60 Rare Strong and Powerful Baby Boy Names

Before parents bring a baby into the world, there are treasures, gifts, and many good thoughts stored up for them. Among these is a name which is the first gift or treasure they receive. A name shouldn’t come in randomly as it won’t only serve as the child’s identity until they grow old but also influences the life of the baby. Though making a name choice may be challenging at a point, but always look out for what you want for your child. Below are rare strong, and powerful baby boy names for babies whose parents want to stand out strong.

Badass Baby Boy Names

Badass baby names are unique and make a baby feel exceptionally great when they have grown. It makes people see your baby boy as an interesting person. Below are badass baby boy names to leave a special impact on your baby boy:

1. Ayrton

This is a baby boy’s name that got its origin from the town called Airton in Yorkshire. It is an English name that means farmstead on the River Aire. The name can also serve as a family surname.

The name has its historical significance on the heroic act displayed by Ayrton Senna de Silva, a racing driver who, out of sympathy, pulled over to save the life of a fellow driver who crashed on the track and was struggling with life.

2. Bowie

This is classified among the baby boy names, which has its origin from the Scottish and Irish Celtic language that was gotten from Ireland in the 5th and 6th centuries AD. The name goes with the meaning yellow or fair-haired.

Bowie got its first popularity among the top 1000 baby boy names in the United States of America after the death of the English music legend David Bowie. His death left the name Bowie in the heart of many American families.

3. Carl

This is a North Germanic name that got its origin from the Old West Norse. The name has its popularity mainly in Estonia, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. It goes with the meaning man or warrior.

Carl is attached to the American conservationist, taxidermist, sculptor, biologist, inventor, and nature photographer Carl Ethan Akeley (1864 to 1926). Carl was attacked by a leopard and was given a deep injury to his arm; he picked up courage and killed the leopard with his bare hands and brought it back to the camp in Africa where Daniel Elliot invited him.

4. Christopher

The name is among the baby boy names, and it originated from the Greek word Christoforos. It is a combination of two words Christos, meaning Christ, and Phero, meaning bearer giving rise to the meaning bearer of Christ. The name has so far gained a lot of variations from so many languages in the world.

The name got popularity among the Top 500 names way back in 1900, and also ranked second place from 1979 to 1994 and made it to the Top 50 baby boy names in the United States of America.

5. Colt

This is a complete badass name for a young baby boy. Colt is a name of an English origin that means a young horse. It is associated with Washingtons’ Redskins quarterback Colt McCoy and the whole of Indianapolis Colts.

The name symbolizes strength, energy, and handsomeness, which are good characteristics of a young horse. According to the United States of America’s Social Security Association Top boy names list of 2019, Colt ranked number 210.

6. Damon

This is a name that has a Greek origin coined from the name Damazein, meaning to overpower, subdue, to kill. The name has a strong significance in the life of a Greek Legend known as Pythias, who was exchanged in prison with Damon. Unfortunately for Damon, he was executed in place of Pythias. That is why the name got its meaning to kill in Greek.

7. Cooper

Cooper is an English name that originated from the middle Dutch name Kuper. The name goes with the meaning tub or container. The name Cooper serves as one of the badass baby boy names. It is perfect for a child from a family that deals with containers.

8. Dexter

Dexter is of Latin origin, and it goes with the meaning dyer or right-handed. In the English language, it means one who obeys.

According to the Netherlands record on most used baby boy names of the year, Dexter was the 37th on the list. It has also been used in many fictional characters, and some of them are C. K. Dexter Haven, the witty Cary Grant character in The Philadelphia Story, Dexter Gordon; the boy-genius protagonist of cartoon Dexter’s Laboratory, and Dexter Green, the protagonist of the F. Scott Fitzgerald story Winter Dreams.

9. Donovan

This is another perfect badass baby boy name that has diverse meanings according to the language. In Celtic, Donovan means strong fighter, and in the Irish language, it means brown-haired chieftain.

10. Ferris

This is an Iris Gaelic origin that is derived from ‘Ó Fearghuis’ or ‘Ó Fearghasa,’ meaning man of vigor. The name can be attributed to the old Irish mythological King of Ulster, known for his fierce nature in war.

