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Body image is one of the best ways to invest your time and money. For your merits to be duly recognized, your image has to match up! Prospective employers have also been known to go through potential employees’ social media profiles as part of the assessment. To help you keep your image at the sharpest, here are the top 25 beauty blogs you should be following this year:

Best Beauty Blogs

#1 Credo Blog

As a pro-animal blog, Credo goes to great lengths to ensure that all products carried don’t have hints of animal byproducts. Beauty products composed of harmless ingredients are tested and reviewed globally, gathering the most honest testimonials.

A top beauty blog based in San Francisco, Credo provides invaluable tips to readers on easy ways to become more fashion conscious from home.

#2 Beauty & the Beat

Even with her busy digital marketing full-time job, Margo Francois still finds time to share her passion in fitness and beauty. In what she calls a ‘one-stop-shop’, she tests all the products personally before giving her review. Readers also get to learn many beauty techniques.

A while back, Margo included yoga as one of her passions on the blog. As her reader, your knowledge about fashion will be unmatched; she has contributed to major publications such as Essence.

#3 Hot & Flashy

Are you approaching your 50s? Angie’s blog is your go-to place for style, beauty, and health tips. During these hot-flash years, you can still maintain your ‘hotness’. As her follower, you will learn how 50 is the new 30!

To promote your well-being and health, the blog has excellent anti-aging techniques and skin care products. As a vlogger, she has huge followings on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms.

#4 Makeup Reviews Hall

Based in India, Prerna’s blog features all forms of beauty advice from home remedies to healthy hair-care. If you are facing immediate beauty needs, the blog’s home remedies page offers guidance on hand-made solutions.

India’s illustrious and beautiful culture is her main source of inspiration. The foods and natural oils used are all readily available. Her love for beauty and cosmetics makes her blog livelier!

#5 Politics of Pretty

When she is not busy with her marketing management job, Kara writes fantastic and useful pieces on her blog. She frequently goes round the Washington DC area, scouting for the latest fashion products, events, and news.

In her blog, readers are treated to a variety of Nail-care, Skincare, and hair-care tips. Her efforts have seen her contribute to Bethesda Magazine and Washington Life. Newcomers and beauty junkies will love it here.

#6 Rougepout Beauty

Formerly, Rebecca was the YSL skincare consultant and makeup artist. Her experience in many events and shoots has equipped her with killer tips she frequently shares with her readers. In her 40s, she strongly believes that age shouldn’t define a person in terms of cosmetics.

Her knowledge and practical expertise come alive on her blog. Her signature red lipstick has been a childhood fantasy; she helps thousands more realize theirs!

#7 Living Pretty Naturally

If you are after optimizing and focusing on your natural beauty, Kate’s blog has invaluable information. Believing in beauty-from-within, this blogger only promotes products deemed good and natural. She views chemical-laden beauty products as precipitants for future internal organ conditions.

On her blog, Kate acknowledges that it’s a culmination of trial-and-error as well as vast knowledge. As her reader, she hopes that you’ll have fun and still learn something new.

#8 Glow Recipe

With more than 20 years of combined experience spanning the fashion world, Christine and Sarah has spent ample time in Paris, Hong Kong, Seoul, and New York City. Her aspiration is to promote the best natural Korean beauty remedies and products to the global market.

The products endorsed here are all harsh-free and all-natural. The readers are also regularly updated with the latest skincare tips, tricks, and trends.

#9 Eleventh Beauty

Martinez, an organic beauty blogger, consistently reminds her readers that natural beauty abundantly glows from within them. She sees this as the true reflection of inner wellness, soul, and heart. All her reviews on natural beauty products are honest and impartial.

Through this blog, Martinez hopes to help thousands of followers to make conscious fashion choices within the maze. She normally blogs on the commuter train when going to work and back home in Melbourne, Australia.

#10 Chic at any Age

Women well into their 50s find Josephine as a delightful beauty and fashion resource. Her blog was developed to fill the largely ignored the over 50s sector. She started out as an apprentice Image Consultant and fashion PR.

This extensive fashion knowledge was honed through her private coaching and major corporate world events and seminars.

#11 BunBun Makeuptips

Focusing on makeup, lifestyle, and pop culture, Juli’s blog gives her readers beauty tricks and tips which can be applied every day. Her followers can personally ask for beauty and fashion advice from her. Apart from highlighting her favorites, her blog also features DIY and Tutorial categories.

Do you want an in-depth knowledge about skin care and get honest product reviews. She also features various conventional makeup and skin care methods which will change your entire experience!

#12 Lipstiq

Elfie Jane does more than provide her readers with a fresh and trendy dose of fashion and beauty insights. Her lifestyle magazine blog offers help on an array of topics such as sex & relationships and travel.

In health and wellness section, readers learn about healthy eating, nutrition & diet, and fitness & sports. She personally reviews products before recommending them to readers.

