What is ‘No Mercy in Mexico’ and Why Does It Trend on TikTok?

‘No Mercy in Mexico’ is a cruel and gruesome video that shows a father and son being killed. The video was leaked on the internet in early 2022 and it trended on TikTok and many other social platforms but seems to have been pulled down from the Web due to its gory nature.

Mexico is not only a third-world country, but it is also a very dangerous place. It ranks poorly in the area of security as a result of drug abuse/trafficking, gang violence, and frequent crime, and the ‘No Mercy in Mexico’ video proves this. The video is graphic in a way that is not just extremely upsetting but also shows an utterly odious crime being committed.

In case you came across the video or heard about it without really understanding what it was all about, this article is for you.

Is No Mercy in Mexico Real?

As much as we wish it was not real, it’s quite unfortunate to confirm that what we saw in the horrible ‘No Mercy in Mexico’ video, also known as the Guerrero Flaying Video, was a real-life occurrence. According to a YouTuber known as Plagued Moth, the incident happened in Alpaca Ranch, a city in Mexico that is run by a member of the Los Viagras Cartel.

The video involves a father and his young son who are being mercilessly executed by some other men. The victim’s hands are tied in front while the boy’s mouth is also tied with a piece of white cloth. A group of people hit the older man, attacking him with various sharp objects, including knives, while his son lays on the ground, watching and crying helplessly as his father’s life is being snuffed out. Those shown hitting the father and son are alleged to be part of a police gang.

Explaining the reason they were being brutalized, a Redditor reacting to the video, said that both the father and son were part of another criminal group. “No one was innocent here,” he added. Another Redditor gave a better explanation of the situation, saying that the victims were giving and relaying information to an opposite cartel.

Continuing, the Redditor wrote, “The main killer states “your leader tecuan (teh-quan) won’t be there to help you,” almost as a last diss to the victims as if saying the boss you trusted and worked for won’t even step in to help you even after you’ve been working for him.”

Why Did The ‘No Mercy in Mexico’ Go Viral?

While one should condemn the distribution of material as horrific as the ‘No Mercy in Mexico’ video, a lot of people in the social media community decided to make it go viral by sharing it, especially on TikTok, where it first started before spreading to other sites like Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, Reddit.

With every share came thousands of views. Unfortunately, a good number of people who watched it were left terrified and could not hold back from expressing how much it shook them. Reacting to the heart-wrenching piece on TikTok, one person commented: “Guys I watched the video and even if you are desensitized to this kind of stuff it’s still messed up I was holding my neck in discomfort the whole vid.”

Another wrote, “I watched it halfway and my parents walked in and I threw up and I couldn’t stop thinking about it that day. Haven’t watched it since.” Someone else revealed that he watched it and it scared him to the bones. As a result, he literally begged others who have not watched it not to do so.

The ‘No Mercy in Mexico’ video gave rise to a disturbing trend where other internet users share worrying videos in line with it.

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