 while Daisy was almost 17. They remained together all through high school and even after their graduation.

During this time, Eduin worked hard to pursue a career in music while also trying to make ends meet. The journey to realizing their individual dreams was no easy one, but Daisy, who was willing to do anything for the love they share, stood strongly behind Eduin.

Daisy Anahy Became Eduin Caz’s Wife in 2015

Eduin went from being a solo singer to being the co-founder of the group Grupo Firme in 2014. Having given his career a direction, even though it had not gotten off the ground, he and Daisy decided it was time to take their relationship to the next level.

Consequently, they walked down the aisle in 2015. Probably because Grupo Firme had not become as popular as it is today, the couple’s wedding drew no public attention. As a matter of fact, during the early years of their marriage, Daisy would hit the street with her husband, selling clothes to keep their young family going.

However, she never stopped encouraging Eduin to keep chasing his musical dreams. Thankfully, things eventually became better after Grupo Firme got popular and Eduin became wealthy.

Rumors That The Couple Had Split Started Circulating in 2022

There were reports in June 2022 that the marriage between Eduin and Daisy might be on the verge of packing up. For the first five years of the couple’s union, everything seemed to be going smoothly until 2021, when the singer got entwined in multiple cheating scandals, the first of which surfaced when a certain TikToker named Lizeth Garcia claimed that she dated the father of two. Eduin, however, denied it.

Just as the fire started by Lizeth was about to die down, another lady named Stephanie Hernandez rekindled it in December 2021. A native of Chihuahua City in Mexico, Stephanie also alleged that she had been involved with Eduin. She shared on her Instagram handle that their relationship happened in 2019 when the Grupo Firme visited Ciudad Juarez and that she wasn’t aware that he was married.

The woman also explained that her intention for coming forward was not to destroy the singer’s marriage but to support Lizeth’s claim. She even released some very strong evidence to prove that she was telling the truth. In response, the Grupo Firme co-founder said that he had already come clean to his wife about that, adding that Stephanie had been leveraging the information to blackmail him for money.

Afterward, it was revealed on a program called “Gossip not Like” that Eduin had also been involved with a transgender woman named Dailine, according to a post made by an Instagram user, La Teletuby. It was further claimed on the show that Dailine lives in Tijuana, Mexico, and that she dated Eduin for more than two years.

Amidst all these allegations, Daisy Anahy seemed unperturbed as she stuck with her husband. However, in June 2022, rumors that she and Eduin were on the verge of divorcing began to make the rounds after a social media influencer, Holy Milk, claimed they had separated.

The influencer made the revelation via Instagram Live, where he boldly confirmed the couple’s split. He further stated that Daisy and her husband had been living separately for a while, and no one knew if they’d reconcile. Additionally, he disclosed that they still maintain good communication because of their children and that their reason for not announcing their separation was to avoid further scandal.

Are Eduin Caz and Daisy Anahy Getting Divorced?

The rumor about Eduin Caz and his wife Daisy Anahy parting ways lost its strength after the singer himself refuted it. He took to his Instagram story to clarify that their marriage is still standing strong, advising those spreading the false information to take their time to investigate things first before “inventing bullshit.”

Without any detailed explanation, the singer assured his fans that all was well in his home, saying, “They neither left me nor did I leave her, and I don’t have a lover either.” Since the separation drama, Eduin has continued to post pictures of him and Daisy on Instagram.

The most recent one on the singer’s page was posted on August 16, 2022, with the one before it being a picture of the whole family posted in celebration of their daughter’s second birthday. Daisy, on her part, has also been sharing pictures of her and her husband on her Instagram, and her most recent one is the same as her husband’s, posted on the same day.

The one before that was put up on July 31, 2022, her husband’s birthday, and it is a picture of her and Eduin. The caption reads:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LIFE ???? Today your life is celebrated, and I thank God for you, for keeping you healthy and full of success ❤️‍???? May the blessings continue to come to you and may you fulfill all the desires of your heart ♥️ Celebrate like never before that your twenties are gone haha ​​???? I love you ???? Long live the King @eduincaz ????.”

