25 Cute Natural Hairstyles For Kids

Natural hairstyles for kids are hairstyles achieved by styling your natural hair with minimal manipulation and no chemicals. They are often associated with African-American kids but can be performed by anyone regardless of race or ethnicity. Kids’ hair is fragile, and the special care required to maintain healthy hair throughout its growth process is necessary for keeping the hair in good condition.

They should not be given permanent haircuts or chemical processes until their hair has been thoroughly researched. So whether your child has kinky curls, silky straight hair, or an afro, we want to help you find a hairstyle that makes them look amazing. Below are the natural hairstyles for kids to make them step out in confidence:

Natural Hairstyles For Little Girls

Natural hairstyles for little girls are a great way to make them feel like a princess as they are encouraged to embrace their natural beauty. Below are the natural hairstyles to keep your little girls happy:

1. Triple Braid With Center Bun

The triple braid with a center bun is a perfect hairstyle for girls because it is secure and offers a lot of flexibility. The hairstyle features three cornrows that run into a neat bun at the center of the head and works on almost every girl. However, it would be best to wear this style when you want something quick and simple.

This hairstyle is perfect for school or playdates. Colorful hair ribbons, bows, clips, and bands can add more color to the style.

2. Double Cornrows With Heart-Shaped Ponytail

A stunning hairstyle trend for little girls, the double cornrow with a heart-shaped ponytail is absolutely cute. Children of various ages can wear this style, but it is most popular among children from preschool to early elementary school. The style is a great way to bring a little color into your child’s look while staying true to her natural hair color. It should be worn with a little bit of pouf on top and lots of sparkle if you want your little girl to shine.

3. Double Side Buns With Heart Shaped Ribbon Ties

The double side buns with heart-shaped ribbon ties are best for toddlers and older girls who want to look cute without having their hair all over the place. This style is common and can be worn by anyone of any age, provided they have shoulder-length or longer hair.

Your little girl can wear this style when going out in public, at home, or anywhere else. One of the unique ways to rock this hairstyle is by putting on ribbons, hair clips, and hair jewelry.
4. Three Side Pigtail With Heart Shaped Braid

The three-side pigtail with a heart-shaped braid is a very relaxed look that will fit any face shape. It’s also quite common and can be worn in various ways, from super simple to extra fancy. For the side pigtail with a heart-shaped braid, divide one side of your daughter’s hair into three even sections. Next, braid one section into a heart shape and tie it across to the pigtail with an elastic band.

Hair accessories can also be used to finish this cute look: headbands, clips, and bows work well to dress up any hairstyle.

5. Double Ribbon Buns With Long Bangs

Double ribbon buns with long bangs are a great way to get your little girl excited about rocking her natural hair. This style is great for all kinds of faces because the bangs help to lengthen and slim the face while buns make the face appear longer. These buns are pretty common among little girls because they make them look cute. To keep it attractive and functional, grab a hair ribbon, flower, or butterfly clip and go for it.

Kids Natural Hairstyles

Parents are always looking for styles that are protective and natural for their kids. They want options that are easy to maintain, look good, and healthy. Below is a list of natural hairstyles for your kids:

6. Half Hair Tie Ponytail

Kid’s’ hair can be fun to style, and it can be even more fun when you’re able to tie it up or tuck it into a ponytail. The half hair tie ponytail is an excellent option for kids with short or thin hair. After styling, pack all into a high or low ponytail, depending on what you want. Make use of accessories like headbands, clips, ribbons, and bows to give the style some extra flair.

7. Bantu Knots

Bantu Knots are an attractive natural hairstyle that is fun, safe, and versatile for kids. It has been a popular natural hairstyle among African-American girls and women. It is made by twisting individual strands into place. Once the braid is complete, the result looks a lot like a curly ponytail.

They can be worn with any outfit because of their versatility, so you’ll have no trouble finding cute ways to rock them. The style doesn’t pull on your hair and won’t mess up your hairline. Bantu Knots aren’t meant to be rocked in just one way; pair them with bobby pins or a ponytail holder.

8. French Braids And Twist Out

French braids are one of the most popular hairstyles for kids whose hair is long enough to pull back into a ponytail. To achieve this style, all you need to do is part your child’s hair down the middle, smooth it back, and braid it from the front to the back, leaving the tips unbraided. They are so ubiquitous that they’re perfect for school picture day, family photoshoots, and big events like weddings.

The best way to rock a French braid is by adding accessories such as flower hair ties or clips with bows to complement your outfit or add sparkle to your face.