11. Enzo

This can be classified among badass baby boy names that have a German origin. The name can serve as a derivative of Vincenzo, Fiorenzo, and Innocenzo. It goes with the meaning giant. The name is associated with the famous race car driver Enzo Ferrari who started as a test car driver. He is currently the owner of one of the best supercar manufacturing companies.

12. Flynn

This is a name that is of Irish origin. The name is spelled as Ó Floinnin in the Irish language, which means reddish. It is most popular in remote parts of Ireland. The name found its way in the United States of America in early 2000 and has been used as one of the badass baby boy names since then.

13. Faust

This is a name of German origin that was derived from the Latin name Faustus. It goes with the meaning fortunate, lucky. The name is attached to a German alchemist, magician, and astrologist named Johann Georg Faust. This is the man that is said to have sold his soul to the devil.

14. Gottfried

This is a name that originated from Germany. It is an ornamental name from two German words Gott which means God, and Friede, which means peace, giving the name a complete meaning as peace of God. It is mostly used in a short form as Gotz.

15. Gibson

This is one of the best baby boy names of English origin, meaning son of Gib. Gib is gotten from the name Gilbert which means bright pledge.

The name is attached to Orville Gibson in 1894, who was known for his skills in constructing musical instruments from his home town Kalamazoo in Michigan. Today he is the founder of the best guitar manufacturing company with the brand name Gibson.

16. Griffin

This is a badass baby boy name that originated from the Old Welsh. The name goes with the meaning strong Lord or strong prince. This is an old name that depicts strength. The name shows a lot of energy, and one can see a personality ready to fight to gain his ground.

17. Hugh

The name has its roots in the old German baby boy names with the letter Hug. The name goes with the meaning heart, mind, and spirit. The name can be related to an American legend Hugh Glass who was part of the frontiersmen that was attacked and left to die by his men. He had to survive with his wounded legs for six weeks before getting help from a settlement.

18. Holden

This is a male name with an English root meaning from the hollow in the valley. The name has a historic recall on Holden Caulfield, a character in the Rye known as a badass and a winner. J.D Salinger used the character to boost the popularity of the name Holden in the United States of America.

19. Ivar

This is classified as one of the badass baby boy names that originated from the Old Norse, meaning archer or bow warrior. The name is perfect for baby boys from Netherland or Sweden as it signifies war skills and strength.

20. Kurt

The name Kurt has its origin in both Germany and Turkey with different meanings. In Germany, Kurt means courteous or polite, and in Turkey, it goes with the meaning wolf. Kurt Cobain, a singer and songwriter, is one figure that used his popularity to boost the name Kurt. Even after his death, the name was still in the minds of most American families.

21. Jackson

This is a baby boy’s name of English origin, meaning son of Jack. It is widely used in America, Scotland, and Ireland. The name in 1990 ranked No 13 in the United States Census. The name over the years has gotten a lot of popularity, as it is shortened to Jax. It was further starred in Sons of Anarchy as one of the badass bikers took the name in the movie.

22. Jonas

This is one of the badass baby boy names with a Hebrew origin which means dove. The name is derived from the Greek word οιωνός, which can be pronounced as e-oh-nos. It is believed in ancient Greece that gods sent birds as a sign to their people. A personality that boosted the popularity of the name Jonas is one badass humanitarian known as Jonas Salk, who developed the Polio vaccine and used his own body to run the sample tests. Today he is saving millions of people from death or being permanently disabled.

23 Joseph

This is a name that has a Hebrew origin. It is from the Hebrew word yasaf, meaning to increase. The name has a clear bible trace which showed a real badass that struggled his way into the Pharoes government and turned out to be the savior of the whole of Egypt and their neighboring country during the famine.

24. Jett

This is a good badass baby boy name. It is a name with its root in English, meaning the black mineral. It also relates to the Latin word Gagitis that means stone from Gagai. The name shows the risk and hustle associated with black minerals covers the enjoyment associated with the struggle.

25. Leo

Leo originated from the Latin word for lion, and it means lion-hearted. Its popularity is based on a real badass known as Leo Major, who resisted being sent home from WWII. He rejected his first Distinguished Conduct Medal and accepted the second for being the man that single-handedly saved the Dutch town of Zwolle and was promoted and awarded a bar to his DCM in the Korean War.

