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Question 1: What is SkinnyScoop?

SkinnyScoop is a digital publication dedicated to dedicated to finding ways to make the lives of women better without missing all the fun. We obsessively cover a range of topics that directly affect women under various verticals that include home and kitchen, beauty and fashion, travel, money, entertainment, family, food, books, tech just to name a few. We do the work for you so you don’t have to spend time doing it.

Think of SkinnyScoop as your very close friend who is obsessed with finding the most compelling product recommendations that will appeal to you, providing just the most relevant discoveries, reviews and recommendations.

SkinnyScoop is run by a team of young professional editors. We pride ourselves on following the same professional journalistic standards and ethics as other reputable publications, and we maintain editorial independence from our business operations.

Question 2: Is SkinnyScoop strictly for women?

Absolutely not. Both men and women will find SkinnyScoop useful.

Question 3: How do you choose what to cover?

Our editorial team is obsessed with finding you the most compelling product recommendations that will appeal to you. We’ve been covering the subjects we write about for some time, this is our calling.

Of course we understand that life can be too busy sometimes, hence we filter them all for you, providing just the most relevant discoveries, reviews and recommendations.

Our reviews are based on our personal experiences with brands individual products and their individual components as well the specs we’ve read,  We also take into account other online reviews particularly from those that have used the products, as well as feedback from our personal friends and family members in the industry that are able to demonstrate what other users have experienced.

The reviews on our site are our opinion to help you find some of the best products and deals that are available online, these are not meant to be a comprehensive analysis.

It is likely that many of our readers have a different opinion, and we are always anxious to hear of your experience.

While we make every effort to be accurate at all times, the website and its writers cannot be held liable for any omissions or inaccuracies. Please notify us of any errors via email

Question 4: Do any of the brands you write about pay for media coverage?

No. Our readers trust our recommendations and finds them useful and enlightening, we don’t just recommend products because someone asked us to. SkinnyScoop has a strict policy that never allows “pay to play” for editorial coverage. What this means is that our editorial recommendations and reviews are never paid for by brands and our advertisers don’t get preferential treatment.

We can, however, work with advertising partners to create custom, sponsored content that we believe our readers will not only enjoy but will also find informative, useful and valuable.

Question 5: Will you share my email address or personal information with others?

Absolutely not. Rest assured that any information you give, including your email address, is kept strictly confidential. For more on our privacy policy, click here.

Question 6: How can I advertise on SkinnyScoop

Just contact our sales team at advertise [at] for more information.

Question 7: Does advertising on SkinnyScoop mean that I’ll lose out on editorial coverage?

No. Our editors write about whatever will be most appealing and relevant to our audience, it’s that simple

Question 8: I still have Questions?

Feel free to contact us

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