Who is Sario Okada and Is She a Boy or a Girl?

Sario Okada is a Japanese actress known for her roles in Pumpkin and Mayonnaise (2017), Tanabeta Sayonara, Mataitsuka (2018), and Yoso de iwantoite (2015). Sario Okada was born in Tokyo, Japan, on September 28th, 1993. Despite controversies about her gender, Okada is no doubt a woman. 

The Japanese actress has not been active in her career in the film industry for long but has shown nothing but great prospects. Her filmography so far consists of only three movies with the last one recorded in 2018. Since then, she has not surfaced on the acting scene but has leveraged her fame to build an online fan base. Sario now boasts thousands of followers on Instagram where she regularly shares posts to keep her fans up to date about her life.

Sario Okada’s Biography Summary

  • Full name: Sario Okada
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: September 28, 1993
  • Sario Okada’s Age: 30
  • Ethnicity: Japanese
  • Nationality: Japanese
  • Zodiac Sign: Libra
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Sario Okada’s Height in Inches: 5ft 3in
  • Sario Okada’s Height in Centimetres: 160 cm
  • Sario Okada’s Weight: 55 Kg
  • Sario Okada’s Net Worth: $100K-$1million
  • Famous for: Pumpkin and Mayonnaise (2017)
  • Sario Okada’s Instagram: salio.fficial
  • YouTube: 岡田サリオ

How Old Is Sario Okada?

Sario Okada is currently 30 years old as she was born on September 28, 1993. The internet sensation was born in Tokyo, Japan, making her Japanese by nationality. For someone who lives in the spotlight, Okada has done a good job of keeping personal details like the identity of her parents private.

To date, details of Sario Okada’s family background have not surfaced in the public space and it cannot be confirmed if she is an only child or grew up with siblings. One fact that has not been hidden is that she hails from a mixed background that comprises Japanese and Spanish-Filipino ancestry. This suggests that her parents are from different countries and since she identifies as Japanese, her father is probably from there.

What is Sario Okada’s Gender?


Sario Okada identifies as a female and she was born that way. Looking at her, it is quite obvious that the actress is a girl but there are misguided ideas about her gender and they have lingered for a while.

While the sources of speculations around her gender cannot be traced to a particular reason, the fact that she is often confused with Sanrio Okada, a licensed MLB merch for different American baseball teams at MLB explains a lot. The organization is licensed to produce merch used by competing teams in the MLB but many have mistaken the name Sanrio Okada for a baseball player, leading to speculations that Sario is a man.

Nevertheless, Sario and Sanrio are different in many ways. Aside from the slight difference in the spelling, the former is a person while the latter is the name of a company.

Sario Okada Has a Budding Career as an Actress

The Japanese actress has not been acting for long but she has already raised enough dust to put her name on the map. As early as the age of eight, the actress began learning ballet in her hometown. This venture saw her move to New York City in the United States for further training. In the States, she studied classical ballet and graduated around 2015.

After qualifying as a classical ballet dancer, Sario moved back home to Japan and faced her acting career which took off in 2015 with her role in Yoso de iwantoite. She later appeared as herself in one episode of the TV series dubbed Children of Famous Parents. Her next role came on the set of Pumpkin and Mayonnaise where she portrayed the character of Naomi in 2017.

Her role in Pumpkin and Mayonnaise saw her work with other notable actors like Asami Usuda, Taiga Nakanom Ken Mitsuishi, and Kurumi among others. The last film in her filmography is Tanabeta Sayonara, Mataisuka but the role she played is not specified on her IMDb page. Since her role in Tanabeta Sayonara, Mataisuka in 2018, Sario Okada has not been picked for any role. Nevertheless, she is busy with her other endeavors.

She Was the First Pitch Thrower at the 2017 Japanese Baseball League Opening Ceremony

Although her acting career has not gathered enough steam to take her to Hollywood, Sario is busy building her fame in Japan. She holds a black belt in Karate and has also leveraged social media to gain a massive fan base. On Instagram, she has more than 45k followers and also has a YouTube channel where she equally engages her fans with the latest updates in her life.

Her online activities helped project the actress to the world, making her a popular figure. As a result, she was selected to throw the ceremonial 1st pitch during the opening ceremony of the Japanese Baseball League in 2017. The match at the time was between Orix and Lotte but the fun was spoiled by heavy rain that led to the game being canceled.

Is Sario Okada a Lesbian? Who Is She Dating?

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A post shared by 岡田サリオ (@salio.fficial)

Sario has been spotted hanging out with her female friends but there is nothing to indicate a romantic entanglement with any of them. She is yet to say anything about her sexuality and it would be unfounded to say she is a lesbian until she confirms it.

The question about her sexuality might be stemming from the fact that she has not shared details of her love life with fans. For now, her dating history, past and present, are not public knowledge. Her Instagram page is filled with pictures of herself enjoying her own company and no boyfriend has been spotted yet.

Height and Body Measurements

Sario Okada is 5 feet 3 inches tall (160 cm) which might be on the short side for some countries but in Japan, she is considered a tall person. A recent review by Japan’s National Health and Nutrition Survey puts the average height for women at 4 feet 9 inches (148.9cm)

Her weight is pegged at 55kg which gives her a fit body. The actress maintains a slim physique which has helped in her career. For her fitness regime, she has not shared much but she seems to indulge in healthy meals that help her maintain her looks.

Key Facts About Sario Okada:

  1. Who is Sario Okada? Sario Okada is a Japanese actress, dancer, and martial artist, known for her roles in the films Pumpkin and Mayonnaise (2017) and Sayonara Mataisuka (2015).
  2. What is Sario Okada’s gender? Sario Okada’s biological gender is female.
  3. What is Sario Okada’s sexual orientation? Sario Okada’s sexual orientation is straight .
  4. Is Sario Okada involved with Major League Baseball (MLB) or the company Sanrio Okada? No, Sario Okada is not involved with MLB or the company Sanrio Okada. The confusion arises because her name is similar to the company’s name.
  5. What is Sario Okada’s background in ballet and martial arts? Sario started learning ballet at the age of eight and moved to New York to pursue a career as a classical ballet dancer. She also holds a black belt in karate.
  6. When and where was Sario Okada born? Sario Okada was born on September 28, 1993, in Tokyo, Japan.
  7. What is Sario Okada’s Instagram handle? Sario Okada’s Instagram handle is @okada7_akb48_stu48.
  8. What was Sario Okada’s debut TV series? Sario Okada made her debut in the entertainment industry in 2015 with the TV series Yoso de iwantoite.
  9. Has Sario Okada ever discussed her sexuality publicly? Sario Okada has not spoken openly about her sexuality or her dating history, as she prefers to keep that part of her life private.
  10. How tall is Sario Okada? Sario Okada is 1.60 meters (5 feet 3 inches) tall.
  11. Does Sario Okada have any siblings? Details about Sario Okada’s family and siblings have not been disclosed to the public.
  12. What are some other movies that Sario Okada has appeared in? Some other movies that Sario Okada has appeared in include Tanabeta Sayonara (2015) and Mataitsuka (2015).


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