#13 Street Love

Are you looking for definitive answers to your skincare and beauty issues? As a renowned beauty genius, Fiona Loh gained most of her experience by doubling as a savvy web marketer. Readers can trust her beauty brand for the latest and most applicable tips.

She explores personalized and natural care as one of her passions. Besides her love for fashion, she also has a soft spot for charities and cars.

#14 Chloe.Ash

In skincare and beauty blogging, Chloe Ash is a force to contend with. Her blog has been highly based on knowledge spanning from fashion accessories to skincare, beauty, and fashion tips. She has thoroughly reviewed the market for the leading skincare and makeup products and brands.

In her blog, Chloe discusses an array of powders, foundation, concealers, and so much more makeup information. Her followers receive first-hand personal fashion insights.

#15 SunshineKelly

Discussing an array of topics including fitness, lifestyle, health, and food, Kelly Chin’s blog is an invaluable source of information. Her followers are also fed a consistent dose of travel, cars, technology, and entertainment.

As a wholesome blog, sunshinekelly focuses on making the reader well rounded on both physical beauty and inner purity. She takes questions directly from her followers and provides definitive solutions.

#16 My Women Stuff

To help you avoid making costly, regrettable mistakes, Paris B uses her blog as an avenue to enlighten readers on the best brands and where to find them. In addition, her blog discusses various lifestyles, makeup accessories, skincare, and beauty products.

Her highly researched and excellently written reviews provide useful tips and directions on how to perform beauty projects at home.

#17 With Love Fay

Are you feeling deficient in matters lifestyle, beauty, and fitness? Fay Hokulani offers sane and practical advice to her multitude of followers. From her, you can learn how to maintain weight and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Her blog is laden with realistic reviews of almost all skincare and beauty brands on the market today. She prides herself in providing direct assistance to readers.

#18 PixiWoo

Nic and Sam are your ideal set of sisters, sharing their passion and knowledge about makeup. They easily demystify all tricks used behind the scenes in some of the most captivating makeup gigs. They firmly believe in making beauty accessible to all.

With their solid experience in the makeup and fashion world, these ladies share their personal experiences with readers too.

#19 Fleur de Force

Exploring her passion for beauty and fashion for many years, Fleur leaves nothing unturned when looking for and reviewing the best beauty products for her readers. In her blog, she seeks to identify the clear beauty champs in various categories.

Among other tips, she explains to her followers on how to use hair oil, cleanse their balms, and all other health and beauty procedures.

#20 Tanya Burr

A regular at the globally-attended London Fashion Week, Tanya has loads of goodies to offer her readers. Within no time of following her, you will be beauty-trend savvy. Recently, she released her beauty line and has since been appearing in top publications such as ELLE and Grazia.

Throughout her blog, Tanya strikes a conversational tone with readers. She encourages personalized questions to offer the best beauty help possible.

#21 Zoella

As the owner of one of the biggest names and hugely followed YouTube channel, Zoella is on track to publish her first online book. Through her blog, she shares practical tips for problems ladies face every day when trying to look dashing.

Queen Zoe, as she is popularly known, is on track to having the biggest following across all platforms. Her blog is an endless compilation of priceless information.

#22 Beauty Geek UK

As an award-winning blogger, Sascha classifies herself as a beauty and lifestyle blogger. Her blog has a special section for children and babies, inspired by her young son. She gives honest reviews on all-natural beauty and care products as well as remedies.

In her blog, she encourages her readers to also share knowledge and tips they might have on passion. This creatively designed blog has useful content for virtually all age groups.

#23 Eleise

As soon as she received her amazing Bobbi Brown look as a child, Eleise fell in love with all the possibilities that could come out of makeup. Her friends started taking interest in her rare talent, challenging her to come up with the Eleise beauty blog.

As one of the top beauty blogs, Eleise now helps thousands of readers from all over the globe create perfect looks at home.

#24 Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog

Lola portrays her training in art history and art by looking at beauty with more curiosity than most bloggers. To her, beauty is art and the face a canvas on which to draw emotions, aspirations, and so on. She tirelessly looks for and reviews skincare products required for the ‘perfect canvas’.

Her passion and dedication see her catalog all the products she reviews, making it even easier for her readers to locate them.

#25 My Beauty Bunny

In her quest to connect with other pro-animal bloggers in search of cruelty-free skincare and beauty products, Jen ended up making a huge success out of this. Since 2009, both men and women have sought insight on products and asked personalized questions.

In addition to the vegan products section, her blog also features hair, skin, body, and makeup content. The leading fashion publications in Los Angeles occasionally feature her blog for outstanding performance.


Looking good takes you places and helps you create a perfect rapport with those whose approval you need most. In this competitive age, staying ahead of the pack is as easy as subscribing and following any of the 25 top beauty blogs reviewed here.

At the end, looking beautiful is about being comfortable in your own skin and having fun! All the best as you embark on a journey of self-empowerment.

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