Who is Emily Compagno’s Husband Peter Riley?

Peter Riley is the husband of Emily Compagno, an American attorney, TV show host, and former NLF cheerleader who currently serves as a co-host of the daytime news and talk show, Outnumbered on Fox News Channel. Peter Riley was born in 1979 and so is 45 years old. He is a former data analyst turned real estate agent.

Emily Compagno and Peter Riley got married in 2017 and have remained together to date. They currently live in Seattle, Washington, United States. Although Peter was very successful in his career as of the time they tied the knot, he was not as popular as Emily. However, being the husband of a well-known journalist has launched him into the limelight, causing people to be interested in knowing more about him.

Summary of Peter Riley’s Biography

  • Full name: Peter Riley
  • Nickname:
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: 1979
  • Place of birth: Portland, Oregon, United States
  • Current residence: Seattle, Washington, United States
  • Peter Riley’s Age: 45 years old
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: American
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Peter Riley’s Wife: Emily Compagno
  • Education: Portland State University
  • Profession: Former data analyst, real estate agent
  • Peter Riley’s Height in Inches: 6 feet 1 inch
  • Peter Riley’s Height in Centimetres: 185
  • Peter Riley’s Weight: 78 kg (172 lbs.)
  • Hair colour: Brown
  • Eye colour: Brown
  • Peter Riley’s Net worth: $8 million
  • Famous for: Being Emily Compagno’s husband

How Old Is Peter Riley?

Peter Riley is 45 years old. He was born in Portland, Oregon, United States America. Although the exact day and month of his birth are unknown, it is common knowledge that he was born sometime in 1979. This means he is about the same age as his wife, Emily Compagno, who was born on the 9th of November 1979. He is an American of White ethnicity.

Owing to Peter’s preference for keeping details about his family and personal life private, information about his family background and any siblings he may have shared his childhood with is unavailable. However, we believe that he comes from a family that values education, as he is well-read.

Peter Riley’s Education

Peter Riley acquired his primary and high school education in his hometown, and afterward, he furthered his studies at Portland State University. From there, he bagged a degree in Geology, Computer Applications, and Data Analysis following his graduation in 2003.

Peter Riley Has Been Emily Compagno’s Husband for 6 Years

Who is Emily Compagno's Husband Peter Riley?
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Peter got married to Emily on September 14, 2017. Meanwhile, they first met each other when they were teenagers and still in high school. Following their first meeting, they became good friends (no strings attached) and remained so for a while before they eventually started dating.

Their relationship grew stronger as the years went by and lasted more than ten years before they decided it was time to get married. Their wedding was held at a hotel in Ravello, Italy, called Villa Cimbrone, and being a small event, it was attended by only family members and close friends.

Afterward, Peter and his wife moved to the U.S. Although they live mostly in Seattle, Washington, they have another home located in San Francisco Bay.

Do Peter Riley and Emily Compagno Have Children? 

Having been married for 6 years, many people expect that Emily and Peter would have started having kids by now, but to the best of public knowledge, they have not welcomed any child yet. And they don’t appear to be in a rush to have children. The couple is currently enjoying each other’s company as well as that of their loved ones.

What Does Emily Compagno’s Husband Do for a Living?

Following his graduation from college, Peter started his career immediately. The first job he landed was as a data analyst in a company located in Portland, Oregon. He remained with the company until 2008, when he decided to start another career in the real estate industry.

He became a licensed realtor in 2009 and now works as a real estate agent. He joined Prudential Nw Properties Real Estate Agency in 2009, and two years later, he was rated among the top five realtors in the Clark County area. In 2012, he was also among the top five Prudential Nationally. He climbed even higher up in 2014 when he made it to the top two.

Currently, Peter Riley works for Berkshire Hathaway, Northwest region. His record with the company is made up of premium properties around the northwest region. According to reports, he has sold more than 300 units worth about $80 million and ranks among the top 10 realtors in the Southwest Washington region. From all indications, Peter is just as successful in his real estate career as his wife is in hers.

What is Peter Riley’s Net Worth and Salary?

Peter Riley’s net worth is estimated at $8 million. Being a real estate expert, he makes his money through bonuses and commissions after every deal is sealed. Real estate is believed to be a very lucrative industry, and Riley gets a fair share of the cake.

His annual salary is reportedly around $150,000 without the mouth-watering commissions that come with sealing deals. He has records sales worth millions of dollars every year, and that translates to juicy commissions for him.

Quick Facts About Peter Riley

  1. Who is Peter Riley?
    • Answer: Peter Riley is a former data analyst and real estate agent based in the United States. He works at Berkshire Hathaway NW Real Estate and is married to Emily Compagno, an American attorney, television host, and former NFL cheerleader.
  2. Where was Peter Riley born, and where does he currently reside?
    • Answer: Peter Riley was born in Portland, Oregon, in 1979. He resides in Seattle, Washington, United States.
  3. What is Peter Riley’s educational background?
    • Answer: Peter graduated from Portland State University in 2003 with a degree in Geology, Computer Applications, and Data Analysis.
  4. What has Peter Riley’s career journey been like?
    • Answer: Peter worked as a data analyst in Portland, Oregon, from 2003 to 2008. After becoming a licensed realtor in 2009, he worked at Prudential NW Properties before joining Berkshire Hathaway NW Real Estate. He has been ranked among the top real estate agents in various regions.
  5. How did Peter Riley and Emily Compagno meet?
    • Answer: Peter and Emily first met as teenagers in high school. They reconnected years later while walking along Seattle’s sidewalks and eventually married in 2017.
  6. Is Peter Riley married, and does he have children?
    • Answer: Yes, Peter Riley is married to Emily Compagno. They have been married since 2017, but as of the latest information available, they have not welcomed any children.
  7. What is Peter Riley’s net worth?
    • Answer: Peter Riley’s estimated net worth is $8 million, with an annual salary of around $150,000 from his real estate career.
  8. What are Peter Riley’s physical attributes?
    • Answer: Peter is 6 feet 1 inch (185 centimeters) tall and weighs 78 kilograms (172 pounds). He has brown hair and brown eyes.
  9. How successful is Peter Riley in his real estate career?
    • Answer: Peter has sold more than 300 units, with a total sales price of $80 million. He was ranked among the top 10 agents in Southwest Washington and has reached the top 2% of agents nationally.
  10. Where did Peter Riley and Emily Compagno get married?
    • Answer: They tied the knot on September 13, 2017, in Villa Cimbrone, Ravello, Italy, in a private and intimate ceremony.
  11. What did Peter study at Portland State University?
    • Answer: Peter pursued a degree in Geology, Computer Applications, and Data Analysis, and graduated in 2003.
  12. What are Peter Riley’s ethnicity and religion?
    • Answer: Peter Riley is of Caucasian-White ethnicity, and he practices Christianity.
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