Tom Cruise Teeth: What Happened To His Middle Tooth and Does It Affect His Smile

Tom Cruise teeth were previously severely crowded, with his middle tooth discolored. Although this made his smile less than perfect, it did not stop him from smiling neither did it prevent him from progressing in his acting career.

Tom Cruise captured the hearts of many people across the globe with his perfect portrayal of characters he has played in many action movies and the crazy stunts he pulls. However, despite how remarkable he is as an actor, fans could not overlook the fact that there was a problem with his dentition. 

The actor’s teeth defect was noticed right from when he started his acting career in the early 1980s, but he never bothered seeking medical help to fix it until a few years later when he was already a star in Hollywood. Looking at pictures of his teeth before and after his dental procedures, you’ll definitely be impressed by the end result.

What Happened to Tom Cruise’s Middle Tooth?

There are two answers to this question. First, at the time Tom started his acting career in 1981, he had a noticeably disarranged front teeth, with one of his middle teeth obviously cracked and discolored.

Tom Cruise Teeth: What Happened To His Middle Tooth and Does It Affect His Smile
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He got the cracked tooth when it was chipped by a flying puck during a hockey match. After he joined the acting industry and started gaining public attention, he decided to fix his dental issues so he could give his fans a 100-watt grin any day, any time. This leads us to the second answer.

A series of dental procedures later, the actor now has amazing pearly white teeth and an irresistible smile. However, his smile also consists of a middle tooth that is just a bit out of place. Looking at the photo above, you can observe that Tom’s teeth are not really symmetrical with the middle of his face; they seem to have a midline shift towards the left side of his face.

The midline of a person’s teeth is the dividing line between the two upper central and lower central teeth. In a perfect smile, the middle of the teeth should match the middle of the face, but in Tom Cruise’s case, his teeth’s midline is shifted a bit to the left, making his right front teeth to be in the middle.

Tom Cruise’s Teeth Line: Does He Have One Front Tooth?

Although he has very beautiful white teeth, Tom Cruise’s shiny smile has one tooth that is a little out of place. You can notice from his recent pictures that the midpoint between his two central upper teeth (the dental midline) does not match the midline of his face. This makes it look like he has a single prominent front tooth.

His middle tooth aside, some fans have also noticed that Tom’s left incisor appears to be bigger than his right one. This was observed when he attended a benefit screening of the film Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, which he starred in. The event took place in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Did Tom Cruise Get His Teeth Fixed?

Yes, Tom Cruise got his teeth fixed. They were previously misaligned and his front teeth were also discolored, with one of them broken. While Tom has never openly talked about exactly what he had done to fix his dental problems, many dentists speculate that, he received porcelain veneers and most likely had whitening treatments in addition to the braces he was seen wearing while walking the red carpet at the 2002 premiere of Minority Report,

When did Tom Cruise get his teeth fixed?

Tom Cruise’s journey to getting his teeth to be the way they are now started a few years after he started his acting career. Although we can’t say exactly when he sought for help to get it fixed, it’s believed to be around 1993. This is because when he played the role of Steve in the 1993 movie The Outsiders, he had a cap on his chipped front teeth. How do we know this? He voluntarily removed the cap while playing his role.

In 2002, Tom was also seen wearing ceramic braces on his teeth while walking the red carpet at the premiere of Minority Report that held that year which was supposed to fix his crooked/misaligned teeth. Many dentists also postulate that he got porcelain veneers and probably teeth whitening treatments.

Tom Cruise’s Teeth Before and After

Tom Cruise Teeth: What Happened To His Middle Tooth and Does It Affect His Smile
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At the start of Tom Cruise’s acting career, his smile was everything but perfect, but he was never shy to flaunt it. His grin was misaligned and looked unnatural and this was because his top incisor took over his dental line. His front teeth were also discolored.

In a bid to fix his dentition, Tom initially got dental porcelain laminate veneers to hide the discoloration on his teeth, but his teeth still were still somewhat misaligned, so he decided to find a lasting solution to it.

He was seen wearing ceramic braces while walking the red carpet at the 2002 premiere of Minority Report, shortly after he parted ways with Australian actress Nicole Kidman. He used his braces for about two years before removing them. Today, his teeth are snow white and well arranged except that his right incisor that lines up with his nose. That notwithstanding, his smile has come a long way from when he began his professional acting career over four decades ago.

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