9. Heart Shaped Lace Braids

Heart-shaped braids are the latest hairstyle trend among kids. They bring out the cheekbones, making them look more prominent and slender. The braids are very easy to make but you need a lot of patience. They look great on long hair, but you can also make them shorter if you like. They are used to keep the hair out of their face and protect the tresses from breakage.

The style is both cute and edgy and works best on hair that is shoulder-length or longer. Girlie hair accessories can be used to finish up the adorable look.

10. Bow Pony Updo

This hairstyle is a classic ponytail with a bow on the top. It is easy to make and looks very cute. The bow can be made from any fabric and can come in many colors or styles. The bow tie can also vary in size depending on how big or small you want it to be. This hairstyle is perfect for both kids and adults alike because it is versatile. It is common among school kids with natural hair. They give an ideal fit to most face shapes and can be worn with various outfits for both school and casual wear.

To add some style and interest, matching hair accessories can be used. This hairstyle works best with all face shapes, especially round faces. The high ponytail helps elongate the face while making it appear thinner. This hairstyle will flatter any kid with a fine hair texture because it gives them more volume when tied up in this style.

Easy Natural Hairstyles For Kids

The following hairstyles are suitable for parents who are always on the go. Below are the easy natural hairstyles for kids that you can easily pull off:

11. Center Bun With Short Bangs

Center buns with short bangs are most fitting on kid faces that are heart-shaped, oval, or round. These easy natural hairstyles for kids work best when you have medium to long hair and want to keep your hair in a fun style. The side of the hair is divided into small portions that are tied with hair ribbons and packed up into a bun. The bangs are made to fall on the face at a medium length to avoid distracting the child.

The best way to rock this style is minimal accessorizing, just a headband or maybe a flower or bow.

12. Bun Ponytail With Two Strand Box Braids

This super cute style is low maintenance and always looks fantastic. It is one of the easiest ways to style a child’s hair without much fuss. The hair is made into a bun with a strand of box braids around them and two box braids in the front. Add a couple of pretty, colorful barrettes, and your little girl will look adorable.

13. Tied Up Strands

The tied-up strands are one of the most popular protective styles for kids that is easy to pull off. It’s a classic look that can fit any face shape and occasion, making it an effortless style to rock everyday. This look is best for kids with medium-to-long hair and fine textures. To make this style, divide the hair into small portions, using a hair rubber, tie up each portion from the root, leaving small spaces between the ends.

14. Double Fish Bone Tied Up Braid

This easy braid is a great way to keep your little ones’ hair under control. This style is best suited for kids with long hair, at least shoulder length. But it can also work for shorter hair if you’re willing to use extensions. The style is primarily common for children between 2 to 8 years. To make the style, divide the hair into two sections and use a fancy rubber band to braid each section, starting from the back and continuing down the neck. Secure each braid with a rubber band at the end, leaving the tips curly. Hair ribbons, pins, ruffle, bows, and flowers can add more beauty to the style.

15. Double Fish Tail

The double fishtail is a playful and flirty style that will look great on your little one’s round face. This style is quite common and is a cute twist on the traditional pigtail. The double fishtail has two separate sections, both braided in the same way. You can make this style more interesting by adding beads to the end of your daughter’s hair, or you can use colored elastic bands for a fun flair.

Natural Hairstyles For Black Kids

Big chop, mohawk, baby afro—natural styles for black kids are more than just cute; they’re a way to embrace their history and culture. There are many different types of black kids’ hairstyles, and there are also some styles designed specifically for black kids. With this in mind, it may be easier to find the right style for your daughter than you think. 

Below are some of the most beautiful and popular hairstyles for black kids:

16. Braided Updo With Strands

This style is an excellent way for kids with narrow faces to show their beauty. The braids starting at the forehead and the sides of the head make it easier for kids with rounder faces to wear. This hairstyle is one of the most common hairstyles kids wear because it’s easy to maintain and looks cute once complete. It is also a perfect way of showcasing your child’s face and eyes.

The best way to rock this style is by letting your child wear it out of the house so they can show off their new look to everyone they know. Hair beads, bows, ribbons, barrettes, clips, hair elastic can add more style to the hair.

17. Fulani Braided Ponytail

The Fulani braided ponytail is perfect for black girls looking for something new and chic to try out on their hair. It’s less common than other braided styles, so it stands out from the crowd but still has a classic feel to it that will never go out of style. This braided look fits all face shapes and has a timeless elegance that can be rocked all year long. The hairstyle starts by sectioning the hair into two sides and parting them down the middle.

