Top 25 Homeschool Blogs To Follow This Year

When it comes to child education, every parent wants to offer their kid the most enjoyable yet fulfilling experience as expected. Homeschooling has become very popular over the years and it brings with it various advantages. It offers excellent education strategies and the teachers are fully dedicated to the specified student(s) as the student to teacher ratio is quite effective.

Children are focused on as individuals and their skills and capabilities are nurtured to perfection. It is, therefore, no shock that recent studies have shown homeschooled students to have better scores in SAT. Homeschooling blogs give moms out there a chance to connect and gain knowledge as well. These are some of the best homeschool blogs that will serve you just right.

Top 25 Homeschool Blogs You Should Follow 

1. Confessions of a homeschooler

Homeschool Blogs
Confessions of a homeschooler

The blog was created by Erica, who is also an author of the book Homeschooling 101. She has an amazing experience that aids all moms and the blog has a great forum and a lot to enjoy while benefiting.

2. Educents

Homeschool Blogs

Educents blog offers moms, especially new at homeschooling, new and fun ideas. The articles are well detailed and posted on a regular basis.

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3. Homeschool creations

Homeschool blogs
Homeschool Creations

Homeschool Creations provides an annual homeschool planner that enables you to keep track of your child’s progress. It also has a lot of free printables that you will most definitely find useful.

4. Blog, She Wrote

Homeschool Blogs
Blog, She Wrote

This is basically a blog where independent homeschooling moms get to share and also learn. It shows how you can succeed as a homeschooling mom to higher educational levels.

5. The Curriculum Choice

Homeschool Blogs
The Curriculum Choice

The Curriculum Choice is mainly about different homeschoolers sharing their brilliant ideas and their favorite curricula. This helps others to be able to choose a curriculum that fits them best especially for the beginners.

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6. Homeschool Den

Homeschool Blogs
Homeschool Den

The blog offers about two weekly posts that educate homeschoolers on the appropriate activities to carry out during the process and also offers printables for different homeschool subjects.

7. Counting Coconuts

Homeschool Blogs
Counting Coconuts

The learning and teaching activities get the inspiration from Montessori. These ideas are beneficial for babies and preschoolers. It helps the kids develop their artistic skills and have fun.

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8. Homeschool 4 Me

Homeschool 4 Me gives you the opportunity to develop as a homeschooling parent. It provides awesome ideas that you can put into consideration and yield results over time. It simply shows you how to grow from a beginner to a veteran homeschooler.

9. Itsy Bitsy Learners

Itsy Bitsy Learners is a homeschooling blog where you find learners that are very young, usually six and below. It helps moms figure out how to bond and have fun with their children when they are at a young age.

10. Schooling a Monkey

Homeschool Blogs
Schooling a monkey

Ever felt like you are not doing enough of educating? This is the blog for you to share and at the same time learn from. Schooling a Monkey offers amazing tips for all moms and helps you develop your skills.

11. Naturally Educational

Homeschool Blogs
Naturally Educational

The blogger of Naturally Educational is a professional consultant and she offers the best ideas that allow you to teach as you learn in the process. It offers an adventurous and fun experience.

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12. Small Things

Small things give moms advice and ideas from real life posts by Ginny, a successful homeschooling mom who documents her adventures with her children.

13. Homeschool Giveaways

Homeschool Blogs
Homeschool Giveaways

The blog offers several and unique curricula, that have proven to be very effective, through giveaways. The products are offered weekly or monthly and are essential to every homeschooling mom.

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14. Montessori Moments

Montessori MOMents is a homeschool blog whose posts involve a mom sharing her experiences, strategies, and curricula that she found best that you can try too.

It also provides the pros and cons of these strategies and ideas to makes them better.

15. Year Round Homeschooling

Homeschool Blogs
Year Round Homeschooling

By having three weekly posts, the blog majors on sharing and providing resources and ideas for homeschooling moms, be it beginners or veterans. It also provides products that are very informative.

16. Cultivated Lives

Cultivated Lives gives parents the necessary information they need to be better at homeschooling and offering different solutions for strategies that may prove difficult.

17. Inspiration Laboratories

Homeschool Blogs
Inspiration Laboratories

Just from the name, it is definitely the blog aids the children through fun, play, and creative activities. The posts revolve around play ideas, art, and even science. All work and no play is, after all, dull.

18. Teach Preschool

Homeschool Blogs
Teach Preschool

The topmost aim of the blog is to provide a fun and enjoyable curriculum for parents and their preschool kids. The ideas from the author’s home and school are shared and parents get to learn from this.

19. Buehler Education

Homeschool Blogs
Beuhler Education

The blog aims at providing the parents with strategies that work efficiently and are very unique. It also shows you how to specialize with kids of different ages and grades.

20. Rahman Muslim Homeschool

Homeschool Blogs
Rahman Muslim Homeschool

Rahman Muslim Homeschool helps Muslim parents through the Quran and the Sunnah. This helps the parents and children as it follows the teachings of the Holy Book.

21. Unique Family Vision

If you are a parent that is tired of stereotypes, Unique Family Vision offers new ideas that seek to encourage and motivate you. The strategies here are extraordinary.

22. One plus one plus one equals one

This blog offers a lot of information that can be printed and you can use this offline anytime you want to. The curriculum is also amazing as it is by grade and this focuses on your child’s level of education.

23. The Unlikely Homeschool

Homeschool Blogs
The Unlikely Homeschool

The Unlikely Homeschool is highly beneficial to moms with a busy schedule. It is a faith based blog so if you are a mom that prefers this, it is an added advantage.

24. Rockabye Butterfly

Homeschool Blogs
Rockabye Butterfly

The blog is mostly a Preschool homeschooling blog with helpful tips and resources that revolve around arts and crafts.

25. The Educators’ Spin on It

Homeschool Blogs
The Educator’s Spin On It

The blog currently specializes in kids aged eight years and below as well. This helps nurture the bond between moms and kids at a very tender age while getting to educate the kids. It has amazing resources too.

If you are already homeschooling or just considering it, visit any of these blogs for an informative yet fun guide on homeschooling and get to bond with your kids as you do it.

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