12 Formal Hairstyles for Short Hair You Can’t Do Without

Do you have a special or formal occasion and you want to feel gorgeous and presentable with your short hair? If yes, I have the right solution here on how to make your short hair look sophisticated in a more formal way that it had never been before with these collection of formal hairstyles for short hair. Admittedly, a beautiful look of your hair can indicate much about yourself in such a formal occasion. These short formal hairstyles are trendy in today’s hair fashion design, and you can be guaranteed a great official look if you try any of them.

Formal Hairstyles for Short Hair

If you are in a dilemma on which formal hairstyle is suitable for your short hair, worry not. This list will help you a big deal on deciding which hairstyle will be appropriate.

1. Short Hairstyles for Formal Events

Formal Hairstyles for Short Hair

It is one of the styles you would always want to add in ‘i need to try list’ because of its cute look. This kind of formal hairstyle can last for a long time without losing its shape. It matches perfectly with formal wears and brings on a professional look.

2. Shaggy Formal Hairstyles for Short Hair

Formal Hairstyles for Short HairThis style can look more of romantic than official sometimes, but either way can be used for formal special occasions. This style when slightly flicked up, it naturally places your eyes and cheekbones to look more gorgeous and sexy. It brings the real outlook of your face gloomily.

3. Formal Bob Haircut with Side Bangs

Formal Hairstyles for Short HairA carefully styled short bob haircut will most likely give you a stunning look during a special event. Your facial features, not leaving behind make-ups can be shown off leaving your colleagues flirting at you. It is one of the most attractive formal hairstyles currently out there.

4. Stylish Blunt Formal Hairstyles for Short Hair

Formal Hairstyles for Short HairIf you want to look more cute and awesome, I bet you try this trending style. It is one of the formal hairstyles for short hair that gives you full control on tattooing some head parts. In addition to that, a ribbon can be used to tie up the air to make it look cuter than it was before. Combing your hair is an easy going thing if you come to choose this style.

5. Blunt Short Pixie Hairstyles

Formal Hairstyles for Short HairOn of the most exciting things I find about this hairstyle is the fact that it does not need much maintenance of applying creamy oils. The hair appears natural and can be used daily during official duties without showing a sign of ageing. Formal short pixie haircut depicts your real face. You can also choose straight long pixie haircuts, which many at times brings the youthful look of a person.

6. Formal Hairstyles For Short Curly Hair

Formal Hairstyles for Short HairCurvy and wavy hairstyles have taken over in this year’s hair fashion as it comfortably suits almost all kinds of hair. Some of the currently trending waves and curly hairstyles are;
a) Beach Wavy Bob for Short Hair
b) Caramel Short Curly Hairstyles
c) Trendy Red Wavy Haircuts
What I like most about this is that it can match with any formal wear and this hairstyle is not easily distorted from its look.

7. Pixie Haircut with Side Bangs

Formal Hairstyles for Short HairThis is one of the most formal haircuts for short hair. The side bangs show the smoothness of your short hair and your perfect round-shaped face in a conventional manner.

8. Funky Mohawk Hairstyle With Highlights

Formal Hairstyles for Short HairThis haircut easily brings you attention especially when among a group of people. The hair left at the center forms a crown after shaving the sideways of the head and adding matching highlights makes it look edgy but still formal.

9. Blonde Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Formal Hairstyles for Short HairStraight hairstyles are among the hairstyles adopted by people who prefer to look cool. It is ideal for any occasion. To make it more gorgeous and retain its shape for a longer time, you can apply hairspray.

10. Short Formal Curly Hairstyles

Formal Hairstyles for Short HairThis style shows off the natural look of curly locks of your hair. It is among the cutest and smashing silky hairstyles I have ever come across.

11. Easy Formal Hairstyles Short Hair

Formal Hairstyles for Short HairIt is among the most fashionable hairstyles as it brings a versatile look on people who have it. It matches with sleek official shirts and makes your flawless face look more beautiful.

12. Messy Hairstyles for Short Hair

Formal Hairstyles for Short HairThis is one of the bouncy and slightly wavy hairstyle. It brings an edgy look, exposing your face naturally.

The bottom line:
These styles will not only make you look glamorous but also make you look cute even in your formal wear so it is high time you chose one of these formal hairstyles for your short hair which will make you feel pretty awesome in your formal attire.

Video Tutorial: Formal hairstyle for short hair

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