65 Text Conversation Starters For Highly Effective Communication

One of the most integral aspects of human existence is communication. It is indeed a very functional part of social life. Without communication, there would be no relationships and we know that all facades of man’s social life thrive on one form of relationship or the other. So if communication is an essential part of human existence, then it means holding conversations play an important role in fostering communication.

There are several means of having a conversation with people. It could be verbal, non-verbal, written, or visual. In our world today, texting is one form of non-verbal communication that we can’t do without. Conversations could go on for hours on end without a word being said yet viable ideas are exchanged. It has become the go-to method of conversation for the Millenials.

However, starting a text conversation can be one of the weirdest things to do. I am sure you know what I am talking about. Depending on your personality, it could become an uphill task to start up a text conversation with someone, especially if you just met the person and you are trying to have a follow-up conversation through text. Most times, ‘breaking the ice’ for the conversation to kick off is something we all wish we would have to go through.

This happens because we lack the know-how about great text conversation starters. However, with enough of these text conversation starters in your arsenal, you would never have those moments of awkward silence when you are having a text conversation. This article has put together some great text conversation openers to help you and ensure you have no stress with starting up conversations – whether it is with a crush or a pal you haven’t seen in a long time.

What Is A Text Conversation Starter?

When starting a text conversation with someone, you certainly do not want to ask questions that result in a ‘Yes’, ‘No’, or any other one-word answer like ‘Great’. What you want to do is to ask a question that provokes an answer from which a real conversation can begin.

Text Conversation Starters
Great Text Conversation Starters

With that said, we can agree that text conversation starters are thought-provoking and insightful questions that do not have a ‘Yes’, ‘No’, or any other one-word answer. They are questions, sentences, or phrases that appeal to the heart of the recipient of the message and give them a sense of warmth and value. 

Remember that you are not seeing the person physically, so you want to pick conversation starters that will absolutely interest the person, else after responding the first time, your message may not be opened again. 

Understanding what text conversation starters are is a great step towards using them effectively. So if you have no intentions of having a conversation, don’t use any of the text conversation starters in this article because if you do, you are certainly going to get a response that will leave you wanting to talk to the person much longer.

Great Text Conversation Starters

While a conversation is supposed to flow naturally, it is not bad if you have something in mind to make it start especially when it involves texting. What you say at the start of a text conversation goes a long way to determine whether it continues or not. To start an effective text conversation with someone, you will find these text conversation starters helpful.

1. What Is The Funniest Thing That You Have Done That You Don’t Mind Doing Again?

Some things are not fun while we are doing them until we finally take time to remember them. When you ask anyone this question you draw their attention to how funny they have acted in the past. Starting a conversation with this text is a great way to walk down memory lane with someone while having a laugh that would make your stomachs ache.

2. What Recent Trend Do You Find Annoying?

Social media makes trends hit more. You just can’t scroll through your news feed without noticing what the current trend is, but the fact that it is trendy and most people are onto it or talking about it does not mean that it is for everyone.

The person’s response and opinions about trending things can help you understand their perspective about life and will also help you identify whether or not you can vibe with the person. If you are in for a nice and interesting text conversation that allows you and the person you are texting to air your different opinions then this question is just perfect.

3. What Opinion Is It That You Have, But Don’t Share With Others Because You Know It Is Controversial?

If you must start a conversation with this question, then prepare your mind not to be judgemental. Also before starting a day’s conversation with this question, you should have shown the person that you are open-minded, also, you have made that person comfortable to share things with you.

Starting a text conversation with this question can keep you texting with that person for so long. From their response, you can tell their opinion about controversial topics like abortion, homosexuality, fashion, and even regular social media trends. This is one question that directs your conversation to different angles.

4. What Attitude Can A Person Display That Can Make You Avoid Having Anything Personal To Do With Them?

Yes, we all tolerate each other one way or another, but sometimes someone can become too overbearing that you just have to keep that distance. If you never want to be categorized as annoying or overbearing, then you certainly want to know what attitude you can display that sends red flags to the person you are texting. 

Text Conversation Starters
Great Text Conversation Starters

Responding to this question enables the person you are texting to pour out their heart on behaviors they find annoying and it helps you understand them better.

