Who is Tyler Hynes Married To?

Tyler Hynes is definitely not married, but he is said to be dating Racquel Natasha, a Canadian model. There is, however, no confirmation that they are still an item or were even an item in the past.

Tyler Hynes is a 38-year-old Canadian actor. He began his career at the age of eight and has since gone on to feature in numerous movies and TV series. Hynes has done extensive work for the Hallmark Channel, featuring in several romantic films and falling in love on the screen several times. Things are, however, not the same when it comes to his real life.

Is Tyler Hynes Married?

Tyler Hynes is not married presently. The 38-year-old Canadian actor is quite elusive when it comes to his private life and hasn’t stated categorically whether he does plan to settle down someday and have kids. It is, however, quite reasonable to assume that this is what he would do in the future.

For now, Hynes is focusing on building his career. One of his latest projects that was highly acclaimed is 2022’s Three Wise Men and a Baby. In the movie, he plays the role of a guy who has to take care of a baby for the holiday season alongside his two brothers. This caused some hilarious outcomes, and fans lapped this up.

Is Tyler Hynes Gay?

Tyler Hynes is not gay. Any gay speculation surrounding him is down to some factors. First is the secretive nature of his love life. While most movie stars show off their significant others on social media and even bring them as their date to red-carpet events and the likes, Hynes is completely different.

His social media account only shows his work with little snippets of his personal life. His red carpet outings are also often with his costars and never with any significant other. This has made many jump to the conclusion that he may be gay.

Another reason why some may believe that Tyler Hynes is gay is the general misconception that any ridiculously fit and handsome guy out there that is not dating a lady must be obviously gay. This is not a proven fact, and there is also nothing to show that Tyler Hynes is gay.

Is Tyler Hynes in a Relationship?

Back in October 2018, Tyler Hynes confirmed that he was in a relationship and had a girlfriend during an interview. He never revealed the identity of the lady, but the latest reports have it that as of May 2023, Tyler Hynes is in a relationship with Racquel Natasha.
The report of his relationship with Racquel Natasha has come from reputable news outlets, but it is still doubtful.  This is because he and Racquel have hardly been spotted together.

Even a look at their social media accounts does not show any pictures of them together or them tagging each other on any post. All these have cast doubts on the claims that Tyler Hynes and Racquel Natasha are dating, but it is entirely possible. They reserve the right to shield their romance from the public, and if this is the case, then they have done a good job of it.

Who is Tyler Hynes’s Girlfriend?

It is believed that Racquel Natasha is Tyler Hynes’ girlfriend. Racquel Natasha is a Canadian model, fashion and lifestyle influencer with over 200k followers on Instagram. Natasha has Indian, Chinese, Guyanese, Canadian, and Portuguese origins. She was born in Guyana but grew up in Canada before later relocating to Los Angeles.

Prior to finding fame on social media, Natasha worked a bunch of odd jobs, including bartending. She first opened her Instagram account around 2011/2012 but set it to private. She used it to post personal stuff for friends. In 2013, Natasha made her Instagram account accessible to members of the public but still kept on posting random personal stuff.

However, in 2014, she decided to start making lifestyle and fashion blogs inspired by Swedish girls. Natasha utilized outfits that brands would send her but also went to trendy shops, borrowed their outfits, used them, and returned them. Members of the public appreciated her content, and she decided to make a career out of it.

Racquel Natasha has worked with brands such as Guess, L’oreal, Olay Skin, and Pantene. She now has her own eponymous swimwear brand as well.


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