25 Best Indie Fantasy Books

Fantasy is a genre which has much to offer to both the young and adults as well. The prospect of reading fantasy novels or books can potentially improve your writing skills, vocabulary, and grammar. What’s more, reading fantasy stories allow readers to travel nearly anywhere using their imaginations since every fantasy book has to take place somewhere, whether that is in a different realm, a certain country or even another planet. Simply put, every fantasy novel has to have a unique setting, and this implies that a reader has to travel to all sorts of places and reach beyond her/his existing world.

Another compelling reason to read fantasy novels is that it touches on social reality through parable, metaphor, and allegory, allowing them to tackle complex moral questions in an enjoyable and playful manner. Finally, fantasy books tend to have a richer and far better literary content as compared to the other novels. Perhaps this is because authors often try to glorify their stories with gorgeous, enticing, complex and yet, literary sound sentences. You have every reason to spend your leisure enhancing your knowledge reading fantasy books. In a bid to make your search for these amazing books a bit easier, we have put together this list of 25 best Indie Fantasy Books to read this year. The will get you completely immersed in your own imaginations!

Best Indie Fantasy Books

1. What Remains Of Heroes, by David Benem.

This remarkable fantasy book by David Benem covers nearly everything you would expect from any captivating story. There are many influences behind the book including the historical Sorcery and sword, fiction work by Robert Howard as well as modern grimdark filled with lots of inspiration from the likes of Scott R.R Barker’s Prince of Nothing. Overall, this is a well-crafted book with smooth prose, complex characters, and a sharp plot.

2. Bloodrush by Ben Galley.

Here is another interesting fantasy book with an enticing story and a setting which combines the likes of the weird, wild west with faeries. It immerses you into a richly developed world with unique ideas.

3. Monsters Of Elsewhere by Mathew Waldram.

For you to realize how good and interesting this book is, you’ll have to read the whole story. It might seem an unassuming story at first, but it is a uniquely and powerfully developed writing as well. The story premise of the book is weird even though it mainly focuses on the non-traditional fantasy. It is a whimsical tale which captures the reader’s mind with an interesting yet horrific story. It is simply a kid’s fairy tale gone horribly wrong.

4. The Demon Of Cliffside (Nathan Fierro).

This is a great book and a typical example of what beautiful oddities the marketplace of indie are capable of producing. If you want to challenge your mind with something wild and entirely different, the Demon of Cliffside is the way to go. In brief, it is about a scary and a lonely being which existed long before man and lived a long a high cliff but often coming down to interact with the humans. It is a wild fantasy story which entertains as well.

5. Halloween Jack and The Devil’s Gate. (Halloween Jack Books, M Todd Gallowglas).

If you want a delightful fantasy book, you should look no further than this particular one. Here, the Ancient legends are made new once again, as the author integrates a modern folk tale with a traditional setting then narrates the story in adventurous manner. It is an incredible and lightheartedly fun novel to read to your children and capture their minds with powerful events.

6. The Black God’s War. (Moses Siregar III) (Splendor and Ruin Trilogy)

This is typically an epic fantasy story which everyone would want to read. It is about two characters involved in a journey which defines how they change, how they view the world and how they finally come to understand their place on the planet. If you are an individual who loves to think while reading, this is the book to stimulate your brain.

7. Scriber. (Ben S Dobson).

Scriber is a fantasy book which perhaps breaks all the expectations. For a unique fantasy story which creates an immersive world, involves strong characters and finally delivers an emotionally satisfying climactic ending, go through it.

8. Brood Of Bones. (A.E Marling).

If you search deeply into the indie marketplace, you’ll get an inventive and imaginative fantasy book in Brood of Bones. It is somewhat compellingly strange, combining a blend of genres to produce an incredible piece which captures your mind slowly. This is a must read an indie fantasy book.

9. Tower of the Arkein (Chase Blackwood).

Read this particular book and immerse yourself into a vast and diverse world full of thoughtful, vivid and strange characters. If you didn’t know, it was voted the best Fantasy of 2017 by Fantasy Book Club and Philly Adventure.

10. The Sword And The Dragon. (M. R Mathias).

Mathias is a renowned self-published author who has published lots of other fantasy books as well. Arguably, this is his best work, delivering on all fronts. It is an incredibly entertaining piece which perhaps falls in line with the more conventional epic fantasy any reader would find captivating.