5. What Was The Funniest Thing You Did In Childhood?

This question is not just a great text conversation starter, it also helps to bring back fun childhood memories that you and the person you are texting can laugh over. Although it directly refers to the life of the person in childhood, it is not a very personal question. It is a question you can ask anyone without making them feel so uncomfortable with replying to your text.

6. What Are You Good At?

Starting a text with this question makes the person you are texting feel good about themselves because it has to do with telling you their strength. No matter how trivial what they say seems to you, you have to praise them for being good at it.

A good follow-up question to this one will be asking how they learned how to do that thing and what motivated them to become so good at it. Trust me, you will have the person grinning from ear to ear as they try to let you understand more about them.

7. What Is Your Favourite TV Show?

We all have that television series that we don’t want to miss for any reason. What’s even better is the fact that most people also want their friends to know about their favorite series, so they could all watch it and talk about it. 

But before asking this, try to know if the person is a fan of television series or is more into YouTube or Netflix, then tailor the question to suit what the person prefers watching.

8. Which Countries Will You Like To Travel To?

This question is a great text conversation starter because it opens the door for other questions like why do you want to visit these countries? What part of the country will you like to visit? Would you like to travel alone or with someone? and many more. It all just depends on how creative you are with continuing the conversation.

What makes this question really cool is the fact that it is not personal as such you can direct it to someone who you are texting for the first time.

9. What Makes You Happy?

Responding to your text when you ask this question can outrightly put a smile on the face of the person you are texting. His/her response can help you know what to do whenever you want to put a smile on their face. The person’s response to this question can also give you a hint on the things that make them angry and should be avoided.

Text Conversation Starters
Great Text Conversation Starters

The next line of conservation that should follow this will be why does it make you happy? What do you do when nothing around you makes you happy? How do you react when you are happy? If the person throws back the questions at you, try as much as possible to respond properly with longer texts.

10. What Is Your Favorite Type Of Music?

Music appeals to everyone, it just depends on the genre, so starting a text conversation with this question can barely be wrong. 

The answer to this question will most probably be one word, so you will need some great follow-up questions like ‘Why do you love this genre of music? Who are your favorite music artists? Aside from listening to music, can you sing or play any instrument?. Bear in mind that a person’s preferred genre of music goes a long way to tell you more about their personality.

11. Who Do You Admire As A Role Model?

By asking this question, you want to know the kind of person the one you are texting wants to be like in the nearest future. This question is most relevant if you intend to build a long-lasting relationship with that person. Who they look up to as role models tell you more about the principles that govern their life.

To identify whether the person’s role model is just there as someone they admire or someone they are working hard to be like, you want to follow up this question with questions like why is that person your role model? What traits do you think that you and your role model have in common? Since he/she became your role model, what changes have you made to yourself to be more like her/her?

Most people are not likely to see this question personally, but it is not a question you want to ask the very first day you text the person, maybe after some days of texting, you can start a day’s text conversation with it.

12. If You Had The Money To Pay For Some else To Do One Of Your Home Chores, What Chore Will It Be?

This question is actually cool to ask or respond to because most people have that particular home chore that they just wish they never have to do. For some people, it is even all home chores. If the person you are texting is someone that has a great sense of humor, then most likely the answer to this question will be something that you both can laugh over.

To keep the conversation going, you can ask questions like why do you hate this chore? What would you rather do instead of doing that chore? How often do you have to do that particular thing despite the fact that you hate it?

Conversation Starters For Texting A Girl

Text Conversation Starters
Great Text Conversation Starters

When texting a girl, especially one with who you are in a relationship with or will like to have a relationship, you want to be more selective with your choice of text conversation starters. You don’t just want to start the conversation with just any question, but one that is romantic and makes them feel loved. These text conversation starters for ladies will help you find something that befits your lady.

13. I Know You Had A Stressful Day At Work/School And You Deserve a Good Night Rest, But I Just Wanted To Check-in on You

When you send a girl this as a text message, even if she is already retiring to bed after a stressful day, she will respond to your text, and most likely will respond with a beautiful smile on her face while typing. Girls want to feel loved and cared for, so take advantage of this to sweep your lady off her feet.

