47 Best Short Haircuts for Women with Round Faces

Short haircuts for round faces come in different ways and can help in amplifying facial features, however, getting it wrong can make you look older, your face rounder and shorter, and your beauty may not be as projected as desired. When you want to choose a haircut for your round face, you may want to put into consideration the texture of your hair, color, and how slim or fat your face is.

Before we delve into different types of haircuts for women with round faces, it is worthy of note that contrary to the belief that short hair is not a go-to style for women with round faces, one can explore any type of length from the shortest to shoulder length or more. What is important in haircuts for round faces is having a style that can make your face look elongated and slimmer. Here are the right haircuts to define your round face in attractive ways.

Short Haircuts For Fat Faces

1. Asymmetrical Bob

Short Haircuts for Women with Round Faces

This haircut allows for one side to be considerably longer than the other and women with a fat face can have a great deal of an elongated face from it. It also contributes to making the face, as well as the neck, look slimmer. Interestingly, an asymmetrical bob gives room for versatility and can be used by women of different ages.

Ways women with a fat face can rock an asymmetrical bob

  • Make it wavy with side parting
  • Choose a length – whether short, long, or short with shaved back
  • Dye the hair with any color of your choice to give it a popping look
  • Have an asymmetrical bob with long layers and bangs
  • Cut your asymmetrical bob in a classic style

2. Tousled Bob

When looking for a messy hairstyle that you can rock effortlessly on your fat face, you may want to put into consideration the tousled bob which has proven to be a go-to hairstyle for every type of face. Nonetheless, this style, when used by women with a round face, it is advisable that it should be done in a length below the chin. Also, it fits better and makes the face longer if done with a few layers that will give volume at the top.

How to rock a tousled bob

  • Avoid middle parts and blunt straight bangs
  • Having this style with a little shorter back will give it a more modern look
  • It looks great on most hair types and colors.

3. Edgy Bob with Bangs

While Americans may be familiar with the hairstyle and edgy bob with bangs, British English sees it as an edgy bob with a fringe. Whatever the case, this hairstyle does not choose people by what region one is from. It is a perfect haircut for round-faced women. It is shaggy and short and has lots of edgy layers that cut right on the jawline and its bangs or fringe gives a fat face a slimmer, longer, and oval look.

Tips on wearing an edgy bob with bangs

  • Try to avoid bangs with straight lines as they can show the fullness of your face.
  • Side bangs should be your go-to style as they can make a short face look longer.
  • Except you intend to grow your hair, trim your bangs every 2-3 weeks.

4. Layered Haircut With Long Curtains

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Rather than having a straight cut, you can wear your haircut with layers if you have a fat face. This haircut is done in different lengths and according to some sources, it is best if the layer starts around the cheekbone area. This will add to the elongation of a round face.

Ways to effortlessly rock the layered haircut with long curtains

  • Watch how fast your hair grows and get it trimmed as soon as the layers start to grow.
  • You can enjoy this hairstyle in different colors
  • The layered haircut can be styled differently – with center or side parts

5. Voluminous Lob

This is one of the great short haircuts for round faces. This hairstyle is also known as long bob and it gives a longer and narrower face. Although it is believed that the style is better for women with fuller hair, it has also proven to go with hair of different textures and colors.

How best to style voluminous lob

  • Add fullness to the crown of your head to make your face look longer.
  • A side part has proven to make a face look more oval
  • You may want to tuck in the side of the hair that does not have volume behind your hair to give a different look and expose a part of your face.
  • Curl the lob

6. Wavy Medium Length Hair With Highlight

American actress, Sarah Hyland has proven that wavy medium-length hair should be a haircut to consider by women with round faces. To give your hair a flair of the red carpet in your daily life, you may want to consider having waves for your medium-length hair. These waves help in creating movement and giving an illusion for a longer face.

Great ways to style wavy medium-length hair with highlight

  • Highlight your wavy hair with any color such as blonde and brunette, wine and black, blue and black among others.
  • You can highlight either the tip of the hair or start from the middle or root.
  • You can choose to make large or smaller waves.