11. Amber Magic. (B.V Larson).

Larson is regarded as one of the most successful indie authors, and has sold hundreds of thousands of e-books, boasts of at least twenty-five books on the Amazon marketplace. If you have read the Wheel of Time, this is quite similar to it both regarding the magic system and characterization. It is another excellent indie fantasy piece.

12. Forging Divinity. (Andrew Rowe).

Forging Divinity is all about magic. It covers how you can use it, how it works and how to abuse it as well. It is a planet full of gods who reside among the mortals and conducting their godly things. It is a great book worth considering.

13. The Silent Orchids by Morgan Wylie.

Wylie’s narrative is not only entertaining but equally vivid and vibrant. The descriptions inside this fantasy book pull in all the senses thus giving the story a rich level of detail. The narrative itself provides epic of fantasy combined with a contemporary flair and an ideal fantasy book for the ardent fantasy lover.

14. Inception( the reaping Chronicles by Haviland Teal).

This is an award-winning novel crafted by a lovely author. It is unique, scary and exciting as well.

15. Aura Sky, Vampire Hunter by Nikki Jefford.

Here is another incredible fantasy indie book you’ll have to check out. Typically, it is an urban fantasy with a twinge of horror and lots of blood. It is new fantasy novel for adults.

16. The darkness of Light by Stacey Marie Brown.

This one is filled with magic, sexy leads, and demons. The main character is sarcastic and ill-tempered.

17. The Frost and the Crimson. (Williams John and James Colletti).

For the untold millennia, the unfriendly and frozen wastelands were ruled by an immortal winter king. Nobody dared question his government until the Crimson Wizard plus his subjects decided to reside at the center of his realm, a factor that creates a somewhat mystical town. For you to understand better, you’ll have to look at the book.

18. Dragons & Guardians (The Complete Quintet).

This is an epic indie fantasy which is worth your precious time. It is all about a kingdom swept aside and left for crows. Those in exile are plotting their comeback. The invaders to exterminate the remaining rebels. In brief, it narrates a story of some epic adventures which brought hope to the hopeless in places where humans walk in fire and ice.

19. Darkness Haunts by Susan Illene.

Sanders Melena perhaps faced some danger with terrorists and insurgents when she worked in the Army of the United States. However, she is just about to face the biggest threat of his life. Her close ally, Aniya, is missing while on a tour to Fairbanks, Alaska; a holy heaven. Many people have no clue that darker races exist among them. Sanders knows better. For her to rescue her friend, she’s going to try and rescue Aniaya, all by herself and unarmed. You’ll have to go through this fantasy book and enjoy the content.

20.Domino Finn’s Shade City.

This is an urban fantasy where the dead world creates an entirely new world for a character referred to as Dante, and these ghosts are determined to destroy him.

21. The Ballerina & the Revolutionary by V Miller.

This is another fabulous urban fantasy book. Vivienne discovers that she is just about to die. All she wants is to see her daughter one last moment and apologize. Sadly, the girl no longer lives, and it is the Crow, the gender-queer anarchist who comes back to the family home plagued by violent and ghostly memories. The question is, who will withstand the shadows which lurk behind the fairy tales?

22. Ours is the storm. (D. Thourson Palmer).

Thourson’s indie fantasy debut is quite impressive and grabs most of the traditional fantasy ideas and using it to create a well-designed book. It features an intriguing plot which sails you through the story filled with strongly developed characters.

23. Under the Empyrean Sky. (Chuck Wending).

Though a newcomer to the world of self-publishing, Wending has done incredibly well with this work. Typically, it is a novel which targets the kids even though adults can also enjoy reading it. In fact, it is filled with sex, bloody violence as well as foul language.

24. Construct by Luke Mathews.

If you want to venture into an interesting fictional world of the weird yet wildly captivating, then you should give this book a try. If you are bored of the traditional fantasy and you’d love to rejuvenate yourself with a suspenseful tale filled with lots of action, give this indie fantasy piece all your attention.

25. The Priest, by Mathew Colville.

This a highly recommended fantasy book characterized by precise and terse dialogue, characters with relatively sharp angles and short prose. It has a strong plot with complex mysteries which keep pulling the reader closer as much as possible.

The list is possibly endless. However, this is our best pick for the 25 top indie fantasy books. But, do you need to take our word for it? Grab your chance today, read any of these books and explore the world far beyond!

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