14. I Hope Your Day Treated You Like The Best Girl In The World That You Are

Instead of just asking how did your day go, this is a good way to spice the question up. If the girl in question had a bad day, seeing this text can make her feel better because it gives her the feeling that someone cares and someone believes that she deserves to be happy. 

In a situation where she had a good day, starting a text conversation with this will make her happier and excited to share with you how her day went. Always remember that the goal when starting a text conversation with a girl is to satisfy that part of her that yearns for attention and makes her desire to feel loved.

15. I Believe You Are Currently At Work/School, I Just Wanted To Know How My Lady Is Doing

On a good afternoon, this is a romantic message to send to that lady you are in a relationship with. It does not just put a smile on her face during the day and may help relieve stress, but it also paves a way in her heart for you, so much that she will be quick to respond to your message – which kicks off a conversation.

However, since you may be sending this message in the afternoon, don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get a quick response, remember that she is at work or school and may not have the time to check her phone regularly.

16. Good Morning Beautiful, What Will Your Day Be Like Today?

If you have plans of asking her on a date later that day, this is a very simple way to start up the conversation that can lead to asking her out. It saves you the stress of asking her out on a date outrightly and getting turned down because she may not be prepared for it. 

17. You Just Popped Into My Mind, Can I Say ‘Hello’?

As casual as this message is, it sends the lady a signal that you think about her during your day, irrespective of how busy you may be. This is a simple text conversation starter to use when you want to sound more caring than romantic. 

18. Talking To Has Become An Obsession, Hope You Don’t Mind If I Ask How Are You Doing?

That girl who you are trying to woo will be swept off her feet if she receives this text from you. Most likely, she won’t just say ‘I am fine’ she will also respond to the first part of the text as well as want to know how you are doing too.

But remember that for you to use this text conversation starter on a girl, it must be a girl who you previously had a long conversation with and still want to talk to more, but at the same time, you don’t want to make her feel like you are stalking her.

19. Though I Can’t See You Now, I Just Know You Are Looking Beautiful Because You Always Do

Great Text Conversation Starters

When you send a girl this text, though you can not see her reaction, you can easily tell that she would have a beautiful smile on her face while reading, and tell me, why won’t a girl want to continue a conversation with someone who thinks she is beautiful at all hours of the day. 

20. What Did A Beautiful, Intelligent And Gorgeous Lady Like You See When She Fell In Love With Me?

This text starter does two things, it compliments her and makes her feel so loved, and also provokes her to start pouring out her heart trying to tell you why she fell in love with you. 

Mind you, you can only use this text conversation starter for a woman you are in a relationship with and aside from being beautiful, intelligent, and gorgeous, you can also add other qualities that she possesses.

21. What Is Your Favorite Restaurant?

If you intend to ask her out for dinner or lunch, instead of choosing a restaurant that she may not like, it is better to play it safe by asking where her favorite eat-out place is, especially if it is your first date.

After asking her what her favorite restaurant is, if it is a place you can afford, you can continue by saying ‘how about we have dinner there today? It will be dinner with my favorite lady at her favorite restaurant, and certainly one to remember.’

22. If You Can’t Sleep And Need Someone To Talk To While You Are Awake, Just Let Me Know, I Could Keep You Company For As Long As I Can

This text conversation starter is best to use if you have had a previous conversation with the lady and you know that sometimes she finds it hard to sleep early at night. With this text, you have opened the door to subsequent midnight conversations that you may have with her.

Please, no matter how much you want to impress the lady, if you are not the kind of person who is cut out for staying up late, don’t use this text – so you don’t sleep off on her

23. Tell Me Something About You That I Don’t Know And May Not Remember To Ask

This is a very open way to start a text conversation because most likely you cannot guess what she is going to say. Following her response, you should be creative enough to know what to tell her or ask. This question helps you know her more, and if she is also interested in knowing you better, she will return the question to you.

Preferably, send this text to a lady who you believe both of you have mutual feelings for each other, because if the lady does not have interest in you, she may find this text a bit personal.

24. What Is Your Guilty Pleasure?

We all have that thing we love doing over and over again, but deep down inside we know that a lot of people hate it because it does not seem right. This can be a flirty way to start a text conversation.

