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Apparently, you have no identity or personality unless you have a name. That is why moms look for names that will match their kids’ personality and looks. If you are a new mom and looking for perfect baby boy names, search no further.

We have 25 great names to save you the stress of searching endlessly through the internet. Some of them are names from ancient Hebrew while others are relatively modern but surely, all of them are names with strong meaning that suit different personalities. Check them out below.

Sweet Baby Boy Names and Their Meanings


Alexander is a Greek name for baby boys meaning “Protector of men” and has been named to great men like Alexander the Great, the 4th-century Macedonian king.


Max has a German-English origin, the name means greatest. Max was initially only the short form of Maximilian or Maxwell but has gained a discrete fame lately. It is one of the most known baby boy names and ranks 76 in the popularity scale for US baby boys.


Deon is a name that always sounds intriguing and basically means “god”. The name comes from a French word Dion gotten from Dio which means Zeus in Greek. In other places, Deon means wine which is connected to the Greek god, Dionysus known as the god of grape harvest and the god of partying.

The name which is common among African-Americans became popular in the 1970s and 1980s. However, its fame reduced in the 1990s and grew once again in the 2000s. Now it has regained its old glory and remains one of the most known names for baby boys in the US.


This is a Hebrew name that has been popular in America since the 1900s, although it is not famous in the UK. The name was derived from Jeddiah which means “beloved of God”.


Klay, as in Clay (claēg) was derived from Clayton which has Old English roots. The moniker is one of the many new names that is replacing C with K. But you may choose to retain the C and your son. It is said that the earliest version of the name was used to refer to someone living in a clay ground. This is why you will come across several platforms giving away the meaning of the name as “clay settlement”.


Ethan is of Hebrew origin and means a “wise man”. It is one of the great names from the Hebrew Bible and was mentioned more than 8 times in the book.


This is an Irish name for John meaning “God is gracious”. It is one of the main names Irish-American call their baby boys. As a matter of fact, it ranks number 5 in Ireland and 268 in the US.


Sage also spelled Saige or Sayge, is a relatively popular name in the US although it has a Latin origin. It is a unisex name and means either a “wise person”, “prophet”, or a “healing herb”.


Finn simply means Fair or White, so it is a name you can give to that baby boy you desire to be a shining light amongst his peers. The name has an Irish root and is given to a hero in Irish mythology. A notable example of its bearer was Fionn Mac Cuumhaill, an Irish fearless warrior who lived in the 3rd century and was respected for his supernatural powers, generosity, and wisdom. The name is popular in New Zealand, England, Belguim, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland.


Dayne is a great choice if you are looking for a name to replace Drake, Daniel, and the likes. The name is not so popular but it does have a great meaning which is “Valley” and could be “a valley of life” or any other thing that is important to you.


Stone projects strength hence a great choice for moms who want a name that will empower their baby boys for life when it comes to resilience. The name earned its popularity in the 90s, it is derived from the word Stein, an old word with Proto-Germanic roots.

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Blake is not a name of wonder but it is among the coolest names of all time. Its history could be traced to Blæc meaning Balck; for dark complexion. Alternatively, it could come from Blac which means pale, shining, or bright. It is a unisex name but ranks better for boys. It is popular in places like New Zealand, England, and Canada. One of the famous bearers of the name is Blake Lively, the beautiful actress, and wife of actor Ryan Reynolds.


Jude is one of the most common baby boy names. It is a Hebrew name with a deep religious heritage. As a matter of fact, the first known man to bear the name was Jude the Apostle before others like Jude Law, River Jude Phoenix’s, etc followed. For its amazing meaning, some people now give their daughters the moniker. The name means praise.


Seth is another adorable name with Hebrew heritage. Just like Jude, the name comes from the bible and was the name of one of the children of Adam. It is more popular in the UK than in the US and has many great people going by it. Seth means appointed.


Zeb is an old Hebrew name that may never get old because of its popularity. It means to carry, exalt, praise, or gift of Jehovah. Derived from the Assyrian word zabālu or Zebulon, the origin of the name has been traced to the twelve tribes of Israel.


Cole is short for Nicolas and is associated with the Greek Nicolas meaning “the victory of the people”. Though it is quite a famous name in the US, Cole is more popular in Scotland and Canada.

cute baby boy names
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Noah is an old Hebrew name from the bible. The name means comfort and rest. Noah is a popular name in Australia, the UK, Denmark, Canada, Austra, and super-popular in the US. One of the most famous Noahs is Noah Webster who introduced the famous dictionary.


Tye started as a nickname for names like Tyrone and Tyson. But then, it became an independent name which has been gaining the admiration of Americans. It comes from Middle English roots and may mean pasture.


Kile is a name inspired by Kyle which has Gaelic origin meaning strait, channel, narrow, etc. While it is not a common name, it is the name of an area in Scotland. As such, it will suit people with a Sottish background.


Birch comes from some of the cutest words like shine, bright, and white. The name has its root from the word bhereg; in Old English, the word refers to a slender northern forest tree known for its white bark used for writing. It is a more general name that can be given to both boy and girl babies.


Grey also called Greysoneyon or Grayson has a straightforward meaning – aging or a shade of color. It originated from the Old English word græg. Grey is a common name in the US.


This is an English name derived from the word narrow road. Some people choose this name for their baby girls but it is more popular among boys.


kade seems to come from an Old English nickname for someone chubby. It also refers to a newborn animal left by its mother and raised by a human in the Late Middle English. It could also mean a barrel which conveys the same robust meaning. The name is popular in the US.


This name has been traced to the famous ash tree in English which is important to many cultures and represents good health for children. It could also mean hawk-god in Egyptian history. Derived from Ashely and Ashton, it is one of the favorite baby boy names in the United States of America.