Taylor Lautner’s Fat and Body Transformation From Weight Gain To Becoming Fit

Popular for his role as Jacob Black, a shape-shifter in the Twilight Saga movie series, Taylor Lautner used to be skinny, with a height of 5 feet 9 inches and weighing 140 pounds (63.5 kg). However, he transformed his physical appearance as he went from lean to muscular in The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009), having gained 30 pounds of muscle.

Some year later, fans were shocked to see that Taylor had become chubby after he took a brief break from the spotlight, but that’s no longer the case as he has been able to work hard to regain and maintain a fit body. This has got many people interested in knowing what he did to achieve the result we all are amazed about.

What Happened to Taylor Lautner’s Physique?

After his appearance in the last of The Twilight Saga film series, Taylor featured in a handful of projects and wasn’t seen around much. At a time, he disappeared completely for a while.

News of his weight gain eventually started spreading in the media in 2015, and when he suddenly returned to the spotlight following a deal he signed to appear on the second season of the Fox television series Scream Queens, a lot of people could not help but notice that he had added weight on his face and body.

At the time, TMZ even tweeted on the subject, as seen below:

Fans also wasted no time in responding to the tweet, as many aired their views on the actor’s increased body size. “he has a beer belly, @frenchcowboy55 wrote. Another fan with the handle @ScarletWebb101 stated, “he still looks handsome to me,” while someone else responded, “OMG, no way! He’s 24 years old & looks different than he did when he was 19? SHOCKER! stf down and don’t lose your balls over it.”

While we are not certain of this, another fan tried to justify Taylor’s weight gain by claiming that he gained weight for a film role and that there was nothing wrong with it.

How much Weight did Taylor Lautner Gain for New Moon?

Anyone who has seen Twilight and its sequel, The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009), must have noticed that Taylor underwent a serious transformation as he went from a skinny, unattractive teenager to a bulked-up Hollywood star. In an interview with MTV in 2009, he revealed that he gained a whopping 30 pounds.

In a November 2009 interview with COMINGSOON.NET, the actor explained that the character of Jacob Black “transforms a lot in New Moon. Not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well…” So, in a bid to fit into the transformed character, he had to work on his weight, however, achieving that full-body makeover did not come easy.

As he told MTV, the entire process required a lot of dedication at the gym and to his diet. According to Taylor, he had to double the number of calories he consumed, “which was just tough, eating every two hours. It was the hardest part for sure,” he explained. He also had to avoid junk food as much as he could and remembered carrying around burger patties in a Ziploc bag to eat in a pinch when he was between meetings.

Additionally, Taylor had to use the gym five days a week and wake up very early in the morning to have some extra calories before filming starts. “Sometimes my trainer, when we were filming — because he was up filming ‘New Moon’ with us — he’d wake me up at six in the morning and be like, ‘Hey, have a protein shake,’ ” Lautner said. Afterward, he would go back to sleep for a few more hours.

Meanwhile, before filming New Moon, there were speculations that an older and more muscular actor might be brought in to replace Taylor Lautner. However, instead of allowing the role to slip out of his hands, the super-talented actor chose to go the tough path to retain the role. Thankfully, his efforts yielded an impressive 30-pound result.

Is Taylor on a Diet?

Taylor maintained his ripped and toned body for some years, and within the period, he was a favorite of many girls. However, as earlier mentioned, he got chubby at some point, to some people’s surprise, and probably a disappointment. Nevertheless, the Twilight Saga star has gained back his muscles and looks even better than in the old films.

Sadly, on digging for information about what he eats to look as smashing as he does, we could not find anything as the actor has not said a word about it, not in an interview or on his social media posts. Nevertheless, there’s no doubt that he is mindful of what he puts into his body.

How Does Taylor Lautner Work Out?

Judging by his current looks, there it’s obvious that Taylor Lautner still visits the gym and works out with weights. Unfortunately, just like details of his diet are not known, information about his new workout routine is also not available.

When Taylor Lautner was working out to achieve his weight for the Twilight Saga film series, he had to hit the gym five days per week, as we’ve already mentioned, and also worked closely with a personal trainer. While we are not certain if he still has a personal trainer, there’s a possibility that the actor might be engaging in the same or similar kind of exercises as he did in the past.

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