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Many people seem to forget the simple pleasure that can be experienced by reading books. Your mind is an integral part of your body and perhaps reading books is the best way to improve its condition. Not only does that add to your existing knowledge, but it will equally keep your brain sharper as well. The universe is a diverse place, and this implies that you can extract knowledge nearly anywhere you think. Without a doubt, the best place to learn lots of varied topics in a comfortable manner and without losing every bit of the content is through reading books. Book blogs review books that are filled with experiences, knowledge, useful information as well as the emotions of the writer.

So are you an individual who has an interest in becoming a prolific blogger? Are you looking for somewhere to get the motivation, inspiration as well as the information to help you realize your dreams? Currently, there are lots of fabulous entertaining and engaging book blogs which you can read on a variety of topics. So today, we’ve summed up a total of twenty-five book blogs to help you acquire all the necessary information you’ve been searching for. Read on and enhance your knowledge.

Best Book Blogs

25. Modern Mrs. Darcy.

For extremely knowledgeable articles and blogs, check out for the Modern Mrs. Darcy, where a dedicated reader and passionate lady not only shares her latest work but book recommendations. What’s more, you’ll get to know about her secrets of healthy living. This is a high-quality book which can potentially help you realize your blogging dreams more efficiently.

24. The Indie View.

If you are an individual looking to equip himself/herself with important knowledge or an aspiring blogger, the Indieview offers you the perfect opportunity to achieve your goals. These books are highly versatile and cover nearly every topic even though they primarily focus on book reviews written by the Indie authors.

23. The New York Review of Books.

If you are seeking for something that can help re-ignite your cognitive function, then the New York review of books is the way to go. Here, you’ll access detailed reviews of literature work plus lots of intellectual articles which are beneficial for your development.

22. Nerdy Book Club.

The Nerdy Book Club is typically composed of a group of fantastic readers who write pieces about young adults as well as the kids. Here, you’ll get honest recommendations and reviews created by highly experienced teachers who have a vast knowledge regarding how to help your young ones bring reading to the class environment as well as home.

21. Book Riot.

Book Riot is about just everything! If you are a reader who finds pleasure reading across all genres then this is the perfect place to start.

20. The Millions.

One of the distinct benefits you get reading any review by a consumer is that you get to know what that particular person has experienced. At The Millions, you’ll get fantastic blog posts talking about personal book reviews across all areas. What’s more, there are helpful discussions regarding culture.

19. The Paris Review.

Are you an ardent lover of literature? If yes then this should be the ultimate book for you. Even though it still publishes its own work, the daily blog posts on essays, reviews and interviews are extremely beneficial.

18. Omnivoracious.

For those who didn’t know, Omnivoracious is the Amazon’s official book blog and offers incredible reviews, marketing updates as well as interviews with various authors. In fact, this particular blog book covers every genre and for all age groups.

17. The page turner.

This particular book blog mainly dwells on criticism and commentary on culture and books. It is a great place to extract knowledge and enhance your understanding.

16. The Book Designer.

Published by Joel Friedlander, this popular book blog primarily focuses on helping individuals know how to develop their story. It has more than one thousand and five hundred articles that cover everything related to editing, writing, publishing as well as marketing your written work.

15. Brain Pickings.

Brain pickings are all about the views and thoughts of the prolific author, Popova Maria. Even though the ideas provided here are mostly rooted in creativity, the topics covered are diverse and includes anthropology, literature, science, and technology. It is an all round blog that every aspiring writer will find useful.

14. Signature.

Run and managed by Penguin Random House, this particular blog book incorporates news, writing guidance, books, and culture in one conquering blog post, intended to help you understand the latest issues and happenings in your vicinity through literature.

13. Quill blog.

This is typically a Canadian literary magazine which focuses on reviewing thousands of books annually. For convenience, it is published both in print form and online. Its blog covers interviews involving both established and up-and-coming writers. It also features industry news, book reviews as well as genre-specific articles which offer unmatched benefits to the readers.

12. Jane Friedman.

A professor at the University of Virginia, Friedman boasts of vast experience in the book and writing industry. This blogging site is filled with top-notch articles and resources, ideal for any aspiring writer who wants her/his work to get published. With the massive following, Jane offers her audience industry news, relevant advice, inspirational publications and how-to-articles at every stage of the publishing process.

11. The Write Life.

The write life is a decent place to get the expert advice on how to freelance, market online, blog and write. What’s more, it offers useful publishing information. Whether you are an individual seeking to promote his blog or even a book, the write life’s primary objective is to make it less stressful for you.

10. Electric Literature.

This particular blog book, hosted by the popular blogging platform, the Medium, focuses on giving extensive reviews, interviews, writing advice, essays and book news. It is imperative to note that it is a non-profit book blog whose primary focus is to nurture and support writers with a view of broadening the audience for literature.

9. Helping writers become authors.

Written and published by K.M Weiland, this blog book mainly dwells on author mentorship. The author is a highly experienced individual who has also produced numerous novels and books. Here, you’ll acquire all the necessary skills needed to develop a good story.

8. Tara Lazar.

Tara Lazar book blog is a fantastic resource for you who are seeking to write a fiction story based on children. The resources include how to write for different age groups, the design of the book as well as publishing.

7. Bustle books.

This boasts of everything you would want to read, know, see or explore in the field of books. It updates itself more often, ensuring that it provides high-quality posts and articles covering a broad range of topics, including reviews of new releases, practical tips on how to get motivated as a writer as well as a list of fascinating articles.

6. The Write Practice.

The write practice enjoys arguably the largest readership, thanks to the standard of services it provides. It provides the writers at every skill level with excellent resources, tutorials, and articles specifically intended to help you improve your writing and find your feet in the blogging industry.

5. Green Bean Teen Queen.

It features reviews of the best latest young adult titles as well as interviews with some of the authors. It is a top book review resource where fans of young adult fiction seeking for new recommendations and interviews with their favorite publishers should start.

4. A Thousand Words A Million Books.

It features reviews and information on new titles and usually concentrates on young adult literature.

3. Kittling: Books.

Mystery lovers who are seeking for reviews of the latest titles will benefit from plenty of great recommendations on this particular blog. It focuses mostly on reviews of the most recent mystery books and equally posts weekly links to book-related news as well as other pieces of interest.

2. The Book Smugglers.

This is blog book typically dedicated to speculative and genre fiction intended for all ages. You’ll also get extensive reviews on various books.

1. Five Minutes for Books.

At five minutes for books, you’ll get book reviews ranging from kids, young adults to adults both non-fiction and fiction. They also offer thoughts on reading, giveaways among others.

The Bottom line.

Book blogs are arguably the best place for both established and aspiring readers to know a variety of books by reading the available reviews. We have given you an extensive list of some of the best book blogs to choose from.

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