125 Valuable Resources For Women

Women are usually not given enough educational empowerment or adequate representation in certain fields such as STEM (science, technology engineering, and mathematics). And girls are hardly motivated to pursue tough careers.  When they take up a career interest in such male-dominated careers, they often face poor treatments that will make them want to leave the companies as was seen in the case of Susan Fowler, a software engineer and many of her colleagues at UBER. Recently, some big tech firms have come under attack for repellent or detestable treatments the women who work with them receive. But this is not just happening in the tech world. There have been indications of a wide gap in the progress towards parity between men and women in different areas including educational achievement, political empowerment, economic opportunity,  health, and survival. This is based on different exercises that measure the parity of men and women in different fields.

That is not to say that some industries aren’t brimming with windows of favorable opportunities that provide high, satisfying wage and highly-mobile career directions. Only that women are mostly not allowed to reap these opportunities. If things continue this way, it will prolong a system of inequality, and also put a restriction on the amount of economic growth possible in the tech industry.

A lot of resources have, however, come into existence to support women in different career paths as the awareness of inequality has grown significantly. We have gathered many such valuable resources that advocate for women based on the path they choose.

With these valuable resources, we are optimistic that things will change and more women are going to get motivated to embark on desired careers.

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More Companies Are Becoming All The More Aware Of The Inequality That Exists In Their Different Industries. 

Whether it is in the manufacturing industry, in research, science, and tech field, journalism, education, fashion, entertainment, in health care, there are vast numbers of useful resources online for women looking for support both in terms of careers, and addressing the challenge of fighting gender stereotypes. This list includes 125 valuable resources which you might find helpful, and we have split it into several sections.

The resources enable women to see some positive changes in the way they are being treated and paid in their various career fields. Besides seeing a significant progress, new potentials and talents are being discovered. New headlines on the impact women make from all around the world can now be heard.

125 Valuable Resources For Women

  • Women Resources, Stories From Around The World

To vividly depict how valuable some resources are for women, we have gathered 125 stories, articles, and other useful resources to women in general. Along with enabling more women to work, the resources have also helped women grow in their various fields. Women feel a sense of responsibility and inclusive in their various fields.

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Section 1

Importance Of Women  In The Environment And Sustainable Development

Women are privileged environmental managers because of their close friendship to natural process. Women seem to have the answer to the environmental issues, providing great value in the process of achieving a sustainable environment. Imagine getting more women involved in such development through consistent empowerment.

Section 2

How Women Are Bringing Changes In Mineral And Energy Sector

It will be a great idea to add women in all spheres on an equal basis as their male counterparts as they serve in leading roles in the mineral and energy sector. There are a good number of valuable resources for women that aim to elevate the presence of women in the energy and mining sector. The support encourages women’s advancement in the energy sector and also enable them to enjoy access to business and job opportunities. It also allows women to enjoy the shared knowledge and learning events. This along with other factors bring about society development and economic growth.

Section 3

Science And Technology Resources

In this section, we have included resources that advocate for women who are being mistreated at their different workplaces in the tech industry as well as resources that boost women’s opportunities in the tech industry. Also, there are others that encourage young women to take up an interest in tech studies, fighting barriers that would discourage young girls from taking up such studies.

Section 4

Research and Education Resources For women

Women education generally has led to positive change in different aspects of life. The more educated women get on health, the more they are willing to immunize their children, reduce the risk of child mortality, less likely to contract HIV/AIDS or be taken advantage of, less likely to become victims of domestic abuse or sexually harassed. Also, poverty can also be reduced through women education which is healthy for a country’s economy.

Section 5


Putting a woman in the director’s chair can enable the film to achieve gender parity in other behind-the-scenes roles. This is because women directors, executive producers or producers will serve as an important gateway function in the employment of other women in key roles. This will generally bring gender parity the world is currently advocating for.

Section 6

Medicine And Health Care

Since health care for women has always been a vital issue to be addressed, we have gathered many valuable resources where women can find the support they and their families need in making informed decisions about their health. Some of the resources encourage women to become active partners in their care. Others provide all complete range of health care services for women. The important thing is, proper women’s health care is made a major priority in all of the resources listed below.

Section 7

Housing and Decor

For housing assistance and decor, a lot of resources are available to single mothers and their children although the services are not limited to single parent families. This is because there is a need for low-income families to enjoy reduced rent. Some of the resources are flexible enough to allow you choose where you want to live. Some also cater to people who have suffered domestic abuse and are homeless. With this kind of service, women are empowered to pick their pieces and start all over after a rocky end with their spouse. Apart from providing a safe environment for women who have suffered abuse, most of the resources also provide them with the right tool and information to make better money options for the future.

Section 8

Humanitarian Effort

Women and girls are more vulnerable to the effects of emergencies. They are also less likely to be allowed important positions in decision-making which affect live. They are also less able to get life-saving services that could arise from disasters and war.  With this in mind, women’s rights in emergencies need to be advanced and promoted. Their leadership and readiness to discharge certain duties need also to be recognized. This recognition will inspire them to be on the frontline of humanitarian responses, giving essential reconstructive and community rehabilitation work. It will also bring to light the role of women as first responders in humanitarian crises as well as their roles in prevention and recovery.

Section 9

Valuable Resources For Women In Public Service and Military 

There is a good percentage of women in public service and in the Military although just a small number hold leadership positions compared to that of men. Hopefully, more and more women are going to grow in these career fields in near future. But that’s not to happen without adequate developmental and supportive schemes for women already in the fields. This is why women need to be protected and empowered to diligently take up such duties.

Section 10

Women In Fashion and Apparel

Women are key players in the fashion and apparel industry, and integrating women empowerment is just the right thing to do.  Honoring and incorporating the roles of women in the said industry is also a good way to start. You will find amazing resources for starting out a career in fashion and apparel as well as ones that tend to encourage women who have already found nice bearings in the industry.

Section 11

Aerospace, Aviation, And Automotive

Gender diversity and participation of women in the aviation and aerospace around the world needs to be promoted and encouraged. The effect of it will get more young women motivated to excel in their chosen career. We have gathered some great resources working towards this goal. Most of them show you successful women in the trades and how you can begin your aerospace career!

Section 12

Women in Neuroscience

Women in neuroscience need motivation and inspiration so the number of women in the department will advance. These can be achieved by highlighting the performance of women in the neuroscience, addressing the issues affecting such women and giving the best motivation to them so they can participate in various training opportunities.

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