How to Cook Brown Rice in a Rice Cooker

With nearly every scientific study showing that healthy eating can potentially help with the prevention of diseases, millions of Americans have shifted to better feeding habits. The big trend in healthy nutrition is to go for high-fiber, whole-grain as well as less-processed food. Typically, brown rice fits into all these three categories. If you are an individual who loves the polished rice, you probably have to adjust your feeding habits.

So what is brown rice?

Before white rice passed through the refining process, it at one point looked exactly like the brown rice. Simply put, brown rice still has the layers of bran and hull. These layers contain the natural wholeness of the grain and are rich in magnesium, proteins, fiber, naturally occurring oils, selenium, thiamine as well as potassium. This implies that brown rice boasts of lots of potential health benefits, including reduction of the arterial plaque buildup, weight control, regulation of cholesterol levels, heart disease prevention, colon cancer prevention among others. What’s more, it is rich in anti-oxidants.

Can you cook your brown rice in a rice cooker?

So you have just bought some brown rice from your local shop, and you are wondering if is possible to cook your delicious meal using a rice cooker? You can perfectly cook brown rice just as easily as the white rice, but it will only need a little more water as compared to the white rice. Bearing in mind that the brown rice is relatively much higher in fiber, it would be entirely wrong to simply follow the white rice cooking instructions on your rice cooker. It is imperative to note that brown rice will need longer time to cook fully because every single grain is surrounded by a layer of bran. This layer contains nearly all the nutrients in the brown rice but slows down the absorption of moisture during the process of cooking.

How to cook brown in a rice cooker

First and foremost, it is critical to note that unlike the white rice where you’ll need to add equal amounts of both rice and water, with brown rice it’s entirely different. Kindly use the various calculated quantities of both rice and water below.

  • One cup of rice, add 1.5 cups of water
  • Two cups of rice, add three cups of water
  • Three cups of rice, add 4.5 cups of water

The cooking procedure:

Rinse your brown rice under cool water: Put the rice in a fine mesh strainer and thoroughly rinse it under the cold running water for thirty seconds. Your strainer should feature very fine mesh since if the gaps between the wires are extra large, you may lose an enormous amount of your rice. However, most cooking experts do not recommend the rinsing process since it is deemed to be an outdated practice. This is simply a cleaning process and necessary if you believe that your rice was mishandled during the bulk storage.

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Next, soak your rice for about forty minutes in hot water: Transfer your brown rice to the cooker and the ideal amount of water to the basin and allow it to soak and soften to the desired level. If you didn’t know, soaking is extremely beneficial because it reduces the stickiness of your cooked rice. Besides, it allows your rice to expand into relatively longer and thinner grains. You can now add some salt and stir the resulting mixture using a wooden mixing spoon to help distribute the salt evenly.

Turn your rice cooker on and set the timer as well: If the cooker of yours has a brown rice setting, use that functionality. However, if it only has the timer, set it to thirty minutes. Close the cooker appropriately and check your rice after thirty minutes. If you realize that your rice still seems somehow tough, you can as well add little water and set the timer for another ten minutes.

Let your brown rice stand: after the timer shuts off, allow your cooked rice to settle for ten minutes. This helps the rice to absorb all the remaining moisture in the bowl and you can then serve your deliciously cooked brown rice.

The Bottom Line

This is the basic procedure of cooking brown rice using a rice cooker. However, it should be noted that rice cookers vary from model to model, and this implies that to prepare the best food, read and understand the instructions that come with your individual rice cooker.