7. Super Feather Bangs

This haircut is not necessarily short as it can be done as short as a pixie or as long as it can reach the neck area. This style fits better when one chooses a color that suits their complexion.

How best to style super feather bangs

  • Make a modern feathered haircut with a part floating on the forehead.
  • The edges can be curled.
  • It is most suitable for women in their 20s and 30s.

Chubby Face Short Layered Haircuts

8. Short Spiky Pixie Haircut

Where possible, consider getting the barber or hairstylist to make your hair spiky, especially at the crown of your head. By doing this, you will give your head greater length. This will have the effect of making your face look slimmer and longer.

Ways to style your short pixie

  • Have a good hairstylist
  • Select a color that best suits your complexion
  • The shorter the back, the longer your neck may look
  • The length of the front can be short or long, depending on how comfortable you are.

9. V-Cut Outgrown Pixie

The long wispy layers of this hairstyle create an illusional longer face. This hairstyle also has a good number of layers which makes it easy to fit different types of faces, including the chubby ones.

How to style the V-cut pixie hair

  • Add waves
  • You can start your v-cut pixie from around the ear region.
  • It’s safe to sample colors
  • It looks better with bangs

10. Messy Pixie Cut

Although the name suggests messy, this hairstyle does not stay far from being classy and a go-to one for women with chubby faces. This style has often been used by women, including celebrities with chubby faces like American actress, Raven Symone.

How best to rock messy pixie

  • Make the sides and back a lot shorter than the front and middle sections.
  • Make an asymmetrical messy pixie
  • You can choose to have a flat front fringe in front or create volume to make your face look classy.

11. Two-Tone Undercut Short Haircuts

This haircut normally comes in two different colors. The front of this hairstyle is usually longer and it becomes shorter underneath to create a flat back and a sleek silhouette. For women with round faces, it is better to go with a side part.

12. Cropped Hair

The cropped haircut is great at slimming down a face. This automatically makes it excellent for a round face. It is also easy to maintain and great for women of different ages.

Ways to style cropped hair

  • Lay it flat to or part in any direction
  • Although the style is shorter, you can style it in undercut

13. Forward Styled Pixie Cut

If you can stand having hair falling on your face, this is not a bad haircut to try on your chubby face. Although you can make this style lay flat all through, making it spiky can add to making your face look oval.

Interesting ways to style your forward style pixie cut

  • Have fun trying the color of your choice
  • The sides and the back of your head should be shorter than the front.
  • V-cut can increase the chances of having a longer-looking face.

14. Ducktail Crop

If a straight cropped cut is not your thing, you can spice your cut with curls. From the side, the hair should be cut shorter and made fuller around the middle or one side if you opt for side-swept curls.

Ways to style your detailed crop haircut

  • You can have your curls facing the side, of your head, the front or back.
  • A side of the haircut may be shorter than the other or you can make both sides of the head shorter to create a mohawk-like look.

15. Mullet-Inspired Cut

This is one of the short haircuts for round faces. It has been a hairstyle that has stood the test of time and has been used by women with different shapes of faces, including women with chubby faces. This group of women can create more volume in the mid-section of the head to create a longer face.

Great ways to rock this haircut

  • Ask your hairstylist to cut the hair in a way you can easily switch looks.
  • You can make bangs as often as possible
  • Have a slicked back
  • Swoop hair to the side
  • Make spikes or curls

16. Dark Waves with Bangs

Short Haircuts for Women with Round Faces

In the same way, you can easily conceal your rounded face and give it a longer look by getting short and dark waves. The contrast between your face and your wavy hair will help you achieve this look.

How to style your dark waves with bangs haircut

  • Make waves with hot iron or rollers
  • Choose a suitable length
  • Go for a color that suits your skin tone

17. Textured Bob with Shadow Roots

A flattering style for a round face is the textured bob with a deep side part that sweeps through a particular side of the face. The root of this style is usually a dark-shaded color with a lighter color on the other part of the hair.

