Top 25 Vegan Blogs You Should Really Be Reading

People who follow a completely plant-based diet are known as vegans, they believe in a cruelty-free diet that has nothing to do with animals. The vegan diet is considered to be one of the healthiest diets and today, we present you the top 25 vegan blogs to inspire a healthy vegan diet.

Best 25 Vegan Blogs to Read Right Now

1) Vegansaurus

This blog with its unique name Vegansaurus has been a great inspiration blog for vegans since the year 2008 and has successfully managed to promote vegan lifestyle. For a vegan it is most difficult to select a restaurant when they are out for a meal, but vegansaurus has made it easier for them as they have managed to find the best vegan restaurants which one can search by location.

2) Thug Kitchen

This vegan lifestyle blog is run by Matt & Michelle, who have been famous for the Winter Vegetable Hominy Hash en Croute as a substitute for the Turkey, where they have shamed turkey cooking and promoted the idea of vegan lifestyle. This famous recipe managed to appear in the New York Daily News along with their other holiday’s recipes.

3) Oh She Glows

Another vegan food blog that foster vegan lifestyle and have the most amazing vegan recipes even the non-vegans would like to try. Angela the proud author of this blog shares the most fantastic non-dairy and non-meat food ideas for the people to enjoy their meals while practicing the vegan lifestyle. She encourages the idea of a healthy lifestyle with the without feeling deprived of the dairy food and meat. She wrote her first book – The Oh She Glows Cookbook in the year 2014, which is a New York Times best seller.

4) Go Dairy Free

This vegan blog aids the idea of dairy free food as the name suggests as well. Started by Alisa Fleming in 2005, her recipes include preparation of food without using dairy products. She shares her best recipes with the readers to continue living the vegan way of life.

5) The Plant Philosophy

This blog by Margaret Chapman shares her love for vegan food and cooking with her followers. She promotes plant-based meals on her blogs to encourage more people to follow the healthy vegan lifestyle.

6) Oh My Veggies

Just like all the vegan lifestyle supporting blogs, this blog has recipes on vegan and vegetarian food. The blog includes meal plans and has the most amazing and mouth watering recipes for vegans. Oh My Veggies include tips and hints to follow the vegan lifestyle.

7) Fork and Bean

One of the most informative blogs on vegan lifestyle, Clara who runs this blog has dealt with digestive problems and started the initiative to start this blog to help people live a meat free vegan lifestyle.

8) Keepin’ It Kind

Kristy and Chris; husband and wife run this blog. While she does the research work and writing, her husband is the photographer. She shares the idea of being kind and the idea to follow veganism. They share recipes, restaurants reviews, tips on how to stay vegan.

9) The Fig Tree

Winnipegger Courtney started this blog initially for vegetarian followers, however, later on, she turned it to a vegan lifestyle blog, after being diagnosed with dairy allergy. She promotes the idea of plant-based food and shares with her followers recipes on the same.

10) Minimalist Baker

This vegan blogger writes and shares recipes with her followers and usually includes 10 or fewer ingredients for cooking and it usually takes less than 30 minutes to prepare meals. This is best for people who work on a tight schedule.

11) Black Vegan Rock

This vegan blog has helped many vegans with inspiration on veganism. It is the first website to promote Black vegans and help people understand and inspire them to stay vegan.

12) Bittersweet

This blog is run by Hannah Kaminsky, who shares her passion of photography and food-themed knitting crafts. She published cookbooks on vegan desserts.

13) Nutriciously

This blog promotes the idea of healthy living and compassionate lifestyle. They promote their idea of a healthy and lean body through veganism.

14) The First Mess

This vegan blog promotes the cooking and lifestyle of Laura who is also a skillful chef. She prepares meals and gives them a new flavor that the vegans would relish.

15) Like a Vegan

Chelsey shares with the vegans the idea of plant-based food and easy to make recipes. This blog is famous for its recipe which is Roast “Chicken” Rolls – made with Jackfruit. This has helped his article make way into the Top 25 Vegan Blogs of 2017.

16) Oh Ladycakes

This website is paradise for vegans who love to bake, Ashlae helps vegan prepare food without dairy products and also promotes the idea of veganism.

17) Bake and Destroy

Natalie Slater shares with her followers the idea of vegan baking, which is baking without dairy products or eggs. She has published two books on vegan diet.

18) The Vegan Woman

The Vegan Woman is run by a group of talented vegan bloggers. They share tips on how to get a nice body with vegan lifestyle. They also enlighten people with ideas on how to raise a vegan family, gardening tips etc.

19) One Ingredient Chef

As the name suggests, this blog contains tips and recipes on vegan lifestyle with a very few number of ingredients. Andrew shares with his followers the healthy plant-based living.

20) Blissful Basil

Ashley shares with her followers the recipes and inspiration to stay vegan and follow a healthy lifestyle. She is a psychologist and presents her words in a very humorous manner thus attracting a large number of followers.

21) The Colorful Kitchen

This very talent New Yorker shares with people the idea of gluten free food and vegan diet for a healthy and a better lifestyle. She uses plant-based recipes to make very colorful vegan food.

22) Rich Roll

The blog shares with us the how vegan lifestyle is the most healthy lifestyle, teaching people to be compassionate about others in life. How one can give up the unhealthy patterns of life to become a vegan.

23) One Arab Vegan

Nada, Egyptian born but raised in Bahrain, shares her vegan style of cooking mixed with Middle-Eastern flavours. She has mixed her tradition with her eating habits and inspired a lot of people with her plant-based recipes.

24) This Rawsome Vegan Life

This blog is run by a very talented university student Emily who decided to be vegan and shares with people recipes and pure inspiration on how to live a cruelty-free vegan life. She has shared many raw food recipes and successfully published two cookbooks.

25) An Unrefined Vegan

Annie posts blogs about healthy vegan life and shares recipes which are all vegan and delicious. She inspires a lot of people to follow the same vegan diet as her and has many people following her path of a vegan lifestyle.

We hope you will be inspired by these beautiful and highly resourceful blogs.

Happy Reading!

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