20 Sleek And Chic iPhone Cases that are Simply Cool

iPhones are tough and cute enough for every situation. Protecting them with quality cases, however, adds a leg up. That’s why it’s necessary to put them in a cover and I’m not talking just any kind of cover, but something to go with your sense of style. Something classy. So I wanted to create a cheat sheet of the best iPhone cases for women who are on the look out for sleek and chic rather than bulky and pink. A few of my favorites are the “J.Crew and Tory Burch collections.

Check out these Cool iPhone Cases

Savoy Series Slim Premium Luxury Protective iPhone Cases For iPhone 7

Best iPhone Cases

There are countless stylish Caseology cases but if there was an iPhone case that I would buy repeatedly, this would be it. It is a slim fit luxury case with a protective two-piece design. Though fancy, its corners are shock absorbing, thus no scratching your phone. Plus, the colors are as varied as they are inventive.

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Walnut iPhone Cases

Best iPhone Cases

Grovemade has a bunch of hand-crafted wood-based cases for different iPhones (SE, 6, and 6S). But what is common to them all is that they all preserve the elegance of the phone on all round. With a leather flap in the latest version, your phone gets fully covered and supported.

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J.Crew Collections

Cool iPhone Cases

House your phone with J.Crew iPhone cases and you will not have to worry about scratches. It is easy to install and remove. It is not bulky, so you keep things light when on the go. The collections come in several vibrant colors, designs, and stripes. Just grab your favorite!

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Good Sense Slim iPhone Case in Black Cat

best chic and sleek iphone cases

Tired of limited designs of cases? This plastic hard case has different wrap around art that you can choose from. In addition, it is impact-resistant, thus withstands everyday handling.

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Grace Slim Case in Real Marble

Best iPhone Cases

This is classic, casual, neutral, and unique. It is created with the finest marble to offer sophistication. With its intricate vein design and wrap around art designs, it doesn’t just go with everything, it also looks stylishly different from the rest.

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Clear Bumper iPhone Cases

Best iPhone Cases

If it’s clarity and simplicity you are after, this Supcase with the bumper is an ideal choice. I personally like that I can easily see the design of my expensive phone even when protected with a case. It is grippy, sleek, chic and comes in blue, green, black, and pink bumper colors.

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Kate Spade Le Pavillion Clear iPhone 6 Case

Best iPhone Cases

Talk about elegant design, this case is as protective as it is beautiful. A super choice for all who like polka dots.

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Caseable Hard Case

Best iPhone Cases

This hard-shell case allows you to choose your own photo or design and have it printed on it. What better way to make your iPhone really yours?

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Cheryl Daniels Case in Flora Botanica Stripes

Best iPhone Cases

Here is a cool floral watercolor design with absolute coolness. I love the modern look it adds to the phone and it does not get in the way of the phone’s buttons.

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Case-Mate 24 Karat Gold Case

Best iPhone Cases

With its genuine 24k gold elements encased in clear resin, your phone will look so glamorous. But that’s not the only gosh thing about it; the plastic snap-on case is durable, lightweight, scratch resistant and causes no obstruction to accessing your phone.

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Tory Burch iPhone Case Collections

Best iPhone Cases

Tory Burch iPhone collections are simply awesome. They are a great option for fashion-forward women. With their different elegant designs to choose from, you cannot go wrong with them.

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Rebecca Minkoff Snake Print Tough iPhone Cases

Best iPhone Cases

There is something about animal skin print; they are usually very attractive and charming. That’s the situation with this Rebecca Minkoff snake print case.

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Speck Presidio Inked iPhone Cases

Best iPhone Cases

Another sleek and tough magic in form of a case. It withstands daily use with a double-layer design. I like the Presidio line that also adds style to its aesthetics. More so, there are plenty patterns to choose from and they are all stylish.

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Caseology Ergonomic Wavelength Series Case for iPhone 7

Cool iPhone Cases

Protect your iPhone with a wavelength case that is impact resistant, flexible and sleek. The case has an extremely slim profile that looks good on your iPhone 7. Installation is a bliss and means simply fastening it onto your iPhone for solid protection.

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Moshi Armour iPhone Cases

Best iPhone Cases

A Moshi’s military-grade rigid iPhone case styled with -brushed aluminum rear detailing and cool contemporary pattern to protect your iPhone. They are just worth it!

Kate Spade iPhone Case Collections

Best iPhone Cases

Kate Spade iPhone cases are tough and ultra-slim. It’s easy to fall in love with them. They offer high visibility, sensitivity, and full protection.

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Valentine Goods Cognac Ostrich iPhone 6 Leather Back Case

Best iPhone Cases

Handmade from cognac ostrich, this keeps your phone stylishly protected from scratches. It is handmade from cognac ostrich that maintains a perfect appearance while protecting your phone. There are cut outs for buttons so you won’t have to take the case off to reach the buttons.

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Valentine Goods Cobalt Crocodile iPhone 6 Leather Back Case

Cool iPhone Cases

If you like blue and want something that doesn’t just stick evenly but also gives your phone a sleek look, then pick this.

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Allyson Johnson iPhone 6 Slim Case in Minimal Gold Glitter Stripes

Best iPhone Cases

Lovely design with stripes and gold glitters. Allyson Johnson iPhone cases provide an edge to edge flexibility, non-slip features, and protection. Plus, it makes it so much easier to spot our phone at the bottom of a cluttered purse.

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Givenchy Rottweiler iPhone Cases

 Best iPhone Cases

This stretchy pull-on cover fits and protects your iPhone 6 excellently. In addition to preventing minor scrapes, the cover looks good featuring a glossy finish and a bold picture of Rottweiler. A brand’s signature logo studs at the side of the case also highlight its overall sleekness all the more.

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Valentine Goods Stingray iPhone 6 Case

Best iPhone Cases

Light, feminine, pleasantly simple and really classy iPhone cover, with cute design to love, pushing the limit of creativity.

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