26. Leif

Leif is a name that got its origin from the Scandinavian, meaning descendant, heir. Its popularity is linked to the Viking Leif Erikson, a Norse explorer born in Iceland, is said to be the first European man to enter North America. To confirm this, he established Vinland around the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

27. Lyle

Lyle originated from the Norman French word l’isle and goes with the meaning island. In 1944, 20-year-old Lieutenant Lyle Bouck Jr. led a small unit of 18 men in holding off an entire division of 500 German soldiers, eventually resulting in every member of the platoon being decorated by the United States government.

28. Macsen

Macsen is classified among the masculine baby boy names and is of Old Welsh origin. The name Macsen goes with the meaning greatest. Max is just a bit ordinary, while Maximus is a tad affected. Macsen strikes us as a name that’s just right—not too overly macho, not too wimpy.

29. Ragnar

Ragnar got its origin from Germany, and it goes with the meaning wise army. Ragnar no longer enjoys the popularity it once had in Norway and Iceland. But the name still conveys some of the old Nordic spirits. If you think your child would be worthy of Ragnar’s warrior spirit, you may want to consider this name for him.

30. Roald

Roald is the recent form of the Norwegian originated name known as Hróðvaldr or Hróaldr, meaning famous ruler. Roald Amundsen, a Norwegian explorer in the early twentieth century, led the first known expedition to sail through the Northwest Passage and was the first man to reach the South Pole.

Masculine Baby Boy Names

These masculine baby boy names will make your baby boy feel manly. It has a way of wiping off timidity from the mind of boys. The following masculine baby boy names are listed for your little macho man:

31. Jarek

Jarek is a Slavic name originating from Poland, which means fierce, strong. The name Jarek is a short form of Yarek, which is short for Yaroslav, Jarosław, or other names that start with yar-. Although it has not been used in the United States for decades, Jarek (or Yarek) may be an option for those seeking a name with a Slavic heritage.

32. Iomhar

Íomhar is a masculine name with an Irish origin, meaning warrior with a bow. The name has a closer resemblance with Iomhair, which means son of Iomhar. In most cases, even in Ireland, the names are used interchangeably in place of the other.

33. Igor

Igor is a Russian name meaning ancestral warrior. The name went further to have another origin from Old Norse with a different meaning protected by Yngvi. Igor Sikorsky revolutionized aviation by designing the Sikorsky R-4, the first large-scale mass-produced helicopter—and the first helicopter used by the U.S. Army Air Forces, U.S. Navy, and the U.S. Coast Guard.

34. Kemp

Kemp has its roots in the Middle English word Kempe, meaning a brave warrior. It has another origin that is traced to Scotland, which has a similar meaning that is a soldier. In the Old English language, Kemp is referred to as a competition between two young men or between two groups of workers. Generally, this word was used to describe a reaping contest between farmworkers.

35. Louis

Louis is a French-originated name that means famous battle or fame warrior, loot bringer. The difficulty of pronouncing a name like Louis can arise after the child has been born. In French, it is pronounced LWEE, in Dutch loo- EE, and in English, it can be either LOO-ee or LOO-is. Regardless, you will make sure to tell people how to say your child’s name correctly!

36. Lorcan

A masculine baby boy name has its origin in the Irish language, which means fierce little one. Saint Lorcán Ua Tuathail (also known as Saint Laurence O’Toole) was canonized 45 years after his death in 1180 by the Church of Ireland.

37. Ludwig

Ludwig is a German-originated name that means famous battle. Ludwig and Louis mean the same thing because Ludwig is the Latin version of Ludovicus and Louis is the French version of Ludovicus.

38. Mao

Mao is a name that has its origin in the Limburg region in Europe, meaning protector. In rural Limburg, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany meet. In this region, the mingling of languages has produced Mao: an abbreviation of Edmao (Dutch for “cute”).

39. Manpal

Manpal is an Indian-originated name that has its meaning as protector of the spirit. It may be listed as an Indian name, but it is actually from the Punjab region located in Pakistan.

40. Mete

Mete is a Turkish-originated masculine name that goes with the meaning brave hero. It originated from the Turkish mispronunciation of the name of a Mongolian warrior, Modu. Modu was given the title baghatur, meaning hero or valiant warrior.

41. Murdock

Murdock is the anglicized form of Murchadh, a Gaelic name meaning sea warrior. This name is thought to have evolved from Marduk, which was the name of an ancient Mesopotamian god and the patron god of the city of Babylon. People alive in the 1980s likely remember Murdock as a member of the A-Team.