Judging by the above caption, it’s obvious that the duo are still very much together.

How Many Children Does Eduin Caz Have With His Wife Daisy?

The celebrity couple is currently the parents of two children- a boy and a girl. They welcomed their first child, a son named Eduin Gerardo, the same year they got married, on July 3, 2015.

On August 10, 2020, Daisy gave birth to their second child, a daughter named Dhasia Geraldine. She was delivered at 5:05 p.m., weighing 3 kg and measuring 50 cm in height. Daisy shared the first picture of the beautiful baby (alongside herself, her husband, and son) on her Instagram six days later, with the caption “Donde la vida inicia y el amor nunca termina ❤️Dhasia Geraldine ????,” meaning “Where life begins and love never ends ❤️ Dhasia Geraldine ????.”

As revealed by the social media star in a post she made in celebration of her daughter’s one-month birthday, she fell in love again following her birth. The mom of two also stated that being able to turn love into life is the most wonderful gift that God gives us, adding that there was nothing she wouldn’t do for her children, who she describes as her life.

Daisy is a Social Media Influencer

Being married to a well-known figure in the entertainment industry, Daisy Anahy naturally captured the attention of a lot of people, especially her husband’s fans, and being a brilliant woman, she took advantage of it to establish herself as an influencer on Instagram.

The Mexican native made her first post (a baby photo of her son) on the platform on July 7, 2015, and has since garnered more than 2.9 million followers on the app. She gained a huge number of followers by posting beautiful pictures and videos of the moments she shares with her husband and children and her lifestyle and fitness journey. 

Instagram aside, the Mexican beauty is also pulling weight on TikTok, where she has over 2.2 million followers and more than 10.4 million likes. She entertains her fans with various video content such as fashion, lip-syncing, adventures, challenges, and beauty hacks and tips, among others.

Being a force on social media has earned Daisy sponsorship deals from highly-rated brands like Sol Beauty and Care and Boutikeria Dress Rental. She has also worked in collaboration with other beauty and fashion brands.

Key Takeaways About Eduin Caz’s Wife, Daisy Anahy

  1. Who is Daisy Anahy? Daisy Anahy is the wife of Eduin Caz, the lead vocalist of the Mexican band Grupo Firme. She is a content creator and social media personality from Mexico.
  2. What does Daisy Anahy do for a living? Daisy Anahy is a digital content creator and social media personality. She has a significant following on various social media platforms, where she shares challenges, dance, and comedy-related content. She also collaborates with brands for endorsements.
  3. What is Daisy Anahy’s age and when is her birthday? Daisy Anahy was born on September 27, 1993, which makes her 30 years old as of today.
  4. How did Daisy Anahy and Eduin Caz meet? Daisy and Eduin have known each other since high school. They started dating in 2009 and got married in 2015.
  5. How many children do Daisy Anahy and Eduin Caz have? They have two children – a son named Eduin Gerardo, and a daughter named Dhasia Geraldine. They recently announced in that they are expecting their third child.
  6. What is Daisy Anahy’s net worth? Daisy Anahy’s estimated net worth is around $2 million, mainly from her career as a content creator and brand endorsements on social media.
  7. What is Daisy Anahy’s height and weight? Daisy Anahy stands at 5 feet 6 inches or 168 centimeters tall and weighs approximately 123 pounds or 56 kilograms.
  8. Where does Daisy Anahy live? Daisy Anahy currently resides in Culiacan, Mexico, with her husband and children.
  9. Did Daisy Anahy undergo surgery? Yes, after giving birth to her daughter Dhasia, Daisy Anahy had an aesthetic operation to regain her pre-pregnancy physique.
  10. What is Daisy Anahy’s education and academic background like? Daisy Anahy graduated from The University of Tijuana. She has also revealed that she practised pole dancing at the Dragon Academy.
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