30 Cute Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

Cute natural hairstyles for black women include short natural hairstyles, curly natural hairstyles, ponytails, braids, and natural curly bob hairstyles. It is no longer news that kinky natural hairstyles for black women are making a comeback in the black community. After decades of relaxers and weaves, it sure feels good to rock our natural crown in all its glory. But it isn’t all good news, we can all agree that managing and styling the tightly curled hair isn’t easy; especially if you want them long and voluminous. But as you know; nothing good comes easy.

Styling your natural hair depends a lot on the length, and while it may appear easier to style longer hair, shorter and medium-length hairdos have some easy and amazing styles that you can enjoy while growing out your hair.

Short Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

Short hair? No problem. Natural hair is often curly and this gives you an avenue to experiment with a lot of different looks. From teeny weeny afro (TWA) to experimenting with different shades of color, afros, and twists, you don’t have to run out of style. So, here are some cute ways to enjoy your short natural curls.

1. Teeny Weeny Afro (TWA)

So you have taken a big step and done the big chop, what next? The TWA of course. As you grow out your natural hair, styling options may be limited but you can still style your teeny weeny afro. Your hair has already been styled by your natural curls. With a side parting or a side fade or nape undercut, you can enhance your looks.

TWA can be rocked beautifully no matter your face shape, it all depends on how you style it. For diamond and oval-shaped faces, the sides should be tapered, while for a round or square face you want to let your sides grow out evenly with the rest of your hair. Some of our favorite models and actresses like Lupita Nyong’o have made the TWA mainstream. TWA doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and it goes well with bold jewelry, like big earrings and floral headbands.

2. Blonde TWA

A fun way to style your TWA is by adding colors to it. Blonde is one cute color to dye your TWA, of course, you can go for any color that matches your skin tone. The interesting thing about blonde is that it comes in various shades; strawberry blonde, honey blonde, golden blonde, caramel blonde, buttercream blonde, platinum blonde, champagne blonde, rose gold and so much more. Finding what blonde suits you shouldn’t be a problem.

Stars are eagerly embracing this style; Tiffany Haddish’s golden blonde TWA at the Golden Globe in 2021 is so classy and chic. A tapered cut or not, depending on your face shape, side parting, big hoop earrings, fascinators, bold make-ups are all fun ways to switch up your blonde TWA.

3. Wash And Go

Some days may find you not in the mood for elaborate styling and for those lazy days, wash and go is the way to go. Just like the name suggests, this is one of the natural hairstyles for black women that just need washing, and with a little hair product to set the hair, you are good to go.

For naturists with short 4a and 4b curls, just wash, moisturize and scrunch and for 4c hair, a curling gel with a curling wand will help to define your curls. Wash and go is perfect for all face shapes, you just need to scrunch and fluff properly to get your desired shape.

4. Afro With Side Braid

Wearing your natural curls in a simple afro may be a bit too mainstream for some. However, you can add a bit of spice to your look by combining a few braids with your natural afro. You can braid one side of the hair or both and then comb out the rest of the hair in a beautiful afro. Alternatively, you can extend it to a braided mohawk updo. Splashing some color onto the curls also helps to keep the look interesting.

The latter style is perfect for diamond and heart-shaped faces and the former for round and square faces. Metallic cuffs, hair rings, and bold jewelry pieces will give this style a wholesome glam.

5. Two Strand Twists

The two-strand twist is a protective hairstyle that gives your hair a much-needed break. This style is created by twisting two sections of hair around one another to the ends. A flat twist or a cornrow to the sides or a twisted fringe fanning the face may be added as an extra touch. The two-strand twist is a good protective style and you can make it work when styled appropriately.

A fringe will work well for long, square, and heart-shaped faces, with a side-swept fringe for round faces. If you have an oval face, omit the fringe or any twist that sweeps forward. For you to achieve length retention, low manipulation is important. With this style, your hair can rest from daily styling for a week or two. Two-strand twists on short hair aren’t popular though because it can be difficult to grab onto the hair and the twists aren’t as juicy as on longer hair.

