Who is Layton Simon From BMF and Is He Still Alive?

Layton Simon is an American businessman, veteran drug dealer, gangster, and social media personality from Detroit, born in 1958. He is best recognized for the BMF Series, where his character was portrayed by Lamar.

Many people are now curious about the drug dealer’s whereabouts because he hasn’t been in the news or in the public eye for a while. Continue reading to learn more about Layton Simon’s whereabouts and who he is.

Summary of Layton Simon’s Bio

  • Full name: Layton Simon
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: 1958
  • Layton Simon’s Age: 66 Years Old
  • Ethnicity: Black
  • Nationality: American
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Famous for: Drug dealer

Layton Simon was Born in Detroit, Michigan, United States

In 1958, in Detroit, Michigan, Layton was born to his parents. Given that he is a very private individual, his exact birthdate is not disclosed to any source, making it challenging to ascertain his zodiac sign. Layton is said to be black by ethnicity and to be an American by nationality.


Layton, who is known for being a very private person, has also kept many details about his family and himself private, including his parents’ names, occupations, religious beliefs, and ancestry.

Regarding his educational background, Layton hasn’t been forthcoming with details about his academic accomplishments, including the elementary and high schools he attended. Given that the drug dealer began smuggling drugs when he was just 14 years old, the likelihood that he never completed a university degree is very high.

Layton Simon Had a Tough Childhood

In an interview, the drug dealer admitted that growing up in a dangerous neighborhood made for a difficult childhood. At the age of 8, he started holding a gun, which he characterized as his first “gangster moment.” Layton claimed he had to protect his mother from drug users who broke into their home and beat her.

The addicts informed Layton’s mother that they were aware of the presence of some drugs and $80,000 inside the home and demanded that she reveal their locations. This incident was one of the significant occurrences in his life that gave him the self-assurance that he needed to be tough to survive on the streets.

Layton Got Into Drug Dealing Through Harold Stinson

When Layton has free time, he enjoys playing baseball. In 1970, while traveling to a game, he encountered a man named Dirty Diamond, who was sporting a 20-carat ring. When he asked the man about the ring, the name Harold Stinson, a drug dealer who controlled a sizable drug empire, came up in their conversation.

After hearing all about Harold, Layton got attracted to Harold’s illegal trade and began following in his footsteps. Layton started his drug dealing business at the age of 14, and by the time he was 15, he had already made enough money such that he was able to buy his new 1973 Cadillac. The teenager climbed the drug dealer ladder and soon found himself on the streets of southwestern Detroit.

Big Meech and Southwest T were Layton’s rivals and were fighting over territory.  Layton Simon and Big Meech’s fight, according to Layton in an interview, started when he found his nephew beaten to death, and Big Meech was bragging about the incident. On a faithful day, he saw Big Meech hanging out with about 30 of his friends at a restaurant down his street, and in anger, Layton grabbed his gun and shot Meech 18 times with one of the bullets hitting his neck.

However, when the police began closing in on him, Layton had no option but to leave his neighborhood where he was in charge, allowing his rivals, the Flenory brothers, to rule the streets.

Layton Simon was Portrayed By the Character Lamar in the BMF Series

Layton gained wide recognition for being the inspiration for the popular series BMF where he was portrayed by the character Lamar. BMF series is an American crime drama television series that premiered on September 26, 2021. The series covers the life of a Black Mafia Family, a money laundering organization, and drug trafficking.

Layton-inspired character Lamar Silas in the series battled with mental illness, which happens to be what Layton was rumored to have also struggled with. According to the rumors, he was placed in a psychiatric ward in a hospital that was later closed by the government, and he went back to the slum, which he believed was better than being in prison.

The drug dealer, however, came out and debunked the rumor saying he never had any mental illness and did not go to any mental institution.

Is Layton Simon Alive?

It is not known if Layton Simon is alive or dead, as he has been away from the spotlight for a long time. Some sources, however, claim the silence of the actor could mean he is no longer alive. But until proven otherwise it is only right to assume the drug dealer is maintaining a private life away from the media and public.

Is Layton Simon Married or In Any Relationship?

It is not known if Layton Simon has ever been married or been involved in any romantic relationship as the drug dealer has kept his personal life away from the media and has never disclosed being in a relationship with anyone past or getting married to anyone nor has he been spotted hanging out with any particular lady believed to be his partner.

Layton Simon’s Net Worth is Unavailable

Layton Simon, according to reports, does not have any available net worth, but someone who has been a drug lord from a very young age must have made enough money from his drug deals and other businesses.

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