Is Jacob Batalon Bald in Real Life and Does He Have Cancer or Alopecia?

Jacob Batalon is bald in real life which has become one of his distinctive features, and has raised questions about whether he has either cancer or alopecia. Well, Jacob Batalon’s baldness isn’t due to cancer, however, several reports show he has alopecia, but the actor is yet to confirm this.

Is Jacob Batalon Bald?

Jacob Batalon has been seen with a clean scalp in a good number of his on-screen works. As a result, most people who know him have wondered if he just prefers a bald shave, if he has been bald from birth, or had a disease that led to it. 

In a bid to clear the air, many sources went digging and eventually revealed that he was actually bald and that his baldness was due to an autoimmune disorder called alopecia areata. 

Does Jacob Batalon Have Alopecia?

As we have already stated above, Jacob has alopecia, according to multiple online sources. The autoimmune disorder develops when a person’s body attacks its hair follicles, resulting in sudden hair loss all over the body.

Even though it can start at any age, most people develop it during their teen years or even childhood, as is reported to be the case with the actor, who is said to have been diagnosed with the disease when he was just 8 years old. 

Although Jacob Batalon has not yet confirmed the reports, they seem to be accurate as it has been observed that in addition to having no hair on his head, the actor also has no beards. However, he has eyebrows.

Additionally, a baby picture of the actor, which he posted on Instagram on February 8, 2019, shows that he had hair on his head as a child. However, in other pictures of him before and after he gained public attention, he is seen without hair, which is a possible confirmation that he truly has alopecia. 

Does Jacob Batalon Have Cancer?

It won’t be out of place for anyone who does not know the reason behind Jacob Batalon’s baldness to think it’s due to cancer. This is because hair loss is one of the side effects people have when they undergo chemotherapy for the treatment of cancer.

However, as opposed to the speculations, the actor is cancer free. Well, that’s what we believe, as there’s no confirmation or concrete proof that he does. He appears to be very healthy and is not known to have any life-threatening ailment.

Does Jacob Batalon Wear a Wig?

Even though Jacob does not seem to be uncomfortable going about his daily life and appearing in movies with his bald hair, he sometimes wears wigs for a change.

He appeared as Ned Leeds, Peter Parker’s best friend and confidant, in all five of the MCU Spider-Man films (Spider-Man: Homecoming, Spider-Man: Far From Home, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and Spider-Man: No Way Home) and wore wigs in all of them.

He also wore a wig for his role in the movie Avengers: Infinity War and the series 50 States of Fright. However, he appeared bald-headed in the films Every Day, Banana Split, and Let It Snow, where he played the roles of James, Jacob, and Keon, respectively.

The Truth About Jacob Batalon’s Weight

Is Jacob Batalon Bald in Real Life and Does He Have Cancer or Alopecia?
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Jacob Batalon has always been known as someone who’s fat, and that was why it came as a shock to many of his fans when he appeared in Spider-Man: No Way Home in 2020, looking noticeably lighter than he has ever been. Although his weight before then is not known, he was obviously overweight as he is believed to weigh more than 200 pounds.

Because it affected his job, he had to embark on a weight loss journey. To achieve his goal weight, he enlisted the help of a professional weight trainer who placed him on a 1 hour 30 minutes workout six days a week. The workouts he engaged in included medicine ball slams, burpees, and renegade rows. Additionally, he also started eating healthy diets

Speaking about his weight loss journey in an interview with Men’s Health, Jacob could not hide his excitement about his new, healthier weight. According to him, he discovered that a lot of overweight people are suffering and added that he was lucky to have regained his health.

Quick Facts About Jacob Batalon’s Baldness

Why is Jacob Batalon always seen as bald in public?
Jacob Batalon, known for his role as Ned in the Spider-Man films, is often seen bald in public. The exact reason is not confirmed but speculation suggests it may be due to alopecia, a condition that causes hair loss.

Does Jacob Batalon naturally have long hair?
No, Jacob Batalon does not naturally have long hair. His character Ned in the Spider-Man films sports long hair, which is achieved through the use of a wig.

Is Jacob Batalon’s baldness due to a medical condition?
There are speculations that Jacob Batalon’s baldness is due to a medical condition like alopecia, an autoimmune disease causing hair loss. However, Batalon has never publicly confirmed this.

Did Jacob Batalon have hair as a child?
According to a photo that Jacob Batalon once uploaded of himself as a toddler, he did have hair during his early childhood. However, since gaining fame, he has consistently been seen with a bald head.

Does Jacob Batalon have facial hair?
While Jacob Batalon is often seen with a bald head, he does have eyebrows. He does not typically sport a beard or a mustache.

Could Jacob Batalon’s baldness be a personal aesthetic choice?
It’s possible that Jacob Batalon’s baldness could be an aesthetic decision. The actor has not confirmed why he prefers a bald look, so it’s unclear whether his baldness is due to personal preference, a medical condition, or both.

Did Jacob Batalon’s character Ned Leeds wear a wig in the Spider-Man films?
Yes, Jacob Batalon’s character Ned Leeds in the Spider-Man films wore a wig. This is because Batalon is bald in real life, but the character of Ned Leeds was depicted with a full head of hair.

Is Jacob Batalon’s baldness due to cancer?
While hair loss can be a side effect of cancer treatment, there is no evidence to suggest that Jacob Batalon’s baldness is due to cancer. He has not publicly disclosed having any serious health conditions.

Has Jacob Batalon ever confirmed why he is bald?
As of the current date, Jacob Batalon has not publicly confirmed the reason for his baldness. It remains a matter of speculation among fans and the media.

Does Jacob Batalon’s baldness affect his acting roles?
Jacob Batalon’s baldness does not seem to affect his acting roles. In roles where his character has hair, such as Ned Leeds in the Spider-Man films, Batalon wears a wig. Otherwise, he appears in his roles with his natural bald look.

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