Black Short Curly Natural Hairstyles

Curly is the definition of most black short natural hairstyles. And there’s no better way to style your short hair than to keep the curls popping. With the help of curling butter and gel, it is a little easy to achieve these cute curly on natural hairstyles

6. Curly Brush-Up

For short hair that can’t be layered, a brush-up will do. Technically, you don’t need a brush to achieve this look, a comb will do. Just comb your styling product through your damp hair and allow it to set. However, if you have an oblong or square face, this style isn’t for you. You don’t want to add that extra length to your face. This style is perfect for oval and round faces though.

7. Curly Afro

Afro is the darling of all naturists, you can never go wrong with it. We love it full and fluffy and sometimes curly. A fluffy twist out will give you this interesting look; just do a double strand twist, set with styling gel, and when set, unravel, separate the curls and fluff the roots.

With this afro, you don’t have to worry about your face shape, this super cute style doesn’t look at faces. It fans the face beautifully and draws attention to the hair and softens the facial features. So, if you want to flaunt your facial features, this wouldn’t be for you.

8. Tapered TWA

Curly TWA with a tapered side is one unique way to style your short hair, especially for diamond and heart-shaped faces. The tapered side accentuates the prominent cheekbones for the diamond face and for the heart-shaped face with widow’s peak or pushed back edges, this style’s got you covered. Adding the extra curls to the top of the hair softens the otherwise edginess of the tapered sides.

9. Finger Curls

Tiny finger curls will leave your hair super defined and bouncy. You can have them thick if you wish. These curls are created by twirling each product saturated strand continuously on a finger until it sets. Finger curls are uniquely different and it is also a great way to start off your loc journey. Because you can determine how they lay, finger curls can go with any face shape. Oblong and heart-shaped faces would do well to get a forward sweep and no center parting, please.

10. Curly Pixie

Curly pixie is an alternative to the Tapered TWA; it is shaped like a pixie cut but without the faded or tapered sides. The back and sides have shorter curls than the front, where there is more volume. Round and square-shaped faces will enjoy rocking this style as it adds some height and softness to the look as well. Long and oval-shaped faces may rock this style, however, there should be less hair at the top. And you know what will be great for this style? A bit of color to keep things interesting.

Ponytail Hairstyles for Natural Black Hair

The ponytail hairstyle is one of the quickest and easiest hairstyles for natural hair enthusiasts with longer hair. It is as easy as gathering your straightened hair in a bun, puff, or ponytail and the look, although simple, is super cute and generally fits all face shapes.

11. Big Puff

The big puff is best described by its nickname the ‘pineapple’, you just have to pile your loose set of curls on top of your head and secure it with a wrap. The ending result closely resembles the shape of a pineapple. The puff can either be towards the front or at the center. Puffs are meant to add height to your face, so they can make your face look longer. So, for long faces, extending the puff into a fringe that covers the forehead would be best.

12. Side Puff

We have to admit that the big puff might be too common and boring, so why not switch it up into a side puff. This is a natural hairstyle for black women you don’t see often but the result is super cute when done well. Instead of gathering the puff in a central location, tilting the puff to the side can be surprisingly fascinating. This style is perfect for all face shapes and accentuates your facial features as well. So choose your best side and have fun with the side puff.

13. Double Puff

Why not divide your puff into two to create a double puff? Double puffs are very chic and cute, especially for thick voluminous hair. It is a fun look to wear for a girls’ night out or a date. This look can be bold or subtle, depending on how you accessorize it. This style is a match made in heaven for oval and round faces; it accentuates the face while adding some height and softness to your look.

14. High Bun

We know some people might feel conscious of having a big puff, after all, it can be quite an attention-grabbing beauty. If that is the case, you might want to start off with a bun. The high bun is not only a classy style but unlike in the puffs, the bun will have your ends safely tucked away. So double win.

Also known as a top knot, this style doesn’t add as much height to your face and its sleek look draws attention to the face. So for diamond, round and oval faces, a high bun is okay. As for heart-shaped and oblong faces, a mid-height or low bun is the best option, as it draws attention to the lower part of your face instead. This look goes well with bold pieces of jewelry. as well as pearly studs.