Before starting a conversation with a girl with this text starter, you should have had previous conversations with her and made her feel comfortable sharing nasty and embarrassing things with you. And you must also try not to be judgemental, because she may say things that you never expected.

25. Would You Still Be In A Relationship If A Guy Cheats On You?

Text Conversation Starters
Great Text Conversation Starters

Every girl has her opinion about infidelity in a relationship, while some may forgive, cheating is a big deal for others. Most often a girl will not mind sharing her opinion, especially if it is with a guy she is crushing on.

You can continue the conversation by asking for her reason for the answer she chooses and you can also share your opinion on infidelity in a relationship. You both can even go on to share previous experiences if any.

26. Describe Yourself In Three Words, And Tell Me Why You Choose Those Words

When you ask a lady to describe herself in three words and give you reasons why they choose those words, you provoke her to think and it makes her response longer.

The longer the response, the easier it will be for you to continue the conversation. This question also helps you understand the perspective from which she sees herself and her level of self-confidence.

27. What Attracts You To A Guy?

Every lady has her spec and if she is interested in you she will certainly like to tell you what her own spec is. This helps you know if you are her spec, and if you find out that you are not, you can follow the question up by asking if she can date someone who is not exactly her spec.

28. What Is The First Thing You Notice When You Look At A Guy?

This is another flirty and naughty question you can ask a lady, and if she is ready to flirt with you, then you are sure of a long and interesting conversation. But if you are not sure she is also in the mood to flirt via text message, then please don’t ask this question because she may find it too personal or offensive.

29. If I Could Make One Of Your Wishes Come To Pass, What Will You Wish For?

Let’s say you want to spoil a lady, by buying or doing anything she wants, instead of just asking what will you like me to get for you? This is a better way to ask. With this question, she may not even suspect that you have anything in mind.

A great way to follow up this question will be to ask why she wants that thing and why she has not been able to do it or get it for herself, then if you can relate to her response you can share an experience you have had with being unable to get what you want, or gifting a friend something.

30. What Was Your Shortest Relationship And Why Was It Too Short?

If you just started a relationship with a lady, this question is a great text conversation starter. It also helps you know what not to do if your new relationship with her would last longer than the previous one she had.

31. What Is Your Favourite Look?

Women love fashion, and will most likely not mind discussing it with anybody. You can follow up this question by asking how often do you wear your favorite look and why is it your favorite? If you are someone with a sense of fashion yourself, then I bet you that your conversion may not end in just hours. You may find that it will linger for weeks and guess what, she may be the one to start it up the next time.

32. If You Had The Chance To Change Something About Yourself, What Will It Be?

Her response may be emotional, especially if it is something that she cannot change in reality, so you have to find a way to encourage her and let her know she is perfect the way she is.

Conversation Starters For Texting A Guy

Text Conversation Starters
Great Text Conversation Starters

Starting a text conversation is not the responsibility of the guy alone. As a girl, it’s OK for you to start some conversations yourself. Come to think of it, starting and maintaining a text conversation is not so easy, so why leave it for the guys alone?

But to be sure that you are not stalking him, you want to be sure that he is really interested in you, and if you notice that he is not responding, please stop texting him. To avoid such things, you will want to use the right text conversation starter like any of these ones.

33. What Is Your Favourite Food?

Most guys love good food, so starting a conversation with them with questions about food can be a great way to gain their attention. A good way to follow up this question will be by asking if they love cooking and if they know how to prepare their favorite food. If you are a good cook yourself, then you have planted yourself in his heart as the conversation will not be ending at the point you guys conclude the texting.

34. What Attracts You To A Lady?

Just like ladies have their specs, guys have theirs too. But as a lady, you don’t want to ask this question to a guy who has not shown some level of interest in you because it may give him the notion that you like him, and if the feeling is not mutual, you may not like the response you will get.

35. What Impression Did I Give You The First Day You Saw Me?

Guys are always looking for a way to impress and flatter ladies, so when you ask him this question you have given him room to do just that. The most possible outcome of this question is that it will lead to a conversation that brings you both to a point where you start walking down memory lane together and laughing over things that happened.