How to style

  • Use the color that suits your skin tone
  • Leave out the part of face your find more appealing
  • Make the edge shaggy of having a v-cut
  • You can decide to make the front part of the hair shorter as in bangs

18. Sleek Bob Pixie

With this hairstyle, the neckline is shaved while hair is gathered round from the front. The bangs with layers add volume to the hair, especially in front.

Best ways to style to sleek bob

  • Tuck a side of the hair to the back of your hair
  • You can make an A-line effect in the front of your haircut
  • A deep side part can help

Short Natural Haircuts For Chubby Face

19. Curved Frontal Pixie

This hairstyle presents itself going backward before dropping to one side of the face. The fullness of the hair, especially in the middle section of the hair makes it ideal for the chubby or round face.

How to style

  • Ask your hairstylist to create the pixie in a way that the best side of your face will show.
  • The edges can be curled

20. ’80s Crop with curls

Although the name of this style may suggest that the style is out of vogue, it still has its existence among women with natural hair and with different shapes of faces, including women with round faces.

How to style the ’80s cut curls to define your round face

  • Let a part of the hair fall on your face
  • Use accessories
  • Use pins to clip the back of the hair and let the front fall in bangs.
  • Explore 2 different blending colors.

21. Styled Curls

Curls incredibly do not choose the length of hair to explore. As such, you can style your hair with a medium haircut or a very short one. These curls can give volume to your hair, contributing to elongating your face.

Ways to make natural curls

  • Choose a length
  • Make use of different types of curls to give yourself different looks. Some ways to make curls include finger curls, straw curls, and roller curls.
  • Choose a product to define your curls and make them last longer.

22. Closely Cropped Curls

cropped curls

This style gives the look of class and never goes out of trend. It involves the curling of hair closely in a way that allows your short hair to fall in different directions of your head.

Exceptional ways to style this haircut

  • Use the best curling wands, iron, and finger combs to define curls
  • Make use of moisturizer and curling activator

23. Tapered Afro

The face is less wide and slimmer when you make this haircut. This is mainly because it lets the hair on the sides of your head become narrow.

How best to style tapered afro

  • You can make the hair straight or curly with natural hair curler or gel
  • It gives room to have shaved designs where the hair is lower at the sides and the back of the neck
  • If you’re a fan of carving, this haircut allows trying different types
  • It is easy to sample colors.

24. Angular, Asymmetrical Pixie

As one among short haircuts for women with round faces, this hairstyle incorporates in itself a blend of a style as in the asymmetrical bob, razor-cut layers, and a buzz cut. The face will be exposed through an added volume of hair that can reach the jawline from a swept side.

Interesting ways to style

  • Raise the front part in a hawk way.
  • Lay it down with gel or pomade
  • Flip it all back
  • There’s room for curling to change your looks every now and then

25. Springy Short Cut for Kinky Hair

The natural hair for black women and be styled in curls. The length of this haircut is usually not the same all over as the fullness of the hair centers on the crown of the head.

How to make a springy short hair

  • Style using styling gel
  • Make your curls with Bantu knots and lose them hours afterward to create springiness.

Round Face Low Maintenance Short Natural Haircuts For Black Females

26. Buzzed Pixie

This is one of the short haircuts for round faces. The front of this style is left longer than the sides of the head. Apart from defining the face, the extra short hair around the name gives an illusion of a longer neck.

Best Ways to enjoy this low haircut

  • You can either relax the bangs or flex them in their natural state
  • Curl or enjoy them straight

27. Mini Afro

One low-maintenance haircut for black women is the mini afro which allows for a wash-n-go method or styling with any product suitable for you. The mini afro gives the face a definition and pronounces other features of the face while giving the chubby face a daring look.

Best ways to enjoy a low maintenance medium afro

  • Comb and let your afro fly
  • Make a bun or puff
  • Create fro-hawk
  • Have the pineapple style

28. Teeny Weeny Afro Haircut for Natural Looks

Popular as TWA, the Teeny Weeny Afro is one of the haircuts that one can enjoy on a low budget and still give the round face an interesting look. This style is usually shorter than many other cuts and can be done in different ways – low cut and with little carves by the sides.

