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People with autism and their loved ones together with friends require excellent self help resources to better manage this condition and lead meaningful lives. With the advent of blogging, there is now more than ever a profusion of high quality online resources to pick from. If perhaps you do not know just where to start, here are the top 10 autism blogs you should read, which can point you in the right direction. It is very important to note that most of the blogs listed here offer a first person point of view. This quite simply infers they are written by persons who have being diagnosed with autism, and are generally about their personal experiences. SkinnyScoop is showing their support to all the Autism bloggers, a good number of them are based on community building themes, with the primary focus on inclusion as well as friendship. Well then, with this fully understood, let us get directly to it.

Best Autism Blogs to Read

1. Emma’s Hope Book

This is a highly engaging blog that is written by Emma Zurcher. Still, from time to time, she makes it a point of duty to invite her own parents, Richard Long and Ariane Zurcher, to make contributions as guest bloggers. Emma’s Hope Book is particularly renowned for providing a wealth of archive blogs, which are still relevant and quite insightful. Fresh content from Emma and her parents is, at the moment, posted on a sporadic basis, but the archive posts are still worth their weight in gold.

2. Autistic Hoya

Autistic Hoya is a very popular autism oriented blog written by gifted author, activist, organizer and motivational speaker Lydia Brown. According to her, she distinguishes herself as holding numerous marginal identities. This includes being autistic, disabled, neuro-divergent and a fierce feminist to boot. All of these identities make her contributions via this blog to be extremely insightful and far reaching.

3. Aspects of Autism Translated

This is a blog run by Judy Endow. She is an acclaimed author, blogger and even motivation speaker who is very passionate of all things related to autism. Endow has managed to publish a variety of books, which touch in detail on this given subject while her blog is well known for its fresh quality and relevant content.

4. Michael Forbes Wilcox

Michael Forbes Wilcox happens to be a proactive Aspergian’ activist. Through this blog, he eloquently expresses his musings on a wide range of issues, including language, politics along with all things autism and Aspergian.

5.Tom Iland

Tom Iland is a noted motivational speaker, author and blogger too. He likes to dwell on transition together with employment associated issues that people with autism have to face on his blog.

6. Hitchhiker Aspie

Hitchhiker Aspie is an entertaining blog written by a young man who is named Englebert Lau. It is noteworthy to state that he was diagnosed at an advanced period of his life. He relishes write blog posts related to Asperger’s syndrome, which come with a humorous twist.

7. Friendship Circle Blog

This blog concentrates on offering comprehensive online resources for virtually all special needs persons including those with autism. Its primary concern is parenting and special education. The Friendship Circle blog offers many insightful posts that are highly noted for promoting friendship and inclusion of special needs individuals within the society.

8. Planet Autism

The Planet Autism blog is written by a very devoted activist with Apserger’s syndrome along with the assistance of 2 kids who have being diagnosed with ASC. This given blog dwells on the everyday living issues for those with autism and their loved ones.

9. Madison House Autism Foundation

This happens to be a non-profit organization, which has been specifically launched to make sure that those individuals who have being diagnosed with autism can obtain a much better future. Madison House Autism Foundation runs an engaging blog, which is highly informative, and addresses a wide range of sensitive issues that are associated with this medical condition.

10. Spectrum Women

This organization provides a top notch autism self-advocacy network that is specifically designed for those ladies who feel they are different’ from the stereotypical profiles society hands to women. Its distinctive approach to forward this objective is to offering the readers of its blog stories of inspirational women of all ages and times. Women who were highly acclaimed for having different’ points of view of life from others, which were nevertheless positive and unique.

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Alexander Brown
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