Who is Lo Bosworth’s Husband? Her Relationship History Explored

Lo Bosworth is unmarried and, therefore, does not have a husband. She has reportedly dated several men over the years, but none of her relationships has ever ended in marriage.

Lo Bosworth (born Lauren Ogilvie Bosworth) is an American former reality TV personality, author, and businesswoman. She became popular as a cast member of Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County and The Hills, which documented her and her friends’ lives. Despite gaining a lot of fame from the shows, Bosworth quit Hollywood and switched to the health and beauty industry. She is the founder and CEO of Love Wellness, a feminine body care brand that she appears to be focused on currently.

Regardless, many of her fans are curious about her personal life, which used to be chronicled on reality television shows. Most of them want to know about her love life and whether or not she is married or has a boyfriend. Here’s all we have to share about it.

Is Lo Bosworth Married?

Lo Bosworth is not and has never been married. Considering her age, a lot of people might be expecting to hear that she has tied the knot with someone, but marriage is not every woman’s priority, and Lo seems to be one of these women. She has never said anything about wanting to get married in the future, but if it’s actually in the picture for her then she’s probably waiting to meet the right man.

Who is Lo Bosworth Dating?

Owing to the fact that she keeps her love life very private, it is not known if Lo Bosworth is dating anyone presently. She is rarely seen on dates with men, and her Instagram page is free of any boyfriend or husband. As a matter of fact, her social media pages are dedicated to promoting her newly released book titled Love Yourself Well and her business, Love Wellness.

The reality television star appears to be more focused on her business rather than having a boyfriend. However, if she has one, she has not revealed it yet.

Lo Bosworth’s Last Known Boyfriend is Jimmy DeCicco

Jimmy DeCicco is a businessman and the CEO of Super Coffee. He gained public attention in 2017 when he appeared as one of the contestants on the American business reality television series Shark Tank, where entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to a panel of investors and try to convince them to invest money in their idea.

He pitched his idea for his Kitu Super Coffee, an energy drink, alongside his brothers, Jack and Jordan, but not even one investor was interested. That notwithstanding, the brothers are doing well on their own, as seen on their social media.

 Lo Bosworth
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Back to Lo Bosworth’s love life, she confirmed in 2019 that she was dating DeCicco, although it is not known how long they had been together at the time. She made her relationship with him public via Instagram on Tuesday, May 21, 2019, when she posted a beautiful black-and-white picture of her leaning into Jimmy DeCicco. She captioned the post, “babe land.”

In April 2019, DeCicco also shared a photo of them on a date at a Yankees game and captioned it, “I’m a big fan of yours… (@yankees)”. The following month, he posted another picture of them where he was snuggled up to Lo in St. Barth. “This is our ‘we wish we were still on vacation’ face,” He captioned it with a red balloon emoji.

A Look at Lo Bosworth’s Other Past Relationships

Before her involvement with Jimmy DeCicco, Lo Bosworth has been in relationships with a few other men, including Scott Hochstadt and Jeremy Globerson. Find out all about their relationship below.

Lo Bosworth Started Dating Scott Hochstadt in 2008

Lo Bosworth and ex boyfriend Scott Hochstadt

The relationship between Lo Bosworth and businessman Scott Hochstadt started in 2008 when the former was still starring in The Hills and they were a fans’ favorite. They usually allowed fans a peep into their seemingly perfect love life in the reality show. Sadly, their love story came to an end after they had been together for two years.

Rumors of their split started making the rounds after Scott attended the Family Guy launch party with his parents instead of Lo. Lo’s representative eventually confirmed the speculations in December 2010, stating that the former couple were still good friends even though they were no longer together.

This came as a shock to to many of their fans owing to the fact that Lo and Scott moved in together in the series finale of The Hills, and Lo admitted that Scott was “The One.”

Lo and Jeremy Globerson 

A few years after Lo’s split from Scott Hochstadt, she got into a relationship with another businessman named Jeremy Globerson. In an Instagram post that has now been deleted, Lo Bosworth posted a photo of them attending the 2013 edition of the Annual Clicquot Polo Classic.

Speaking during an interview session with Us Weekly, Lo later revealed that she and Jeremy have been together since 2012 and that he was “very nice.” However, for some unknown reason, they broke up eventually, but it’s not known when that happened. Following the end of their romance, Lo made sure to delete all the pictures of them together on her Instagram page.

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