Best ways to make your TWA attractive 

  • Use natural gel to make it lay flat or create curls
  • Make Bantu knots
  • Wash and go and incredible for this haircut
  • You don’t have to live it to grow too long if you intend to maintain the length.

29. White Gold Waves with Edged Side Design

This short hair can give a million-dollar look to a round face without having to break an arm and leg. The edges are made shorter with designs, while the mid or a side has low hair. Instead of going for black hair, the white gold gives a classy look.

Ways to style this haircut

  • The white gold color is vital
  • Your hairstylist can make different designs of your choice
  •  You can opt to lock or curl the hair

30. C Cut Line Hairstyle

This trendy haircut has been explored by women of different ages and with round faces. For women with a round face and in need of a hairstyle that can be easily maintained.

How best to style the c cut hairstyle

  • Have a deep c-cut or a short one
  • One side of the hair can be shorter than the other
  • The hair can be very short or a little longer than TWA
  • The nape area could be made in a v, u, or straight shape

Short Edgy Haircuts For Chubby Faces

31. Short Gothic Asymmetrical Cut

Instead of just having a haircut in a gothic manner, you can opt for an asymmetrical cut that is short.

How best to style

  • Let your hairstylist help in choosing the best gothic haircut for your face.
  • Try to make it asymmetrical.
  • Play around with shadowed or single colors.

32. Edgy Pixie Cut

This haircut is a blend of pixie and buzz-cut. The crown has layers that are long and fall as bangs. Added with a blonde look, this gives the round face an attractive look.

How to style an edgy

  • Choose a bang that will easily fit you. Ask your hairstylist for advice
  • You can spice the blonde look of your hair with a dark root

Double Chin Short Haircuts For Fine Hair and Round Faces

33. Jaw Length Crop Cut

Double chin hairstyles allow for the chins to accommodate hair falling on both sides of the face. This style ends at the jaw area with a crop that reveals the neck.

How to choose the best jaw length crop cut

  • Select the type of crop to make – French, textured, or layered
  • The edges can be straight or curly
  • Always trim your hair to maintain the length

34. Modern Shaggy Haircut

As one of the best short haircuts for women with round faces, this style lets round-faced women comfortably hide their fat chins and reveal other facial features. This can be done as asymmetric bob or A-line among other styles.

What to know about styling a modern shaggy haircut

  • It can be done in different lengths
  • Select a great color or live it naturally
  • You can create shorty bangs or let the hair be equal and fall on both sides of the chin

35. Thinned Out Shoulder Length Hair

The front hair that may fall on both sides of the chin does not have to be as long as the other parts of the hair. This hair is long enough to allow updos and you can try different styles such as ponytails and French braid to list a few.

Ways to style this haircut

  • You can cut the hair in layers
  • Make center or side parts
  • Thinned edges can be curled or straightened

Very Short Haircuts For Round Faces

36. Short Finger Waves

This is a short haircut that has been in style for a long time. The style is achieved by cutting the hair and creating waves and curls throughout.

How to style finger waves

  • The midsection can be longer to make your face look longer
  • The nape area is usually made to look shorter than usual
  • Live out tight curls or comb out
  • The curls can be styled in one direction or scattered in different directions

37. Layered Curls Haircut

Short Haircuts for Women with Round Faces

Short curls also work well for people with round faces. Where possible, ask your stylist to layer the curls at the very top of your head. You can also add color shades at the roots.

How to style the short layer haircut

  • Choose how you want your curls to look – tight or loose
  • Create a short bang in front of the hair or ask your stylist to make your curls all back
  • Cut the hair in the same length or have a part, such that the back looks shorter

38. Wavy Minimalist Chop

One of the major advantages of this haircut is that it is a low-maintenance style. Rather than just cutting the hair as in TWA, women with round faces add waves to the style to give it a more interesting look.

