Who Was Steve Wallis’ Wife and What Happened To Her?

Steve Wallis’ wife was Jessica Audrey Wallis, a music teacher who was born in 1991. She passed away in her sleep on the 20th of August, 2022.

Jessica’s death devastated her husband, who often spoke of how supportive and wonderful she has been in all their years together. He said he would take some time off from filming his camping YouTube videos but would return as she wanted him to forge on. Get to know more about Wallis’ wife here, including the circumstances of her death.

Steve Wallis’ Wife, Jessica Wallis, was an Edmonton Native

Unlike her husband, who was born in Vancouver, Jessica Wallis hailed from Edmonton. She was born in 1991, which makes her a decade younger than her husband, and her name at birth was Jessica Audrey Hatton.

Her father’s name is Brad Hatton, and her mother’s name is Sheila Boretski. She additionally has a brother named Jeffrey Hatton. Her brother is a math and science teacher as well as a skilled software developer

Jessica Wallis spent her formative years in Edmonton, and her early years were marked by two passions, a love for music and pets. She cared for and pampered her pets and those belonging to friends. She also played instruments such as the piano and sang in various coral groups.

Jessica Audrey Wallis was a Music Enthusiast and Teacher

People are often advised to make a career out of their passions, and Jessica Wallis did just that by becoming a professionally trained music teacher. The late Jessica commenced her training at the Archbishop McDonald High School located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, where she completed her high school diploma.

Next up for her was the University of Alberta, Augustana Campus, where she not only studied music but completed her training and received her degree. Jessica Wallis’ thirst and quest for knowledge also took her beyond the shores of Canada to the European country of Hungary, specifically the city of Kecskemet. There, she attended the Kodály Institute of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music and underwent a certificate program to study the pedagogical method.

Jessica’s study of the pedagogical method showed that she not only wanted to learn about music but also how to impart her knowledge to the younger generation. In furtherance of this noble quest, she completed a 2-year bachelor’s degree in education known as Education After-Degree at the Concordia University of Edmonton.

Armed with all these degrees and certificates, Jessica Wallis was properly equipped to be a music teacher, and she got right down to it. She spent some time teaching at the Holy Spirit Catholic School located in Devon, Alberta. She spent a year at the institution before stepping away.

She Became Steve Wallis’s Wife in 2017

Reports have it that Steve Wallis and Jessica Wallis first met while working at a cemetery sometime in the 2010s. They became good friends, and things later got romantic. As the days passed by, they fell so deep in love that Steve reportedly followed Jessica all the way to Europe in 2016, when she attended music school in Hungary.

They later made their way back to the States and, the very next year tied the knot in a ceremony witnessed by their friends, family members, and other loved ones. The couple made their home in Edmonton and did their best to support each other through various stages of life.

Jessica Supported Her Husband’s YouTube Career but Rarely Appeared in His Clips

During their years as a married couple, one big part of Jessica and Steve’s lives was camping. Steve loved spending time outdoors, and Jessica wholeheartedly went along with it. They embarked on many camping trips and adventures together and had so much fun.

Around 2019, Jessica’s husband posted a video of himself camping in -32 Degrees Celsius weather. Many people reacted positively to it, and he started posting more and more camping videos.

These videos showed him camping in unusual locations, such as a 1950s train wreck, an abandoned power plant, a chilly storm drain, or a freeway interchange. He also embarked on the hugely popular stealth camping, i.e., sleeping outdoors in locations where it is not really permissible to do so.

Such content proved to be a big hit with fans, and Steve decided to leave his regular job for YouTube. Jessica supported him wholeheartedly, as she had always done for all his dreams and pursuits, and their gamble paid off. He became a popular YouTuber with over one million subscribers and 200 million views.

While her husband grew more popular, Jessica preferred to remain in the shadows. She had no social media accounts of her own and rarely appeared in her husband’s videos. He sometimes mentioned her name during filming, referring to her as a beautiful wife, but that was it. He never really shared her pictures, and this was a mutual decision as they wanted to shield their private lives from public glare.

She Died in her Sleep in August 2022

After years of shielding his marriage from the spotlight, Steve Wallis broke his silence on the 25th of August 2022 to reveal that his wife, Jessica Wallis, had died. He did not give any details about what caused her death but only that she died in her sleep. He stated that he would be taking some time to grieve but that he would be back as Jessica wanted him to continue doing what he loved very well.

Steve’s video led to an outpouring of condolence messages from his fans and subscribers. They also queried about what could have possibly led to Jessica’s death. There was, of course, no revelation from Steve about this, but it is quite possible that Jessica had been ill for quite some time without people knowing. She died at the age of 31 and didn’t have any kids together with her hubby.

A Catholic funeral mass was held for Jessica at St Andrew Catholic Church Edmonton on the 2nd of September 2022, and she was later interred at the Holy Cross Cemetery, Edmonton.

An obituary extolled her sterling qualities, including her love for the homeless. She often gave away MacDonald’s coffee cards. She also joined hands with her husband to give away hampers comprising clothes, gifts, and toiletries to those on the streets. It is quite obvious that Jessica will be sorely missed by her husband as well as her loved ones.

Quick Facts

  1. Who was Steve Wallis’ wife? Steve Wallis’ wife was Jessica Audrey Wallis. She occasionally appeared in Steve’s videos and live streams, despite working as a teacher in the public school system and preferring to keep a low profile.
  2. What happened to Jessica Audrey Wallis, Steve Wallis’ wife? Jessica Audrey Wallis, Steve Wallis’ wife, died unexpectedly in her sleep on August 20, 2022. The exact cause of her death has not been made public.
  3. How old was Jessica Audrey Wallis at the time of her death? The information given does not specify the age of Jessica Audrey Wallis at the time of her death.
  4. How did Steve Wallis respond to his wife’s demise? Steve Wallis took to his YouTube channel to share the news of his wife’s passing with his followers. He mentioned he would be taking a break from making videos but wouldn’t stop entirely, as his wife would want him to continue. He also encouraged donations to local food banks and homeless shelters in her honor.
  5. Do Steve Wallis and Jessica Audrey Wallis have any children? No, Steve Wallis and his late wife, Jessica Audrey Wallis, did not have any children.
  6. What is Steve Wallis’ YouTube channel about? Steve Wallis’ YouTube channel is primarily about non-traditional camping styles, including boondock, urban stealth, gold mining, bushcraft, and backyard camping. The channel was launched on April 19, 2010, and focuses on making camping more accessible to everyone.
  7. What role did Jessica Audrey Wallis play in Steve Wallis’ life and career? Jessica Audrey Wallis played a significant role in Steve’s life. She helped him get off the streets when he was homeless and assisted him in starting his business. She also supported his YouTube career, occasionally appearing in his videos despite her preference for a private life.


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