Who is Jeff Halperin? Everything About Kari Lake’s Husband

Jeff Halperin is the husband of Kari Lake, a former television news anchor turned politician. In 2022, she was the Republican nominee for the Arizona governorship seat but lost the election. Jeff and Kari have been married since September 1998 and have two children. Halperin, who was born on September 20, 1967, and so is 56 years old, is a videographer and entrepreneur. He runs a video production company called Zen HD.

Summary of Jeff Halperin’s Bio

  • Full Name: Jeff Halperin
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: September 20, 1967
  • Jeff Halperin’s Age: 56 years old
  • Ethnicity: Latino
  • Nationality: American-Colombian
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Jeff Halperin’s Wife: Kari Lake
  • Jeff Halperin’s Children: Two (Ruby and Leo)
  • Jeff Halperin’s Height in Inches: 6 feet 1 inch
  • Jeff Halperin’s Height in Centimetres: 185 cm
  • Jeff Halperin’s Weight: 78 kg
  • Jeff Halperin’s Net worth: $2 million
  • Famous for: Being Kari Lake’s Husband

Jeff Halperin is of Colombian Descent 

Jeff Halpern is 56 years old and was born on September 20, 1967. He is of Colombian descent. However, it is not clear where exactly the Latino man was born. Much else about his early life has been shrouded in secrecy as he prefers to maintain a low public profile, focusing on his role as a supportive husband and father.

He Became Kari Lake’s Husband in 1998

Jeff Halperin married his famous wife in 1998. Much about his personal life before the union is unknown, unlike Kari, who we know was previously married to a man identified as Tracy Finnegan, an electrical engineer. The pair got married in 1991 and divorced almost soon after.

According to reports, Halperin and Lake were colleagues at the same local TV station in Phoenix, Arizona, before they got romantically involved with each other. While Halperin was a videographer at KPNX-TV, the NBC affiliate in Phoenix, Lake was first the weekend weather anchor on the channel before becoming the evening anchor. She later relocated to work for WNYT in Albany, New York, in the summer of 1998, the same year it appears that Halperin took up a role as a news photographer at WNYT-TV.

The pair evidently got married around this time, but details of their union are not public knowledge. Jeff was by his wife’s side as she returned to Phoenix in 1999 and was hired as an anchor at Fox 10. The family remained in the Phoenix area for more than 20 years before Lake launched her political career with the full support of her family.

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The Couple Have Two Children Together 

Jeff Halperin and Kari Lake are parents to two children; a daughter named Ruby and a son named Leo. Not much is known about the duo, including their dates of birth. During the time when Kari Lake was campaigning to become Governor of Arizona, Ruby was a student at Arizona State University while Leo was in high school.

Halperin’s children have been pictured campaigning for their mother. They have appeared alongside their father at campaign events and rallies, showing that they are a close-knit group.

Jeff Halperin is a Videographer and Entrepreneur

Jeff Halperin is a former news photographer, and news editor turned videographer and entrepreneur. As already stated, he previously worked at KPNX-TV in Phoenix, Arizona. According to his now-deleted LinkedIn account, he was also a news photographer at WNYT-TV in Albany, New York.

At an unstated later time, Halperin opted to do his own thing and so left the local news industry to become an independent videographer. He now runs a video production company called Zen HD. According to the company’s social media page, it “works with all types of video production – broadcast, corporate, commercial, documentary.”

As an independent videographer, Jeff Halperin was nominated for an Emmy in 2020. He and the production team of the ESPN E:60 Enes Kanter: Enemy of the State documentary received an Emmy nomination for “Outstanding Sports Journalism” but did not win. The documentary on professional basketball player Enes Kanter is about the athlete’s political activism in his home country of Turkey.

With his wife running for public office in 2022, Jeff Halperin served as her videographer. He compiled footage for political ads and recorded her interviews with reporters. He was also present when she met with former US president Donald J. Trump in August 2021.

He is Reportedly Worth $2 Million 

According to various online wealth tracking websites, Jeff Halperin’s net worth is $2 million. He has earned this from his early career working for news outlets and subsequent career working as a videographer. Jeff is clearly doing very well for himself, but his wife appears to be doing much better as she is said to be worth $3 million. Kari clearly earned more as a news anchor, which is why she is worth more. It is not clear what she makes as a politician, if she indeed makes anything.

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