Best ways to style the wavy minimalist chop

  • Ask your hairstylist to create beachy waves for your hair
  • Use a good scalp conditioner, hair spray, and oil to give it a good healthy shine
  • Maintain the length of the hair by cutting it once it grows longer than desired

Short Layered Haircuts For Round Faces

39. Sophisticated Layers With Flat Side

With a professional razor cut, these layers can easily be achieved. A side of the haircut can be lower as in TWA or one can decide to have it buzzed.

Ways to style sophisticated layers with the flat side

  • Explore any length of the hair
  • You can use shadow to add to the beauty of the hair

40. Short Honey and Black Layers Haircut

Short Honey and Black Layers Haircut

You can also get a short layered haircut of the business kind. This is effective, especially within the work environment.

Best ways to style these haircuts

  • Curl the hair or allow it straight
  • Choose to make the honey color more pronounced at the black

Round Face Short Haircuts For Wavy Hair

41. Short Razored Pixie with Sideburns

Instead of having just a razor-cut hairstyle, angular sideburns for your pixie are another great option to help define a woman’s round face. Depending on what one wants, the angle cut can be made on just a side of the head or on both sides.

Guide to styling short razored pixie with sideburns

  • The bangs in the pixie can lay low or make it textured
  • You can have a futuristic flair in the middle
  • Your razored pixie can be scattered or otherwise
  • Angular sideburns can be short or long
  • Explore different colors

42. Curly Bangs

The side and back of this haircut are usually longer than the hair that falls on the face as in bangs. The difference between this style and other styles with bangs is the creation of curls that add volume and give a flattering look to a round face.

How to achieve curl bangs

  • Black women can achieve this look with finger curls, twist-outs, and Bantu knots loose out among others.
  • Hot iron or rollers are good for most types of hair when creating curls.
  • Curling custard, gel, activator, or other curling agents can help in making your curls look better.

43. Classy Wavy Haircut

There are different types of short haircuts for round faces. While others may decide to explore the short beachy waves, some people may prefer loose waves or wavy ends among others.

Guide to making and styling classy wavy haircut

  • Ask your hairstylist what type of hair you have and have them select good waves for your type of hair
  • You can make waves with any length of hair
  • Be generous to your hair with wave cream
  • It is okay to cut your hair with bangs and make it wavy

44. Face Framing Waves Short Haircuts for Women With Round Faces

Women with round faces can get their haircut to fall on both sides of the face to create framing and expose the facial features that may be daring. There’s no particular length for this hairstyle and one can try different types of waves.

Best ways to enjoy face-framing wave haircut

  • Select the length of hair your want
  • Create waves from the roots, mid or just the tip of the hair
  • Ask your hairstylist about the different types of waves and select one that suits you
  • You can cut the hair in the same length all through or make the desired part shorter

45. Short Loose Wave With Straight Edges

These waves mostly make a stop around the neck area while waves are achieved with large rollers, flat, or rolling iron. However, instead of having waves all through, the edges are left straight. Women with round faces and different textures of hair can explore this hairstyle.

Interesting ways to style this haircut

  • Select an appropriate part that best exposes the features of your face
  • Explore different colors
  • Create braids in any part you’re comfortable with to give you a fresh and unique look

46. Ringlets Curls

Women of different ages and hair types can style a haircut with ringlets curls. This type of curl which is suitable for women with round faces is done in different ways and a hairstylist can give advice on which would suit your type of hair.

Best ways to make and style ringlets curls

  • Make ringlets in layers
  • Choose to make tight or loose ringlets
  • Use a hair crimper tool and curling iron to achieve this type of curls

47. Tousled Twist Out

Although this can be achieved by black women with long natural hair, it can also be enjoyed with a short haircut. One can make this style at home by twisting, braiding, or losing out already existing twists. In as much as this style may be flattering to the round face, it is also cheap to make and less expensive to maintain.

Best ways to care for a tousled twist out

  • Be ready to remake style if you intend to have it for a long time
  • Moisturizer, curling creme, and detangler should always be available for your hair
  • You can style in different ways using pins, scarves, and other hair accessories
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