42. Montford

Montford, which means the protector’s ford, was first used in England during the Norman Conquest. Raised by his grandparents after the death of his mother, Montford Thomas Johnson became an extremely successful Chickasaw rancher and entrepreneur.

43. Oliver

Oliver is a Germanic name, having evolved from the ancient word Alfher, meaning elf warrior. The spelling of Oliver comes from the similarity of the Old English aelfra and the Latin oliva, both meaning olive tree.

44. Ned

A forename, meaning guardian of prosperity, is an Old English name. As a nickname for Edward, Ned developed because Old English used the phrase mine, Ed, to mean my Ed.

45. Pan

Pan is the name of a Greek god who watched over shepherds and their flocks; that is how it got its meaning shepherd’s protector. It was a hybrid god, half-man, and half goat. He was the god of shepherds and their flocks, the wild, and impromptus.

46. Oman

Oman is a Hindi name that goes with the meaning protector. Oman is the oldest independent state in the Arab world. However, the name Oman doesn’t derive from the Arabic word for settlement or settled people and comes from the Arabic word awmana, which can be translated as ‘shelter’ or ‘place of rest.’

47. Ramon

Ramon is a Spanish name and of Catalan origin with the meaning advisor, protector. Ramon was the 1,000th most popular name for boys in the United States during the 1970s and 1980s when it was given to roughly 1,000 boys a year. Today, Ramon is less used. In 2019, 326 boys were given the name.

48. Rainer

Rainer, meaning advisor or deciding warrior, is of German origin. Rainer Weiss is a physicist who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2017 with Kip Thorne and Barry Barish for their contribution to detecting gravitational waves.

49. Reima

Finnish parents pick Reima for their baby boys because it means wise protector. It is a name that originates from Finland and the Swedish language. The Finnish celebrate their name days when their names are associated with a particular day on the calendar, and Reima falls in on November 5th.

50. Sivert

Sivert is a Scandinavian name of Swedish origin, meaning guardian of victory. The earliest documented use of Sivert was in Sweden in 1524. It is now used more frequently by Norwegians.

51. Swithin

Swithin, a name of Old English origin, meaning strong warrior. St. Swithin was an Anglo-Saxon bishop who is now remembered for the English legend that says that if it rains on July 15th, it will rain for the next 40 days.

52. Umberto

Umberto, which means bright warriors, is of Italian origin. The name was given to 169 Italian baby boys in 2018, but less than five Umbertos were born in the U.S. that year.

53. Tore

Tore is an Old Norse name meaning Thor’s warrior. The name Tore, which is a Scandinavian name from Norway, is often mistaken for the Italian name of the same spelling. In Italy, Tore is short for Salvatore, which means savior.

54. Ward

Ward is a common English name, meaning guard or to watch over. Ward was originally a job description before it became a surname. The Irish Ward family name came from the Gaelic Mac a Bháird, which means son of the bard.

55. Warin

Warin is a Germanic name that means guard, protect. Though Warin is known as War, his nickname, Wazo, came from somewhere unknown.

56. Vermundo

Vermundo is an archaic Visigothic name. The name’s origin is traced down to France by the Visigoths, meaning true protector. It also has a Spanish root which means protective bear.

57. Wymond

Wymond is an uncommon name from the Old English language, meaning protect through battle. Wymond and Wigmond are named with the same meaning—battle protector. To avoid being called Wiggy for short, most parents give their baby boys Wymond.

58. Werner

Werner is a name of German origin that means the defending warrior. Werner Herzog is a German film director, actor, documentary maker, screenwriter, and producer. He has a recurring role as the eccentric hotelier Owen Lars in The Mandalorian on Disney+.

59. Seward

Seward, which comes from an Old English name meaning victorious guardian. The name has been around for centuries. Seward originated as a surname, Sigeweard, which became the first name for someone who was victorious in battle.

60. Alfonso

The name Alfonso is a name with dual origin. It can be traced to Spain and also to Italy. In Spain, it goes with the meaning noble and is mainly given to baby boys from a noble home. In the Italian language, the name means ready for battle. Alfonso Ribeiro, the host of America’s Funniest Home Videos and winner of Dancing With The Stars season 19, is an excellent dancer.

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