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Food and recipes

by julie, posted to Food & Drink

Food and recipes

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My go to success recipe

Good proof recipe for entertaining. Perfect for easy and effortless entertaining.

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Green Chile Dutch Babies

It's like an omelet, only fluffier and baked AWESOMENESS!

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Crusted Caprese Salad

Crusted caprese salad.

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Santa Fe Pot Stickers

Addition to these amazing Santa Fe pot stickers.

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Hey Loves, woo-who…it’s Monday! What better way to start off the...more

German chocolate brownie bites.

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Let no brown banana go to waste, in fact the browner the better. Once...more

Don't trash that brown banana...not just yet. He/she is perfect for banana muffins.

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Hey Loves…Happy Monday and “grrrr, heavy-sigh, ug” it’s...more

The secret to Awesome meatballs.

Hey loves…happy hump day! Do you ever get cravings for something...more

How good does sweet strawberries dipped in milk chocolate with a sprinkle of spicy salt sound? Just saying!

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Hello Loves! One more day to go and then we get another beautiful...more

Champagne peach spritzer. Perfect for Easter brunch entertaining.

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Hey Loves, Happy Monday! This is a crazy easy recipe. In fact, it’s...more

Healthy veggie skewer for any dinner. Either Bar-B-Q or oven roasted..

I know we have all heard the saying…an apple a day helps keep the...more

Healthy benefits from eating an apple a day...delicious medicine.

Do you ever just crave pizza? I do…all the time, but I’m trying...more

Margherita flat bread, yum!

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Syco organic, gluten free hippie chick…not me! However, I make an...more

Super salad with Mache rosettes.

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Kale gluten free quesadilla | Burlap and Crystal

Okay…so Mimi’s at it again. No gluten and no meat, “Urggg” or...more

Kale gluten free quesadilla, YUM!

Hello Loves! I have been so excited to share this post with you. My...more

The Skinny Confidential recipe is so amazing. Honestly the book is a must have.

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So, not too long ago a McDonalds not to far from our home burned down....more

Do you remember the fish fillet sandwich?

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Seriously, don’t you just want wontons with sweet and sour dipping...more

Crab wontons are on the menu.

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Okay…I know; How come I up with this stuff and I’m not just huge?...more

Baked brie is on the menu....

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Optional bechamel sauce. I do this to give it a yummy moisture, but...more

Lighter side of lasagna. A perfect and easy recipe.

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I love football and I love game day food even better. However, that...more

Super bowl food goes green with carbs.

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