36. What Is The Silliest Thing That You Have Ever Done For Love?

One thing that is very common with guys is that they always try so hard to impress a lady they love and sometimes they go out of their way to do really silly things. Asking him this will also let you what extent he can go to show you love.

37. What Is Always With You Everywhere You Go?

Women are known to carry a lot of things in their handbags everywhere they go, but what most people fail to observe is that men also have things that they take with them everywhere as well. So asking a man this question will be a good way of knowing his little secret that he probably does not know is a secret.

38. What Is It That A Woman Will Do That Can Turn You Off Instantly?

Every man has that thing a woman will do that can outrightly make him lose interest in her temporarily or permanently, and if he wants to build a long relationship with you, he will want you to know those things as well so that you can try to avoid them.

39. What Project Are You Working On Currently?

Men may not be seen as very emotional beings, but they are. The only thing is that what gets to them is different from what will make a woman emotional. Men like it when you ask about their work, they love intellectual questions and this is one.

Text Conversation Starters
Great Text Conversation Starters

When he tells the project he is working on, be that smart woman every man wants, try to share ideas and suggestions that may help him. If you have no idea to share, just ask more questions about the project, telling you about it already makes him happy.

40. What Do You Prefer Doing In Your Free Time?

We are so used to seeing men take women out on a date, if you are that woman who does not mind changing the narrative then you can ask him what he likes doing with his free time and suggest a date. But since you are the one suggesting, be ready to take care of the bills except he says otherwise.

41. Have You Ever Been Friend Zoned By A Girl You Were Crushing On?

This is a great way to know more about a guy’s previous relationship life, but mind you guys hate it when their crush ‘friendzones’ them, so they may not be very comfortable with sharing their experience with you. But if it is a guy who loves spending time and feels comfortable sharing things with you, he may not mind.

42. What Achievement Do You Hope To Make That Will Serve As Your Biggest Achievement In Life?

Like I have previously stated, men love intellectual questions; they love women who ask questions about purpose and vision, especially if it is a purpose-driven man. Sharing his dreams with you will give him a sense of value, and if you can help him achieve it anyway, then don’t hesitate.

43. What Are Your Long Term And Short Term Goals?

This is a nice text conversation starter to ask a guy with who you are building a long-term relationship. It may be a conversation starter but do not forget to first say hello and ask about his well-being before throwing this up.

44. If You Had To Have Sex With Someone Of The Same Sex To Save A Life, Will You Do It?

Instead of asking the guy his view on homosexuality, you can simply make the question more interesting. When responding, he won’t just tell you whether he hates or accepts homosexuality, but you will also know to what extent he does, because you made the question a bit more personal. A guy can also ask a girl this question as well.

How To Start A Fun Conversation With Anyone

Starting a fun conversation in person is way easier than texting because when you are seeing the person physically, you can see something around and make a funny statement about it. But via text, you have to have a great sense of humor to start a fun conversation when that person can neither see you nor hear you. But not to worry, you don’t have to crack your head so much about how to start a fun conversation because these funny text conversation starters will help you.

45. What Is Your Favorite Joke/Comedy?

Great Text Conversation Starters

If the person you are texting has a funny sense of humor, this question will be a great way to start a fun text conversation with him or her. The possible outcome is that you both will exchange jokes and laugh over them. Although you are texting, when you need to use a voice note, don’t hesitate to do so. You can even go as far as sharing links to some of your favorite comedy clips on YouTube.

46. After a long day, how do you relieve yourself of the stress?

This question can not go wrong because we all go through stressful days, for some of us, it is more often and for others, it’s not so regular. Asking someone to tell you about how they relieve stress sends that feeling of understanding; it makes them feel that you understand that some days are stressful.

The good part of this is that responding to this question can be a way of relieving stress. You will find that the person will open up to tell you how stressful their days can be, what they do to relieve stress, and how they feel afterward. Pouring out their heart can actually help them feel better, especially if they had a stressful day on the same day you asked this question.

On your part, the response to this question can send a signal to you concerning how this person may treat you when they are stressed and it can help you understand them more.

47. Can You Dance To Save A Life?

This is a very funny sarcastic question to ask anyone, especially if it turns out that they cannot dance and if they claim to know how to dance, you can continue the conversation by making them promise to show you their best dance move whenever you meet in person.