15. Half Up Half Down Ponytail

The half up half down ponytail imitates a full ponytail but it has a fuller look as compared to your typical ponytail. With this natural hairstyle for black women, you have to part your hair into two, from ear to ear, then gather the top part in a ponytail while the lower part is left flowing down your back. This style creates the illusion of longer voluminous hair and the extra volume from this style makes it perfect for all face shapes as it makes the face smaller. You wouldn’t want to wear this style in summer though, but for winter it can be of great help.

16. Braided Ponytail

Now we are in the world of the traditional ponytail with straightened hair. This natural hairstyle for black women could be on blow-dried hair or on flat-ironed hair. While your hair can be left out in a classic ponytail, it is best to braid it to avoid snags and breakage. A braid also keeps the hair moisturized and is easier to manage. For a nice and delicate touch, you can add some beads to the end of the braid.

Oblong and heart-shaped faces will do well to avoid this style unless they would attach a detachable fringe to the front, while round faces should go for a high ponytail.

17. Bubble Ponytail

Bubble ponytails are another fun way to style your ponytail. They are also known as banded ponytails, which gives you a clue as to how it is styled. Just gather your hair into your normal ponytail, then using bands, demarcate the tail into bubbly sections. You can also create a bubble ponytail that will hang down your shoulders for a more girly look.

Interestingly, banded ponytails can be used to stretch your hair as well. In this case, you wouldn’t need to create the bubble, just stretch the hair with your fingers and secure it with a band. The style is good for oval, round, and diamond-shaped faces.

Natural Braided Hairstyles For Black Women

Black hair is widely associated with braiding, after all, it seems to be the only style that kept the ‘unruly’ curls in check. Braids are so versatile; with braids, you achieve elegant and sophisticated looks or explore your youthful and playful side. And of course, they are great as protective styles.

18. Crown Braid

This is one of the easiest yet most beautiful styles for medium and long natural hair and it is also great for protecting the ends as they are neatly tucked in. The crown twist can be with center parting or with a side parting. With the side parting, the ‘halo’ is more prominent and is the best option for diamond and oblong-shaped faces. Instead of a braid, you can also go for a flat twist, which is just as gorgeous.

19. Extended Flat Twist

The extended flat twist basically starts off as a braid or a flat twist and then extends into a double strand twist. The longer and more voluminous the hair is, the thicker and juicier the twists will be. This style is a great way for ladies with long hair to take a break from their long tresses while still flaunting their gorgeous locks. Anyone can comfortably rock this style. The fringe is a must for diamond, square, and heart-shaped faces. As for others, braiding away from the face will accentuate it.

20. Flat Twist With Low Puff

If you don’t need the extra height from a high puff or bun, the low puff will do the trick. Braiding or flat twisting the hair offers extra protection and creates a sleek look. This is one of the natural hairstyles for black women that is more subtle and a great way to show off your facial features. So, oval and round-shaped faces will look great in this.

A braided low puff is also great for square-shaped faces as the volume at the nape softens the jawline. Heart or triangular-shaped faces should avoid this style, you don’t want the slicked-back look that would put your forehead out there.

21. Mini Braids

If you love your box braids, you would definitely love this mini braid style. Here, you don’t need extensions, just braid your natural hair as you would your box braids and you are set. Arguably this style is the best fit for long hair, but medium-length hair can achieve this too.

This is a protective style you would carry for a longer period, and it gives your hair a long break while still accessible for daily moisturizing. This style can be rocked by all face shapes but for long faces, there should be no center parting and the braids shouldn’t be styled hanging over your shoulders.

22. Chunky Flat Twist

Chunky flat twists are so beautiful and surprisingly one of the natural hairstyles for black women that are so easy to make. Unfortunately, they do not last long but it is definitely worth trying out. Chunky flat twists generally can be styled into top knot bun, chunky flat twist updo, side flat twists and so much more.

