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Skinnyscoop is where we share all the information, tips, ideas, resources and thoughts that we find useful and beneficial, most especially, as it affects women. We find new innovative ways to make women live happier and stress-free lives; from simple ways of achieving daily tasks to the most advanced technical stuff. So long as it makes women’s lives better, you will find us talking about it.

Why Skinnyscoop Lists?

Over the years, we have fully come to understand that women value organization and what easy and better way to stay organized than lists? majority of women have and keep lists one way or the other and what we focus on here on Skinnyscoop is to help you become much more effective in organizing your life in order to become more productive. Sometimes, we take the more traditional method; presenting you with the list of things that we found helpful such as this list of 25 best indie fantasy books you should read, or this list of top 25 creative blogs to sharpen your creativity and resourcefulness and when we sense the need for a change of recipe, we share some awesome recipes like this 20 Paleo Recipes and Snacks for a Tasty Super Bowl Party Menu, or share ideas on homemade salad lemon, Ceasar, Italian Mustard or Yogurt dressing and some other times, we go beserk with DIY foods for special occasions such as this DIY food gifts for Valentine’s day.

What you get with Skinnyscoop lists

We have developed SkinnyScoop to be a platform where women come to discover, interact and share their ideas on the things that affect them most. 64% of women, especially moms ask other mothers for tips and advice before they make purchases especially for a new product which is why our authors and contributors of experienced women and moms share their vast knowledge and resources with you to help you make better decisions and find help when needed. We aim to do this without missing all the fun, while extensively covering a wide range of topics under various segments beauty, fashion, home, family, entertainment, travel, money, food, books, tech among others.

So whether you’re planning a friend’s or your kid’s birthday party, thinking of the next great meal to cook, how to declutter your home with effective item organizers or the next lovely set of gifts to buy, we make it super easy to quickly go through the essentials and make the best choice without sifting through all the irrelevant materials.

If you are unsure of the best women’s products to get, or you are not a die-hard researcher who reads through every single reviews and comment that have been shared about a product before making a decision, Skinnyscoop presents the “best of the best” products in every of our recommendations after carefully researching, evaluating, reviewing only from those products that come highly recommended from trusted brands and even if you are a die-hard researcher, you would cut a very significant number of hours by simply going through our recommendations as you would simply be looking at the best options available.

Find below some of what we share


We make it easy for you to see the recommendations that have been shared by our team of experts from various fields on topics that you would find very useful.

So feel free to explore our website to find some of the latest stuff we’ve been working on and be the first to get the inside scoop from our pool of experienced editors.

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