48. What Is Your Worst Experience With Food?

At some point in life, we have all tried to prepare world-class meals that turned out bad. If they have never cooked a mess, then they must have tried out food that was just so horrible. Sharing this experience with you will be very funny, especially if you have a similar experience to share as well.

49. What Is The Funniest Thing You Have Done On Social Media?

Social media trends make people do a lot of silly things like Tik Tok dance challenges, just to satisfy their followers. At some point, we have all followed trends that ended up being silly in the long run. This question is not personal and anybody will be willing to laugh over their response.

50. What Is Your Dream Job?

We all have a dream job. While some people’s current job maybe their dream job, other people are still wishing for theirs. Irrespective of which category the person you are texting falls into, they are most likely not going to mind responding to this question and it will be fun for them because they are sharing their dream with someone.

51. Have You Ever Sent A Flirty Text To The Wrong Person?

One of the most awkward things that can happen to anyone while texting or chatting is sending a flirty or naughty question to the wrong person. What is more awkward is when you cannot retrieve the message. This may not have been funny for them the day it happened, but sharing it with you will be funny.

52. What Is The Most Use App On Your Phone?

We all have that app that we use the most. For most people, it is their social media apps and most people do not mind telling anyone what that app is. And even if the person does not know, you can suggest that they check their most-used app from their phone and tell them how to use it.

53. What Is Your Favourite Online Game And Why?

A girl can ask this question to a guy, and guys can also ask each other (this is because we assume that games are mostly the guys’ thing). From having this conversation, you both can even start playing the game together and from there build a closer connection.

Great Text Conversation Starters

But you want to ask this question to someone who you know loves games. Aside from being a text conversation starter, this can also be a follow-up question when you ask what the person does with his/her free time and he or she says gaming.

54. What Is Your Super Power?

To spice this question up the more, you can ask it like ‘We are all superheroes, but not all of us fly or wear costumes, so what’s your own superpower.’ Their response can be something as simple as cooking. Whatever their response is, don’t trivialize it, rather make them feel special for it.

55. What Is Your Favourite Meme?

Memes have become one of the biggest social media trends, and everyone has a favorite. So to start a fun text conversation, you can ask for their favorite and share your opinion about it.

56. What Is Your Favourite Picture Pose? Do You Mind Showing Me A Picture?

This is a fun conversation starter for texting anyone, especially those you have not met in person, feeling free to share their picture with you means they are getting used to you. And when you get the picture, don’t forget to flatter them a little by reminding them how cute, fashionable and beautiful they are. 

57. Who Is Your Favourite Celebrity?

Most people have that celebrity they just love so much and they can do anything to convince another person why they need to have this celebrity as their favorite as well. This question can barely go wrong with anyone because it is not personal.

Some ‘Would You Rather’ Conversation Starters

You can also start your text conversations with simple ‘would you rather questions.’ It is a great way to know what you and the person you are texting have in common. Here are some ‘would you rather’ text starters that you may find helpful.

58. Would You Rather Work From Home Or An Office?

More people are now beginning to appreciate working from home than going to an office, especially because it allows them to work at any time of the day. Howbeit, there are some people who don’t buy the idea, so you may want to know the opinion of the person you are texting. This question can result in both of you sharing your different opinions on other issues like the COVID-19 pandemic.

59. Would You Rather Eat At Home Or In A Restaurant?

It may surprise you to know that different people have different opinions about eating out, and if you have intentions about starting a relationship with this person, then this is a great question to ask. You can follow it up by asking what the reason for their answer is.

60. Would You Rather Watch Netflix Or YouTube?

Knowing their preference can go a long way with giving you a hint of what you can entertain them with any time they visit you. You can also share some of your favorite Netflix series and YouTube channels with them.

61. Would You Rather Watch A Comedy, Romance, or Horror Movie?

Text Conversation Starters
Great Text Conversation Starters

This is another question that can help you know how to entertain them when they visit you. A good follow question will be asking why, and what their favorite movie is. If you have also watched the movie, you both can now talk about your favorite scenes.