This easy protective style option goes well with most face shapes. It all depends on how you style your flat twist. The golden rule remains a fringe for long and heart-shaped faces and nothing too sleek. Oval faces need to show off their faces and round faces would need some added height.

Medium Length Hair Natural Hairstyles For Black Women

Having medium-length hair gives you the best of two worlds; you can comfortably rock natural hairstyles for black women meant for short and long hair, perhaps with some added help here and there. Interestingly there are looks that are uniquely meant for this length and you might as well enjoy it while you can.

23. Puff With Twist Out Fringe

This is a super cute style for medium-length hair, and what’s more, it can be rocked by all face shapes! The fringe goes well with a long and heart-shaped face while for a round, oval, and square face, you might want to pin down the fringe to the side. Remember to use a mousse for curls to last longer. How you accessorize this style makes a difference between casual and ceremonial, either way though, it is definitely eye-catching.

24. Front And Back Puff

The front and back puff is the go-to style when your hair isn’t quite there yet for a big puff. And of course, when your long or heart-shaped face is getting in the way of a high bun, a front puff that partially covers the forehead is a delightful alternative. This is one of the natural hairstyles for black women that isn’t quite popular though but with adequate accessories and a confident outlook you can pull it off. Round-faced naturalists would also love this style for the added height.

25. Mini Afro With Crown Braid

Medium-length hair can enjoy the crown braid with a mini afro. Although not as regal as the crown braid for longer hair, the afro makes this style suitable for all face shapes. Triangular and heart-shaped faces no longer have to worry about the slicked-back look as the mini afro will take care of that. This style is great for flaunting your facial features, and with a bit of color, that cute and enticing look can be achieved.

26. Gorgeous Natural Updo

Natural Hairstyles

Natural hair can look every bit as glamorous as any other type of hair when fashioned into this classy updo. The intricate braiding of the sides and the top portion of the hair results in an elaborate updo that looks very elegant and feminine. While all face shapes can rock the look, long and heart-shaped faces would especially enjoy this style when the updo is extended to cover the forehead.

Natural Curly Bob Hairstyles For Black Hair

Bob is one hairstyle that embraces all face shapes; it all depends on styling. Curly bobs, curly asymmetric bobs, short curly bobs, bobs with bangs, you name it, you can never go wrong with a bob. There is nothing to stop you from turning your black hair into a bob and here are some of the trendy styles you should consider.

27. Double Strand Twist Bob

A protective double strand twist in a cute bob, this style is so chic and alluring. With the cuffs and a mini side braid, the style adds an extra twist to your bob. This style is specially meant for long and square-faced ladies, it is shoulder length and partially covers one side of the face. On a plus side, you can switch this style up by unraveling the twists into a twist out when you get bored of this look.

28. Wash And Go Bob

Wash and go bob is the mainstream hairstyle for those lazy days when you aren’t up for a complicated style. With a styling gel or cream, you can easily transform your freshly washed hair into this curly beauty. All you have to do is run the product through your hair and let it set. For long faces, you might add a short bang and for round and square faces, if you are bold enough, you can try graduated bob, which is shorter at the nape and longer upfront.

29. Asymmetric Twist Out Bob

This asymmetric twist-out bob is a beauty for medium-length hair. Unlike the double-strand twist which is limper, the twist out, which is an unraveled twist is fuller. This stunning look is further edified by the wine red color of the twist out. You just can’t go wrong with this style. This short curly bob matches perfectly with all face shapes, especially heart-shaped faces and it pairs well with bold accessories. This style would equally look amazing on long hair as well.

30. Chunky Twist Out Bob

To achieve this chunky twist-out bob, you have got to make the initial two-strand twist quite bulky, so that when it sets and is unraveled, a beautiful chunky twist out is the result. This style takes less time and it stretches out the hair beautifully.

This look works especially for a diamond-shaped face as it hides and softens the otherwise prominent cheekbones. The same goes for square-shaped faces, especially with the center parting. This style might not be long lasting but you have got to admit, it is bold and gorgeous.

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