Next, separate each side into three sections, and braid each section individually, starting at the top of the head and straight down to the tips of the hair (You can use either box braids or cornrows). Once all sections are braided, pull them together into two buns, pulling out some loose bangs to frame her face if desired. Cowries, beads, best go with the hair.

18. Mohawk Puff Balls

The mohawk puffballs are a particular favorite for those with rounder faces. It’s one of the most common natural hairstyles for black kids, and it’s also a blast to rock. To get this style perfectly, start by dividing your child’s hair into sections. Next, make sure the sections are uniform in width. Once you’ve done this, gently comb each section flat to the scalp and ensure it’s free of tangles.

Then, use an afro pick or a short-toothed comb to make your kiddo’s hair stand up straight from the scalp. You can give it the shape you like, and it’s all about what makes her feel good. Finally, apply some gel or other styling product to help keep the style in place, and she’s ready to go. This is best rocked without hair accessories, or you can add hair clips to keep her happy.

19. Side Ponytail

This is a perfect hairstyle for any shape face. Side ponytail braids are one of the most common hairstyles for black girls and they are easy to pull off. To rock this look, all you need to do is separate your hair into two sections: one on either side of your head.

Then comb each section into a braid and tie them together at the back with a hairband.
This style can work with almost any face shape, and you can customize it by adding flower clips or other adornments.

20. Lemonade

The lemonade style is one of the most common natural hairstyles for black kids because it is versatile. This hairstyle is ideal for round faces and diamond faces. Though it is time-consuming, it takes advantage of your child’s natural hair texture, allowing you to get the most out of their natural look with minimal effort. With the efforts of a good stylist, you will surely give your child the vibes to step out boldly.

Because of how it looks, this style works best when paired with more laid-back outfits. For example, it would pair well with something like jean shorts or a maxi skirt. In addition, you can beautify the hair with accessories like hair clips, hair ties, beads, bows, flowers, etc.

Kids Natural Hair Braids

Braids are an excellent and unique way of protecting your kid’s natural hair from damage and they are not too hard to take care of. This style has become so popular because of its simplicity, and your kid can wear it up, down, loose, tight, or even as an updo for formal events. It can come in as box braids, knotless, or even twists. There is no need for extensions either; all you need are some bobby pins and a few rubber bands.

Below are the gorgeous styles that you can try out on your kids:

21. Medium Twist Braids

Medium twist braids are a high-end protective style that adds a bit of flair and edge to your look. It’s perfect for those who want to make a statement but are looking to take a more subtle approach. This style is best suited for kids with round faces because it helps frame the face nicely. It is not as common as other natural hairstyles, but it still looks great on any kid.

To get this look, start by parting the hair into small sections. Then, braid each part in small plaits, combine two sections from each braid into one section on the other side of the head and finish by tying with an elastic. This is one of the natural hairstyles for kids that looks fabulous with or without hair accessories.

22. Tiny Box Braids

The tiny box braids are very common in the African community and are a traditional hairstyle for kids. It is perfect for children with round faces because it lengthens the face, making it slimmer. This is a very common style, so you can rest assured that most people will know how to care for and maintain this hairstyle. The unique thing about the style is that your child can wear it in many ways.

Try two ponytails with a colored scrunchie on each side for a cute way to rock this hairdo. You can also try using some beads or accessories to spice up the look.

23. Medium Box Braids

The medium box braid for kids fits just about any face shape and can be adapted to suit any age group. One of the unique things about this protective style is its versatility. It is easier to take care of and maintain since these braids are smaller than the typical jumbo box braids. Your child can wear them in a bun or a high ponytail, but you can also create an updo for special occasions. You can also take the option of a classic look or get creative with colorful hair accessories.

24. Triangle Patterned Box Braids

If you are interested in a style that will fit your child’s face and allow them to express their unique personality, the triangle patterned box braids would be a perfect choice. This cool style is both unique and elegant, and it’s perfect for all ages. You can style this look in several ways: a ponytail, pigtails, or bun. It also looks excellent with beads and other accessories.

25. Grouped Braids

The grouped braids fit best with long faces, though anyone can rock them. The hairstyle is also trendy right now, so you can be sure your child will be on-trend. The look is classy, cute, super easy to wear, and complements most school uniforms.

To achieve this hairstyle, divide the hair into 4-5 sections, make about 3-4 parts in each section. Then, using a hair elastic band, pack each section together and make some braids that would flow down. Using some gel, hold the extra hairs at the root. Pairing this style with a cute outfit, beads, hair elastics, and other hair accessories can bring out its charm.

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