62. Would You Rather Have a Date With Me In Person Or Prefer That We Just Chat All Day?

After texting someone for a while, this is an indirect way of asking for a physical meeting. If the person shows interest in a meet, you can follow the question up asking where they would you both to meet and the kind of meeting it will be.

63. Would You Rather Be Rich And Have A Low Profile Or Rich And Famous?

While being famous may seem like the best life, but not everyone likes it. You can continue the conversation by discussing the pros and cons of being rich and famous.

64. Would You Rather Date For Love Or For Money?

The argument between dating and getting married for love or for money has been an age-long one. It would not be a bad idea for you to ask this question to your friend to know what they think.

65. If You Didn’t Have To Go To Work, How Would You Rather Spend Your Day?

We all have that thing that we would love to do if we did not have to go to work everyday, and if their response is something you can do with them, then it will be nice of you offer to spend one of their working free days with them doing what they love.

Here Are Ways Not To Start A Conversation

Just like there is a ‘how to start a conversation’, there are also ways that you should not start a conversation, except you want the person to feel awkward about talking to you. 

Don’t start a conversation by talking about yourself: Yes, you may have a lot of things to tell about yourself, but you don’t want to make the person feel like you are self-centered. Rather ask them questions about themselves. If they want to know more about you, they will ask as well.

Don’t start a conversation by telling the person how busy you are: No matter how busy you are, don’t start a conversation by telling the person you ate busy, it makes them feel like a burden to you.

Never start a conversation by telling the person he or she is wrong: Even if the person is really wrong, there are better ways of airing your opinions. Instead of telling the person he or she is wrong, you can say ‘don’t you think it is better this other way,’

Don’t expect the person to do all the talking: After starting a conversation, don’t keep quiet and expect the person to do all the talking. As they share their opinions with you, you should share yours as well.

Try not to be judgemental when having a conversation with someone: After texting someone with any of the text conversation starters, open your mind that their response may not align with your expectations or opinion and as such you do not have to be judgemental or force your opinion on them.

The Pros and Cons Of Texting 

Text Conversation Starters
Great Text Conversation Starters

With the right text conversation starter, texting is way easier than talking in person, because it saves you the emotional demand of eye contact and having to read facial expressions. Especially if you are someone who is shy when talking to people they are not used to. 

Also texting is a great way to build a relationship with someone who you don’t know physically before meeting them in person. It helps you know what they like and how to relate with them physically. Another great thing about texting is the fact that you don’t have to forfeit every other thing while having a conversation. For instance, you can maintain a conversation with someone while watching a movie without delaying your response.

As amazing as texting may be, it has disadvantages that you may want to avoid. One of the biggest disadvantages of texting is the possibility of being misunderstood. When speaking, the person you are speaking to can understand your intentions better judging from your tone, but texting is a silent conversation and because the recipient can’t hear your tone or see your facial expressions, it is easy for them to misunderstand you.

In order to avoid misunderstanding, there are just some conversations to not have while texting, if you cannot meet the person physically, then putting a call through will be better. Speaking to the person over the phone would give you a better opportunity to express yourself better than texting.

Top Tips For Making A Conversation Last

Starting a text conversation is just one part of everything; making the conversation last is another part. Here are some tips to help you keep a long-lasting conversation:

  • Ask open-ended questions.
  • Identify things that you both share in common and talk more about it.
  • Be bold to ask and answer questions.
  • Follow up the conversation: Don’t allow two or three days to pass without texting the person.
  • Respect their opinions: Nobody likes talking to anyone who imposes their opinions on others.


Great Text Conversation Starters

Knowing all the most creative ways of starting a conversation is not enough, you should also understand the person you are talking to, the situation surrounding the conversation, and the type of relationship you want to build. This is key in deciding the right text conversation starter to use and how long the conversation you have with the person will last.

While texting may seem easier than talking in person, you always have to remember that building a relationship through texting via text message or social media is not as easy as a lot of people think, it requires that you create time for that person almost every day and you have to appreciate the fact that they also create time to text with you. Also, keep in mind that not all conversations can be done via text, so when you need to put a call through, do that.

Now that you have a long list of text conversation starters and top tips on how to start and not to start a conversation, what you do with it is left for you, but I will say you, start using them to start a great text conversation with someone and enjoy effective communication.

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